Sunday, 25 July 2010

America to back-down against North Korea July-2010 'Sacred War'

America struts a bit a pretends it would take on Korea 'Sacred War'. hmmm!
Jew (ie usa neo-con) yahoo news, good:. Which link should this link go to? yeah good one.
"North Korea has said it would begin a "sacred war" against the United States and South Korea at "any time necessary" based on its nuclear deterrent, in response to "reckless" military exercises by the allies."
 USA does one with raising the fun flag with north Korea.
"A massive nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier has begun military drills with ally South Korea in a show of force that North Korea has threatened could lead to "sacred war."

Behind the Spin. Korea is protectings itself from southern and USA intimidation with prepared Nuclear Responce any time they need.
Glad you voted establishment?

USA provoked Nuke War?
Probably not as We expect america to back-down and cower like cowards. Dont you too?
Prove me wrong!

North Korea nuke ships could hit:
Washington DC (no loss)
New York and Manhatten (911 = boy scouts outing with nambla) - Federal State Supported!!
Housten Texus (space progam joke) What Space Program Mir?
Tell Aviv (nothing personal)
Jerusalem (jewish area, low yeald nuke)
Soo... forget it cowboys, go home and impress the children and vulnerable, women retards and others you might be capable of doing so against with Your level of prowess. :) ha ha!

Count down:

Thursday, 22 July 2010


More than 3 girls and 3 guys = an orgy (also spelt orgie).
Pictures link.
Auto play vid and more.
usually the easiest way to have an orgy is to go car-park sex aka 'dogging'. outdoors.
Or a fun-fab nude-chicks party playing porn and inviting heaps of guys.... sure winner.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Labour Party UK party of public-sector jew-femminist dykes, gays and Pc lunatics

Labour is a party of the public-sector jewish-femminists, gays, dykes and pc-lunatics who which to tax the working class factory workers beer and cigarettes, punish the denied employment folk, favour in jobs immigrants and increase immigration to rase the price of houseing, lower wages, and reduce jobs for white people in their homelands of europe.

 They never introduced National Socialist Zero-unemployment.
The Liberal party is more left wing! (but still right wing capitalist siders!)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Firestorm Glory Glory!

Lava Lava!
Glory Glory!
our people get food
the children too!
we like to be different!

that great song again. ie firestorm 2007 youtube.

Thalidomide - A Nazi Warning!!! and so ingnored by your educators! is this good? is this bad?

Good and evil, good and bad!
It is simple!
The National Socialists warned you that thalidamide was bad (an anti nerve gas drug tested on hostile prisoners).
Soo... your call capitalist governements... gave you thalidamide anyway....
as a reward for opposing socialism for the people of a nation in their collective best interest... a reward for the fools of the necromancer undead parasites. It is funny, to them, do you see?
The lets pretend otherwise of narnia series....

evil nazis warned of thalidamide and tried to stop jew-capitalist jew-femanist nations using it on unsuspecting grateful-populations!!! 
For Profit!
? you say yes ~? or you say no?

"The German pharmaceutical Grünenthal claimed for years that the ‘damned’ drug was discovered by chance. They meant to formulate antihistamine, but ended up with a tranquilizer. Half a century after the tragedy, a dark possibility begins to take shape. Several documents reveal that the drug was actually discovered earlier by Hitler’s scientists and tested in Nazi concentration camps.

Argentinian researcher Carlos De Nápoli theorizes that thalidomide was originally created as an antidote for nerve gas, and that its creator was one Nazi scientist named Otto Ambrose who worked with Grünenthal after the war. De Napoli has documents proving that the guinea pigs used for the drug experimentation were no less than the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps. All this information is in De Napoli’s book entitled ‘Hitler’s Laboratories.’"

Such is heresy to speak of, a blashpemy against the 'secular not-gods' - that much is right!
Temple of Silence. song youtube.

firestorm 2 area-ignite! youtube, usa.6:20 Lav it! dang that looks hot!
The forsest is burning, song. La ruta. 
firestorm to music. lava special. 3:46 (this one day fire, not night fire)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shariah Vice Squad and Hostility to Adult sex and Hetero Sex explained

People into adult sex and hetero sex explain their shame for being such instead of the present (but transitional) goverment-types and favoured instead. Bolton UK (north england). know your side or know madness.

Vice Squad.
Taliban Vice Squad heros of the west are back in operation!
"Women in Afghanistan are back to square one with the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice on the prowl." - As supported by (jewish it is) Femminism.
know your side.
 Return of the Taliban-Shariah Vice Squad. Afghanistan.
 ""The Afghani government, with the approval of Hamid Karzai, is going to re-establish the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" - Femminist ugly dykes were the long standing hostiles to adult sex (jewish-princess style) and beauty now do a skitzo 180 u-turn.
Taliban vice sqaud
Kabul shakedown foreign speak easies. smoke-easies should be ok with them at least.
for more information upon survival in hostile to human enviroments see Qadib cult.

Secret Interview of the Goings on with Slave of Diana;

Reporter for Venus: "So can you explain this hostility to biological adult sex?"
Slave of Diana "Yes. the hostility to adult sex is understandable and common and the earth places show there allegence to the great defect of enslavement to her frigid glory"
Venus: "So with terrestrial mundane concerns?"
Slave Ianna: "They are slaves of Ianna and show their loyalty to the protected nambla-snuff organization. This is because we own you police , courts and higher levels of goverment as slave affiliates"
Venus: "you mean their levels not ours?"
Slave;"I do mean that, yes."

afghanistan war toll spike.

"KABUL — The number of international troops to die in the Afghan war so far this year hit 334 with the announcement Tuesday of three more deaths in the volatile south of the country.
All three soldiers died Monday in bomb attacks, NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said, referring to improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, which are the Taliban's main weapon in the ongoing war.
The nationalities of the soldiers were not given, according to policy.
An AFP tally based on that kept by the website puts the death toll for foreign soldiers in 2010 at 334, compared to 520 for all of 2009.
Military commanders -- including US General David Petraeus, who took command of foreign forces in Afghanistan on Sunday -- have warned the summer months would see intensified fighting and a consequential spike in casualties."
June's death toll of 102 was a monthly record for the war.
 Welcome to America and British Hell. The refuge of psychopaths and their frigid backers.
Jack the Ripper, hello from Hell. Jesus Ianna, this aristocratic-captialist-guy had problems. hello to hell. he hit hard on fellow-capitalist whores! how about that! East-End of London, Victorian Issues, Values and 1888.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Druid Care for grounded fallen birds

Druid care for fallen birds, grounded birds, bird call!

Get fallen bird to hide place it likes away from open sight. (ie hidden place)
give shallow bowl of water and also throw in on ground some bird food if you are a bird feeder; or bread if you are not.

keep kids, children, lunatics and jews away from injured creature. and similar such types.
This is for its safety.

keep dogs, cats, rats and jews and the like away from the injured or resting bird. 

this is for its rest and recouperation and healing: and its safety; 

given a few hours a belly crawler bird revitsalised by druid magic of tap water and bird feed can refind the strength and wits to fly away; 

or if you  prefer as does the establishment; die under being denied food and water so beloved of the parasite jew establishment aristocracy. They also do this to humans, the old and children and lunatics for the thrill of it. This means it is to them if you are normal, and opposed by us; but if you are Their police officers then it is necessary to swap over the normal labels as can be done by the more skill full. Racial prohibitions may be required by the state authroties electied and their allowed unsubbordantes.

human adults. not to be viewed by those against human adult and their owners who are against adult-sex upon principle....
State Animal Welfare guide. most have yet to catch up. For all who care. But.. Not for those who do not care.

"An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself.... I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.[12]c

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Shadow past the Solstice (Islaam Muslims Against Crusaders London Uk)

Muslims (against crusaedes) protest London UK, the hot summer. Protesting against soldier incomming/homecomings marches. story BNP site. with different video of foreign news round up of the event. Brit Nat.

Muslims against Crusaders; same event; set to a nasheed islaamic music. or Islamist music if mistress wills it for her slaves, yes? Barking, London 15 June 2010.

set to celtic music. BNP. 3:15 with text comment words added. (Under british censorship the irish song was forbidden to be sung).

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

WW2 ground forces at 1:1 = American USA lose to Japan (USA Intel)

USA intel reports of World War 2 (earth - Capitalist Brit-USA combine rescue of Jewish-Marxist-Leninist-USSR from Nat-Socialist Germany invasion) are that at ground-forces invasion @ ratio 1:1 USA-America Vs Japan-Nippon = USA defeat [USA sources], Japan win.

This sets the stage for cheesy american alternative methods (nukes) of forcing the nippon god-emporer to protect his people from city distructions though surrender.

But that the american-usa had a military colony in japan is itself imperialism of the american aristocracy and USA Black-Empire (ie capitalist owners).

Operation Downfall....but of who? USA or Japan? wiki data!

"On Marshall's orders, Major-General John E. Hull looked into the tactical use of nuclear weapons for the invasion of the Japanese home islands (even after the dropping of two strategic atomic bombs on Japan, Marshall did not think that the Japanese would capitulate immediately). Colonel Lyle E. Seeman reported that at least seven bombs would be available by X-Day, which could be dropped on defending forces. Seeman advised that American troops not enter an area hit by a bomb for "at least 48 hours"; the risk of fallout was not well understood, and such a short amount of time after detonation would have resulted in substantial radiation exposure for the American troops.[35]

Post Imperial-Japan, Shinto has restored to pre-Imperialist forms of popular Shintoism.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hyiksos-Jew folklore debunk - plagues of Egypt joke

Each year in africa (more or less) the locust food swarm, from benin and ghana's forests to the west and north, passing the sharara desert of Niger, and along the coast, along north africa to Lybiaa; some times beyong the lybian desert to Egypt as a harest of the flying shrimps that eat the crop: wize are those of Ra who take nets and catch x2 x3 the harvest in locusts!
Great is the gift of Ra.

The nomadic fools who are hick 'princes of desert'', kings of sheep and goats! are allarmed and sit and watch there harvest eaten, and complain and blag, and talk. Some consider Them and their goddess, the better to follow. Some are fickle of set, weak of mind, lacking in the ways of Ma'at, without the light of Ra for illumination.

Gifted are the Hyiksos to leave egypt with such silver and its types of gold! Avarice is there semite lot?. Dangerous is the Ark of the Jew-Hyiks. Great was Prince RaMoses who lead them away. Great is the Sinai desert!
Great the affliction and invasion of the Hyiksos-canaanites under Prince RaMoses.
but Safer is Egypt.
As if that could matter, to a mear Pharaoh?

Monday, 21 June 2010

Chariot of the Sun ; Summer Solstice and Sol-Surya (icon)

overview of the logistics of the summer solstice 2010 at stone-henge uk.

chariots egypt; youtube. short
Ben Hur, chariot race. youtube: 9:05. (raceing chariots).

Happy June 21 Solstice 2010 (the henge and Tara links)

Happy June 21 Solstice, the northern Summer Solstice and longest day (and it is the southern winter solstice and shortest day!)

The birds began to announce the arrival of the day and cherp the dawn song at 3:42 am (one hour ahead of the official state dogma). I'm with the birds on this, they are more reliable. It was light enough~ at 4 am to turn off lighting.
Its going to be a long day!

20,000 this year at the henge, down from 36,000 last year. (so how should druids engage with the youth of today? need orgy and nude chicks!).
Drug arrests up from 27 to 34.
(only around 1 in a thousand people, btw)
note: more metal fire-bins for rubbish-lighting needed.

2010 summer solstice at Stone-Henge in picture-fotos. Anorak.
BBC stone-henge 2010. Wiltshire, England UK. old druid monument.

nude picture of the day; iveta 2009 june 21. < last years. nick scipio's nude women site.

Summer Solstice Tara Ireland. general.
Pictures of solstice 2010 Tara ireland. old druid site.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

United States of Amexica , the Q-C haplo Amer-Indian future

 junk formatter
The changing demographic (population) of the USA.
"The US Census Bureau’s (USCB) latest report announced that non-white births accounted for 48.6 percent of the children born in America between July 2008 and July 2009, gaining ground from 46.8 percent two years earlier.
This trajectory means that non-white births will pass European-American births within the next year."
Among the Hispanic population, there were roughly nine births for every one death, compared with a roughly one-to-one ratio for whites.

According to the census count, as of July 2009, whites constituted 65 percent of the American population. The rate of the white decline is astonishing: in 1960, they made up 85 percent of the population.
This figure is most certainly an underestimate as the US Census bureau counts all Middle Easterners (including people from North Africa and most of the Arab world) as “white.”" [Really they are J semite or B negro haplogroups rather than R1 or I European haplogroups]

 Merne'ptah steele Egypt. Son of Ra. Greater is Ra than imperial folly.

Expect the state, liberals and fellow spaztiks to continue discribing no-whites as minorities but not aryan-whites. Such is racism.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Afghanistan 1.3 trillion minerals to Japan. and the USA's 1.3 trill to USA (Contains Adult!!)

Buddhas of Afghanistan.
"The Afghan government has commissioned Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata to recreate the Bamyan Buddhas using fourteen laser systems to project the images of the Buddhas onto the cliff where they once stood. The laser systems will be solar and wind-powered. The project, which will cost an estimated $9 million, is currently pending UNESCO approval. If approved, the project is estimated to be completed by June 2012.
In September 2005, Mawlawi Mohammed Islam Mohammadi, Taliban governor of Bamyan province at the time of the destruction and widely seen as responsible for its occurrence, was elected to the Afghan Parliament. On 26 January 2007, he was assassinated in Kabul.
Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei made a 95-minute documentary titled The Giant Buddhas (released in March 2006) on the statues, the international reactions to their destruction, and an overview of the controversy. The movie makes the controversial claim (quoting a local Afghan) that the destruction was ordered by Osama Bin Laden and that initially, Mullah Omar and the Afghans in Bamyan had opposed the destruction.[24]
In the summer of 2006, Afghan officials were deciding on the timetable for the re-construction of the statues. As they wait for the Afghan government and international community to decide when to rebuild them, a $1.3 million UNESCO-funded project is sorting out the chunks of clay and plaster — ranging from boulders weighing several tons to fragments the size of tennis balls — and sheltering them from the elements.
The Buddhist remnants at Bamyan were included on the 2008 World Monuments Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund."

"Then Taliban ambassador-at-large, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, said that the destruction of the statues was carried out by the Head Council of Scholars after a single Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues' heads. "...
"However, he did not comment on the claim that a foreign museum offered to "buy the Buddhist statues, the money from which could have been used to feed children."[21]
- Wiki data. Islam is being practical in the Koran, as for example is toilet paper! Few see the difference however for it is a higer-mystical one.

Afghanistan-Khazi-Govt says Japan-has-priority on $1.3 trillion mineral-find in-Afghanistan.
"Afghan President Hamid Karzai said this week that Japan -- not the U.S. -- takes priority over other nations when it comes to mining his country's vast mineral deposits.
Karzai made his proclamation during a five-day visit to Japan. Over that same time period, news reports surfaced that Afghanistan and Pakistan planned to negotiate with U.S.-NATO enemies, the U.N. reported that insurgent violence is surging, and Reuters tried to parse the Pentagon's mixed messages over U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.
During an appearance at Japan's International Institute for International Affairs, Karzai focused on his country's mineral deposits. He Pointed to Japan's status as Afghanistan's second-biggest donor, and reasoned that Japan should enjoy special access to Afghan resources with estimated values that range from $1-3 trillion dollars.
"Morally, Afghanistan should give access as a priority to those countries that have helped Afghanistan massively in the past few years," Karzai told the institute.
"What . . . we have to reciprocate with is this opportunity of mineral resources, that we must return at the goodwill of the Japanese people by giving Japan priority to come and explore and extract," Karzai said.
Looking to the future, Karzai echoed an internal Pentagon memo and said that the mining will define Afghanistan, "Whereas Saudi Arabia is the oil capital of the world, Afghanistan will be the lithium capital of the world.... And Japan is welcome to participate in the lithium exploration in Afghanistan.""

British know better (empire taught them that much).
With British fatalities in Afghanistan creeping remorselessly towards the 300 mark and Barack Obama making noises about beginning American troop withdrawals after the current offensive, the Nato powers have just been presented with a new dilemma. A report produced by the American military and the United States Geological Survey has revealed that Afghanistan is sitting on at least $1 trillion in mineral wealth. That staggering figure does not even present the full potential, since less than 70 per cent of the country was surveyed.
Officials of the Karzai government were reportedly in a state of euphoria when they announced the geological findings at a press conference. That euphoria may be misplaced. For stakes of $1 trillion it is unlikely the [the bad guys] will ever give up fighting for control of Afghanistan. Translate such riches into war materiel and the potential for global terrorism is mind-boggling. And that is on top of the revenue that would flow from an intensified opium trade. [This meaning-excludes the Taliban who suppressed opium and homosexual-pedophillia effectively]
What this means is that, unless Britain and America are prepared to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely"...
After invading 1/4 of the world and aftghanistan twice before the present, the British Empire has learnt that it is not the vanquished who own the assests, gold, women and wealth, but rather the Imperialist Conquerer and occupiers! 
A hard won insight!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Green Lady blessed of Qadib, magic allure

Green is a magical color of allure. Those who ware it are blessed of Qadib! especially women.
Well, it is a color of nature. A magic hidden from view (for most).

color-blind check-site (sight). (Vischeck)
Deuter color-drained/blind image. skimpies. wear green, theys see beige or fleshy tones! neat!
Normal-Color image. skimpies.

relax, police are not nortmally color blind! but up to 10% (maybe 7 or 8 )% white males are color blind to some degree, but only 0.5% of white females. @ 8 % male caucasion there are 3.7% male india subcontinant, and 2.5% male arabs are.

Black-Line skimpy crutch. looks innocent to most.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Art Design 1 (suitable for mystics)

Art Design #1 (all free use). Exotic art, suitable for temple or mystic place.

Convert Room into a mystical Temple! Easy method!

click picture (free-use) for bigger.

Making mystical temple!

1 move table to wall to make a shirne. drape it with sheet
2 flip rug over
3 drape furniture in sheets
3 flip picutures over.
4 remove breakables, distinctives. lock them away safe/ hide them.
5 add image pictures-icons etc (lots upon this site under qadib)
6 Use candles in jars for light at atmosphere. keep away from curtians
7 Draw, cutains
8 have door wedge
9 light insence
10 play exotic music. eg youtube sufi music. 8:50 min.

Wear a strange sheet yourself like a robe with a belt! (after bath/shower wash!)
Wear strange head-dress and mask. a towel over the head with band works.
Pretend you name is different : ie Abud Qadibber, Amat Qadibee etc... err Venus etc.
Unless youknow, you real name is err Abud Qadibber, which it is not.

Organized Qadibbing (3 masks, meditation of 4 faces, and pass stones)

Mystical Meditation pictures (& organized Qadibbing)
Not all qadibbers are so organzied.
3 in mask wraps for sex (with idol). (up to 3 at a time)
4 or more for meditation (and un-masked ones with some Qadib shrines).
The pictures are good and informative, magic too.

magic pass stones with rune sysmbols. (these can be given to friends or people for doing a good dead (help and rescue) to allow them into the higher Qadib shrines for a free one with the idol. this might then turn them into Qadibbers too. also known as gift stones. Not necessary but a nice idea.
These can be made by the individual as a replacement one, and are a link to the earth (and Qadib)

the idol should have its face covered which is a sign of Qadib the wize.
You can use your penis to tap 3 or more times upon the idol's pussy before penitration as a Qadib blessing.

islamic sex laws.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Mystic Icon-Picture (also displayed by many Qadibbers)

A general knowledge picture, for example of the moon-cycle and how it illustrates the female adult as a sent guidenced to the mystic and mystically inclined and lovers of books and insight. (Also favoured by Qadibbers of the illusion magic of Qadib as an icon).

one of a series of such mystical pictures, of a kind and said to possess different forms.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Optical Ilusions magic; pictures; Mirage

The open eyed closed eyed females.
its a trick. 
Music - space hulk, youtube, vaguely impressive sifi atmospheric. 

although a woman cums harder though being got pregnant as is nature; The cervex cap will allow her to have normal natural cum-in-cunt sex safely! click for details, available from doctor.

Spermicidal juice from chemist (ie cream) increases effectiveness!
"A Cervical Cover is a device you insert into your vagina that fits over your cervix. Suction keeps it in place. It blocks sperm from entering the uterus and prevents fertilization. After intercourse, it should be left in place for 8 hours. Put spermicidal jellies or creams that kill sperm into the cap before inserting it into your body." You can be a woman!

more optical illusions

Some more optiacal illusions. (the eye is not one of them)..its a lamp ok?
they dont excite me that much! That which seems crooked lines, is really straight!
pre-programming revealed?

Optical Illusions and Mystical connection (Qadibish?)

The gifted higher-nature of perception!

click image for bigger version! free-use ofcourse here!

This iconic image, one of many, is there to help the mystic, guru, wali, understand the great mystery they were born into, regardeless of caste, class, gender, race, and nationality, and even religion!
It is a universal dynamic that therefore is consitant with all and intuative unto the human mind.
So we belive.

How to Make (a hidden) Heaven & Paradise with the Secret God (Qadib)

The one called Qadib is as much a deity as any other that are called gods and goddesses!
Or as little! Though the grades of favour and disfavour (favor/disfavor) so peoples hidden gods or jinni are revealed (even if they are kept blindfolded in the mind to what it is - this is dark mysticism that is good aligned and hedonist perception).

As we know Qadib, a cover name, is the diety or divine one who created free sex and integrety and peace of mind, as the other gods got carried away on the god-creation-trip  excitement and overlooked making free-sex, as is nature! So Qadib stepped in to create it for pleasure and hedonistic reasons best known to Qadib and those who do it.

Qadib also created a hidden paradise for those with points of Qadib (click for big free-use picture as are all you find here! as a gift of the gods). You probably have a few points allready!

It is behind the drape at the back which covers the tunnel and enterence into the great secret expance of Qadib. A need fullfilling free paradise of sex and buffets with alchole in some chambers.
worth slipping behind the veil drape to avoid the mad obsessive gaze of the other gods of judgement who are too obsessed with hormonal masturbations of one of there devoteess: thousands of Qadib can slip away silently during the so-called hormonal-human sex-scandels!!

Qadib likes to return the devotees to 5 point it for the others and bring paradise of a type to earth.

And just to note this;  Qadibs hidden paradise is open to all races, all religions, and none, and all genders (including hermaphrodites as many nature plants are), with even there own special chamber areas which are not for everyones interest but do exist somewhere in the laberinthine complex (that has signs by the glory of Qadib lest we all get lost). As for some secret signs of Qadib, beyond those given, more shall follow for the discerning who will it.
(local Qadibis use there own inspired signs a lot)

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Mask of Qadib, secret Cult of the hidden Idol; a Cult image (ikon)

The Great idols of Qadib have horns but not all. Laws of the state are of the cult of the god-Emperor. That is as useless as any other god or goddess except Qadib the mysterious.
Qadibbers use false names with those they do not know.
Beyond their hometown, in the big cities, is the sanctuary of Qadib, of the mirage, illusion and hiddden.
Such are the Qadibbers it is said.

The Idol of the Qadibbers; Great is Qadib of the Hidden; underground faith

Qadib is a masked diety of the shadows who created free sex as well as illusion and mirage. This was due to the mindless stupidity of the other gods who were too drunk to do so.

Qabibbers get heaven points to count towards heaven with Qadib in the event there is a heaven, which Qadib has made a secret hidden chamber behind a drape for Qadibbers who denied publically they were Qadibbers!

Each denial or pretence at worship of some other god counts as one god-token for the Qadibber. Genuine worship of some other god while remembering it is for Qadib counts as 2 tokens. 

Qadibbers who collect spirit tokens are blessed with a dividend of joy and mirth by great Qadib! 

Converting to a religion is reckoned to be worth 3 points of devotion to Qadib, so the more religions the better. Obviously Qadibbers, who might carrry stilletoe daggers for defence, are not expected to actually do anything for the religion of other gods unless for points at pretending publically, an they are not expected to take the cults of mad gods too thick to invent free-sex at all seriously. For they have not the Qadibing wit of Qadib.

The other worship of Qadib, other then fabrication to protect people, is the idol of Qadib that are disquised as women.... and used as an alter. Basically a mindless cunt-hole for cumming in, it is however a pious act of devotion to Qadib worth 5 god-tokens. It is also a type of secret pilgramage.

Already Qadib has blessed you with delight and happyness!

anti-ballistic open Temple/Buddha place

This temple has no roof and is made up of concrete blocks arranged to deter shooters (especially ones with machine guns).

The Man from Kafil; Dhu'l Kifil The Prophet Buddha & lost wali of Islaam

The Man from Kafil
  "Certain modern Islamic scholars have asserted that the Prophet Dhu'l Kifl – the “man from Kifl” – mentioned twice in the Quran refers to Buddha, with Kifl being the Arabic rendering of the name of Buddha’s native kingdom, Kapilavastu. The Quranic mention of the fig tree, they continued, refers to the bodhi tree under which Buddha manifested his enlightenment. The Quran states that the followers of Dhu'l Kifl are righteous people. Secondly, al-Biruni and al-Shahrastani, two Islamic scholars who visited India in the eleventh and twelfth centuries CE respectively and wrote about its religions, called Buddha a “Prophet,” in the context of explaining how the Indians regarded Buddha. And thirdly, Kashmiri Muslims who settled in Tibet from the seventeenth century CE married Tibetan Buddhist women within the context of Islamic law.
The professors explained that Islam tolerates all “people of the Book,” which is defined as people who accept a creator God. Islamic law, specifically during the Arab rule of Sindh from the eighth to the tenth centuries CE, however, extended the concept of “people of the Book” to the Buddhists there and granted them the same status and rights as the Christians and Jews under Arab rule had. I pointed out that the Muslim Arabs in their eighth-century expansion into Central Asia first had contact with Buddhism in present-day Uzbekistan and northern Afghanistan. There, the Buddhist texts most widely used were in Old Turk and, later, Sogdian translation. In these languages, “dharma” was translated with the Greek loan word “nom,” which means “law.” The Uighur Turks and Mongols borrowed this term from Sogdian, and used it also to mean “book.” Thus throughout medieval Central Asia, Buddhists as “people of the Dharma” might also have been understood as “ people of the Book.”" - link.

the old Culture Afghanistan The Big Buddhas. Jan 2002
"Can the Bamiyan Buddhas be put back together again? Afghanistan's new government wants to restore the giant pair of carved Buddhas destroyed last year by the Taliban. "They need to be rebuilt," Raheen Makhdoom, Afghanistan's new minister of information and culture, told the press. Makhdoom characterized the ancient Bamiyan statues—one was 1,800 years old; the other dated from the 5th century—as "a sign of our identity and a sign of our tolerance and our history.""

 And Isma'il and Idris and Dhul-kifl; all were men of constancy and patience. We admitted them into out mercy because they were of the righteous ones. (21:85. 86)

And remember Isma'il, Elisha and Dhul-kifl. Each of them was of the company of the good. (38:48)

- Here the practitioner of patience, a buddhist virtue, accords well with identification of the mysterious prophet Dhu'l Kifil as Buddha.

As for the OT prophet Ezekiel, he had much to say on the collaboration of YIsrael and Sammaria with the Assyrian and Babylonian invaders (lit. personified as jewish girls playing whores Oholah and Oholibah) in chapter 23; and also upon the Rebuilding of the Jewish Temple as one for all peoples in Jerusalem!! strange ideas he had.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Olympics 2012 London Olympiad XXX 30 general map

A general map of the 2012 Olympics held in London UK europe.

The area is in Cental-East London in an area called Stratford (formerly a marsh land and toxic dumping ground). A quick renovation and soil-wasing later (!) the area is being transformed into an olympic park, village and stadiums.
After the olympics it is said it will be transformed into an inner-city city (stratford city) and left to be over run and become deralict [unofficial].

summer Olympics 2008 team numbers/participating nations.

"with over 10,000 competitors from 205 nations. Organizers for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing[1] expected approximately 10,500 athletes to take part in the 302 events on the program for the games. The United States has hosted four Summer Olympics Games, more than any other nation. The United Kingdom will have hosted three Summer Olympics Games when they return to the British capital in 2012, all of them have been (and will be) in London (Manchester take note after the sucessful London-Sabotarge in 2000), making it the first city to hold the Summer Olympic Games three times [would have been 4 times if they had not started WW2]. Australia, France, Germany and Greece have all hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice." Wiki summer Olympics. data

After their supression by the Christian Administration of the European-Empire in circa 391 Ad-ce, the games remained forbidden until 1896 ce-ad (Athens Greece). Olympiads occur ever 4 years.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The London 2012 Olympics XXX olympiad signs released (link) ie pictograms

Olympic Pictograms released for the London 2012 XXX olympiad.
Pictogram Link. has older pictograms from Tokyo 1964 onwards too.
The olympics does have its important education side!
Sport is a minority interest = 25% females, 50% males, (being 20% conservative females & 30% liberal females, and 60% conservative males & 40% liberal males).

It is international and all races take part! 
(West African Blacks Sprinting, East African Blacks Long-Distance, Whites at Swimming, Sino-Mongoloids at table-tennis and dexterity sports, and semites (jews and arabs) at ...well sedate forms of sport maybe sailing and archery. (Jews do well in the Paraplegic olympics ofcourse).
The physical-prowess Events are gender segregated due to the male dominance in design and testrogene and the biological limitations of females in design.
Liberals might not like sport (35% do) but can appreciate the international multiracial event upon its merits.
vdare upon the sydney olympics.

Poor Children's hunger to Pay for Olympic Security London 2012

The British have a predictable consistantcy.
£300 Million Free-School-Meals to Poor-Children cut
to pay for £600 Million Olympic-Security measures - 
or so they vainly hope!

"By Mercia — The millionaire ConDem cabinet has announced plans to halt a proposed extension of free school meals for the children from poor families in Britain while simultaneously undertaking to ring fence and increase the multi-billion pound foreign aid budget. " - link. (500,000 * £600 = £300Mill year)

"Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne (who broke parliamentary expenses rules by claiming for a £450,000 mortgage on his Cheshire farmhouse when it was worth much less, and for a £200 taxi journey between his home and Westminster) is expected to announce the scrapping of the feeding scheme later this month."

"Tory millionaire Education Secretary Michael Gove, who owns million pound houses in London and Surrey, has confirmed that the scheme was deemed “not priority”"

As Blairs WMD $2.1 billion cost of the London Olympic myth the evidence is in Iraq where the UN cant find it. (its more in dollars).
security in the Canadian Vancouver winter olympics cost $833 million dollars,
G-8 G20 cost $900 million. Then again, the olympic costs tend to more than double.

The olympic £9 billion became £12 billion and is suspected to rise to £25 billion (dispite a 27 million 'cut').
That is an orwell-1984 choclate-ration cut.

Vancouver Olympics vs. G8-G20

Vancouver Olympics 2010 winter
17 days
40 kilometres of fencing
900 CCTV cameras
6,000 police brought in from across the country
4,800 contracted private security guards
$833 million (ballpark) cost for security

3 days
3.3 kilometres of fencing in Toronto
77 CCTV cameras (in addition to the 18 already in Toronto)
10,000 police brought in from across country
1,100 contracted private security guards
$900 million — and growing — cost for security - da link.

It is made a bit worse  for the children with big supermarkets like tesco pad-locking the food-disposal bins. Have a nice olympics.

Olympic Mascots for London 2012 Wenlock & Mandeville ! photos-cartoon

London 2012 Olumpic mascots; Wenlock and Mandeville.
The Youtube promotion; Cartoon fantasia Story of the Creation of the Mascots. must see. (mythic)
 jokes-allready satire, humor page. But suspected to be inspired by bottle openers.... (synic)
Good vintate...
Mascots unveiled event. youtube

Olumpics, Paper Laws and magic god-finder ; witchcraft. plus dumb-ass mascots revealed!!

Collage of the magic of the gods. paper-laws of all types, and the mysterious god-finder the revealer of gods...

photo of site of london 2012 olympics.
Lighter note: Enter the dumb-ass mascots yaay!!! best thing about olumpics;
London 2012 Mascots Revealed: the cyclopes Wenlock and Mandeville. sure crowd pleaser.
Instead, Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, elicited mostly baffled reactions as to just what they were at their unveiling today.
With a metallic finish, a single large eye made out of a camera lens, a London taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings represented as friendship bracelets on their wrists, they resemble characters dreamed up for a Pixar animation.
But London 2012 organisers, for whom the launch of the mascots marks the start of a crucial period in which the games will become public property, pointed to the delighted reaction of a hall full of primary school children at today's launch as evidence that they would connect with their target audience.
"They remind you of aliens, which is really weird and cool," said 10-year-old Ali. "It reminds you of the Olympics, which is worldwide so it's something you'll want to remember forever," added 11-year-old Zanyab as they cavorted with life-size mascots for the cameras.
The pair are based on a short story by children's author Michael Morpurgo that tells how they were fashioned from droplets of the steel used to build the Olympic stadium. They will be crucial in raising funds and spreading messages about the games.
Wenlock, named after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock that helped inspire Pierre de Coubertin to launch the modern Olympics, and Mandeville, inspired by the Buckinghamshire town of Stoke Mandeville, where the Paralympics were founded, will become very familiar in the next two years. The chairman of the London organising committee of the Olympic games (Locog), Lord Coe, said the mascots were aimed squarely at children [!? huh? really?] and designed with the digital age in mind. He said they had the most positive reaction in workshops to road test them." (guardian 19 may 2010).

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Athiest Neurotics sell out to RomanCatholism/Islam - French Revolution Deist

A Curious issue the Athiests cannot get over (and seek to supress though lies) is the Deist Revolution France!
And its Goddess of Reason, widley accepted by the people.
Soo.. the Atheists over threw the Deists! and Re-Imposed Roman Catholism, leading to the supression of the Deist Goddess (of Reason). Such is Athiest Reason!
Half a brainers cannot seem to get it. As they think supression of history and ignorence of history's lessions will suffice, they are doomed to repeate the same mistakes.
as Jewish-Marx Atheist Communist Socialism hijacked St.Peters Socialist Communism in order to fail for the Athiests again, who are unable to do maths, and keep accurate accounts and account correctly of any census!
due to irrational forces typical of them.(
(relgion and social order are apart of the human brain (same part).
that was just a dream: consider this: Athies Secular wisdom; marx all out. BNP statement of reason, and facts.
Gregorian - Voyage Voyage. youtube.

The Protestant Spirit of Capitalism! - Affermed by Great Diana - United Resistance against Socialism!

The spirit of capitalism and silver-smiths united!
Unity or disunity?
United Resistance against socialism 
of saint peter and his.
For  we know the better way!
Do not oppose me, i am she who is of the ancient slavers! who shall be obeyed.
support tax to this state and its parties. slaves did, free do not. And greater is the one paid than the one not so.
Picture pitched for dyke-prudes disaffermers of natural biology repression warp.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Spirit of Captitalism - Great Diana and the silver-smiths

Great is Diana of Ephezus they said... The Diana of the Silver-smiths against the St.Peter's comrades.
 The Protestant Spirit of Capitalism. Spirit of Silver-smiths over the mear socialists! :)
The femminine heart of scripture. deep meaningful resoslution of mysteries and conflict for balance and peace. There is female ot goddess of the goddesses! She is Who She is, the Virgin Alone!
a Diana (divine one) of the Ephesians (ephesons-Epez) article. C. christian.
Gregorian agains, losing it. music; youtube.
Socialism (axis of evil) employment for all! Zero-unemployment local-national nationalist ecconomic boost. only. mearly. Data input.
Moloch not Jesus! hello! youtube song.  Amazon. pretend gods and real goddesess 101.
Know when you are a 'pretend god' or 'false god' and when you a 'real god!' The god emperors favour the gods of their wisdom or their folly but the gods endure dispite their fickle-minded showing, as though women, or those who must grovel before them.
Breeding is done with those who do not!

Sworn to Chastity, for Diana, Priestesses, would renouce their vow and open their legs and free fuck (like venus) for the new King to ensure he had projeny and possible inheritors,  which kept the cult in good favour with any tyrant or invader.
no for the poor; remember they had a vow of chasity to diana! are you an idot or something!!
Is it obvious? 

The. ahh cult of Venus at the Temple of Venus are better suited to the role, if, and IF,  they were allowed? to exist for the purpose. An irony! It equals a greater integreity-thing and mear-respect thing for the goddesses, where allowed to-be [recognized] and afferemed in image and temple. As fools [semites] are unable to do so. give my regards to the camel and mut hut!

Pictures of Masjid-Mosques UK

Gregorian - losing my religion. Music, youtube.
Conservative Muslim Forum CFM. Mahomet was a merchant you know?
Conservative Women's Muslim Group. what do they not know they are also prudes?
Ascent from the immigrant ghetto.
Gregorian - Sound of Silence.
Socialists verses Silver-smiths.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Islaam 101 Salat-Salah Prayer moves (rakat) with Diana

Diana's amazing guide to being a moslem (aks Muslim in urdu).
(click picture-foto for larger, free use).

Very useful during the islamification/islamization of nations and after during the 'kaliphate' or at least the Islamic State.

1 have bath or shower. This is washing.
2 wear modest clothing and hijab, (see statue of Diana for details).
3 Wudu-Wash. errr then washing is needed. So facilities are provided for the prayers to wash their face hands and feet.
4 Shoes off - go barefoot, like Diana of Efezus or in socks (clean no holes please).
(this comes before Wudu-Washing in most western mosques-masjids.

might need a sutrah object (screen  or anything) in front of the moslem. It could be a t-shirt with a crescent moon, image of Diana of Efez or even verses from the koran...

If women are allowed in a masjid it might have a seperate room or screen or balcony. Its called gender segregation. stop complaining (or at least keep the chatter for the womens W/c, women's institute, at the girls grammer school, the femminist meeting, lesbian bar,  women's group, women's shower room, etc etc (yawn).

Finding the Qiblah ; the marker for the direction of prayer to Mecca. The Qiblah should be easy to find as in masjid-mosques it is the big ornate archway or alcove-niche, hollow vulvaic thing. Room for an idol but Azam! As if by magic the arabs and muslims doent have one. Called a Yoni in Hindi...

If you are in space... Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has stated that one should face the direction of the Earth.

No natter or chatter or gossip in the masjid. prayers and speech in whispers. This is so as not to disturb the prayers.

Prayer moves: Rakat (Rakah).
Hands-up!, bow, grovel then kneel up, have a second grovel and kneel up, look right, look left.

Women showing their fuck-holes.
huh? some differ but all prudes agree the lower fuck holes should be covered.
see awrah/awrat.

'O believers, and underage boys should not intrude your privacy at three times of day: before the dawn prayer, when you are resting at noon, and after the evening prayer. These are three Awrah for you.' - Quran 24:58-Sura Al-Nur

"O ye children of Adam! We have bessstowed dressssss upon you to cover your nakednesssss..."
 - Quran Sura- Al-A'raf 7:26

Sutrah bag. for the fashionable moslem.
instant-hijab hoodie. modern fashon.

Islaam 101 Prayer Times (Salat Salah) with Diana

Wiki gunk Salat.
Prayer times UK cities. < uk cities guide to prayer times.
Click a country for Salat times. < gives world times for prayers.
Do this: Islaam: 
Fajer 'Dawn to Sunrise' ie Dawn. aka Fager (see Zohr). rhymes with Vajer....
Shrouk. Dont do this one, its just there for the arabs to appear more pios than everyone else with an extra prayer time; and to complete the series of 'doubled prayer times'. This allows them to feel special and the 'chosen ones' of Allah and more favoured by her. And to look down on everyone else for spoiling their religion by joining it.
Zohr aka Zuhr so it doesnt rhymn with whore as in forced temple prostitute,and Dhuhr as in Dur (stupid). So if some guy says Zohr it means prayer time not your fee for sex. Zohr is afternoon around noon.
Asser or Assr. Afternoon. you'll see why they are so named soon enough!
MagRib or Maghrib. 'After sunset until dusk' ie sunset/dusk.
Ishaa as in Ishtar. 'Dusk (sunset) till dawn' ie sun set.

Only Fajer Wustaa and Ishaa are in the Koran as dawn, noon and dusk prayer times but this is not important. Dont mention this and never ever mention Wustaa what ever you do. It gives the racket away. Forget Allah, Remember The Virgin Diana!

Fard-compulsory Rakit (also called Rakah as Rakit has become an arab loan-word to languages like english, but lost its piety in the process for the sake of truth).
A Rakit or Rakat or Rakah is a set movemnent. some stand, some bow, some walk round in circles to pray as the Koran says. This means forget all that and do this Rakit:

Hands up, bow, grovel and kneel up, grovel and kneel up again, look right, look left.

Say Ass'Shalaam Alley-Cum. (at least they got that right) It ever means peace be with you (to an angel and a devil) or to give your ass a rest. Go figure.You whisper the words  looking right, and when looking left so as not to make a big noise which would distrub anyone who takes all this type of thing seriously. You dont want to meet them in the wrong mood!

Standard cover-all prayer is ; Allah Akhbar. 
yep should have seen that one comming!

On Fridays there is a Sermon-lecture (Khutba) by a Ka'tub (or Khatib so people dont laugh).
People should have a shower or bath before going to Mosque-Masjid, and when here have a Wudu-wash (of face, hands and feet) in the facilities provided. And not to think about sex until after left the mosque. 

more details on the salat-salah prayer thing if you click label islaam.
Salat-Salah Sutrah bag
modern instant hijab hoodie. suitable for Turkey too.

Slut artwork and how to be a slut

Slut refers to having sex as in slut-slut. There you go!
How to get it: long hair let it grow, short skirt, no knickers.

Eden ; the art of being nude (no pantys)

In oppressive shariah type nations you can still be nude under the clothing. top tip: no pantys!

line map overview Ephesus-Efez (position of temple of diana)

Line maps new and old (very old) of ephesus.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Seraphis Ephesus Turkey, and Alexandria Egypt (modern parallels with islam)

"This temple was built for the Egyptian merchants. It was located on the Commercial Agora near the western gate. There is also another entrance into the temple from the south-west corner of the Agora through stairs.
There are certain indications that suggest the temple was never finished fully. It is estimated that the construction of the temple was started in the 2nd century A.D.
There is a statue found inside the temple made by using the Egyptian granite. Also some inscriptions found inside the temple indicate that the temple was constructed for those who believe in Serapis. In Ephesus Museum there is a monument on which the main Goddess of Ephesians, Artemis, and the principal god of Egypt, Serapis, take place together with garland as a symbol of peace.
It is well documented fact that Ephesus had a very strong commercial link with the influential port city of Egypt, Alexandria. During these ancient times Egypt was the biggest producer of wheat. They exchanged wheat with other commercial items from Ephesus and other Ionian cities.
It was converted to a church during the following Christian period. ..." - link. With many articles on places in ancient Ephesus.

391 ad-ce, distruction of the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria, Egypt.
The Serapeum in Alexandra was destroyed by a Christian crowd in 391. Two conflicting accounts for the context of the destruction of the Serapeum exist.
According to early Christian sources,[clarification needed] bishop Theophilus of Alexandria was Nicene patriarch when the decrees of emperor Theodosius I forbade public observances of any rites but Christian. Theodosius I had progressively made the sacred feasts of other faiths into workdays (389 ad-ce), forbidden public sacrifices, closed temples, and colluded in acts of local violence by Christians against major cult sites. The decree promulgated in 391 ad-ce that "no one is to go to the sanctuaries, [or] walk through the temples" resulted in the abandonment of many temples throughout the Empire, which set the stage for widespread practice of converting or replacing these sites with Christian churches.

In Alexandria, Bishop Theophilus obtained legal authority over one such forcibly abandoned temple of Dionysus, which he intended to turn into a church. During the renovations, the contents of subterranean spaces ("secret caverns" in the Christian sources) were uncovered and profaned, which allegedly incited crowds of non-Christians to seek revenge. The Christians retaliated, as Theophilus withdrew, causing the pagans to retreat into the Serapeum, still the most imposing of the city's remaining sanctuaries, and to barricade themselves inside, taking captured Christians with them.
These sources report that the captives were forced to offer sacrifices to the banned deities, and that those who refused were tortured (their shins broken) and ultimately cast into caves that had been built for blood sacrifices. The trapped pagans plundered the Serapeum (Rufinus & MacMullen 1984).

A letter was sent by Theodosius to Theophilus, asking him to grant the offending pagans pardon and calling for the destruction of all pagan images, suggesting that these were at the origin of the commotion. Consequently, the Serapeum was levelled by Roman soldiers and monks called in from the desert, as were the buildings dedicated to the Egyptian god Canopus. The wave of destruction of non-Christian idols spread throughout Egypt in the following weeks, as documented by a marginal illustration on papyrus from a world chronicle written in Alexandria in the early 5th century, which shows Theophilus in triumph (illustration, above right); the cult image of Serapis, crowned with the modius, is visible within the temple at the bottom (MacMullen 1984).
A slightly different version[clarification needed] of this account of the destruction of the Serapeum begins with bishop Theophilus closing down a Mithraeum, rather than the temple of Dionysus, but details of the ensuing profanation and insinuation of human sacrifices substantially agree.

A second account of the incident is found in writings by Eunapius, the pagan historian of later Neoplatonism. Here, an unprovoked Christian mob successfully used military-like tactics to destroy the Serapeum and steal anything that may have survived the attack. According to Eunapius, the remains of criminals and slaves, who had been occupying the Serapeum at the time of the attack, were appropriated by non-Christians, placed in (surviving) pagan temples, and venerated as martyrs (Turcan, 1996).
Whichever the incidental cause, the destruction of the Serapeum described by Christian writers Tyrannius Rufinus and Sozomen was but the most spectacular of such occasions, according to Peter Brown.[6] While several ancient and modern authors have interpreted the destruction of the Serapeum in Alexandria as representative of the triumph of Christianity and an example of the attitude of the Christians towards pagans, Brown frames it against a backdrop of frequent mob violence in the city, where the Greek and Jewish quarters had fought since the first century BCE.[7] Indeed, Eusebius of Caesarea mentions street-fighting in Alexandria between Christians and non-Christians occurring as early as 249 CE, and there is evidence that non-Christians had taken part in citywide struggles pro and against Athanasius in 341 and 356 CE. Similar accounts are found in the writings of Socrates of Constantinople. R. McMullan further reports that, in 363, Bishop George was killed for his repeated acts of pointed outrage, insult, and pillage of the most sacred treasures of the city.[8" - wiki data as at.

 Islamization of UK proceeding very well. (some crazed blogger with nothing better to do than post to a tiresome....) Something seems wrong with the 2004 figure.
The 2001 Census has a total of 1,591,000 Muslims in the UK, while the above figure of 1,087,000 for 2004 is much smaller."..The comments are good.
 Conservative blogger. ;
"The future governance of a multicultural Europe, creating domains of private activity justified by rights, cannot withstand such violence and will continue to suffer at the hands of Islam, effectively making the rightful citizens of the United Kingdom homeless within their own homes. The Western European polity, its cultural way of life, its historic religious grounding in Christianity, is, without a shadow of a doubt, fundamentally different from that order created under Islam. [!] The treatment of Islam in modern society has been, in spite of many complaints of political correctness, radically different. It might be thought that we could ignore the differences between Christianity, underpinning the Western way of life, and Islam, and instead, concentrate on their similarities. " 
...ahh similarities, ahh yess! Good old dionysus! Jesus was a socialist, Saint Peter a communist. humm. They have no Venus.
American Smokescreen, New York. Meaningful care by the who-cares? veiled hysteria... how very appropriate!
SIOE. dire twists and turns of the worms. lowest forms support israel? hights of [forgotten wisdom] take on the negative? where is the porn? Diana Diana Diana (and her dogs). The gods would protect cities, they did in a way.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Ephesus-Efez (Ephesia) photos, including almah Virgin Mary hut (and que)

Top left photo-foto; the almah 'Virgin' Mary hut (a not likely term frankly for a mortal).
Almah means maid, maybe a step up from an Amat (servant or slave) often of the gods.

As usual there is a long que waiting their turn outside of Mary's house. So whats new?
Her hut is 7km south of Curates Street Ephesus, in ancient Ephesia or modern Izmir-province.

apocraphal legends say Mary died in Bethlehem and her remains were carried on a litter or bed to a tomb in Jerusalem in the valley of Kidron.... Catholic Dogma says she was taken up to heaven. 
Peter came from Rome, John came from Ephesus, to be with her as were a great many others. make of that legend what you wish, but the stone hut is a major shrine or chapel to her in a mostly moslem country. The Turks at that! still, if she had been with John in Ephesus...?

It is said Saint Luke was buried just south of Curates street amid some rocks. {this is doubtful, it is better described as a shrine to at least. He was in turkey it seems, but the evidence of the bull motif and healing (for Luke was a medic some say) are formerly of the God Seraphis a healer and osiris-apis-bull in zeus format; the church of Ephesus at later times might have mistaken the signs; that or it was a christianization of a pagan place....or his remains were moved. Novel thing is the offical remains are from well 130 ce so maybe Luke is not in Rome?? I dunno either}

The Church in Ephesus, who lost there first love and wondered why the church did not have a great temple (hint hint).... (found paul spoke in his circular of a pretend-temple for his invisable-god who has no neat-statue and threatened them with candle-stick-removal!! How you remove a pretend candle-stick from a pretend and invisable temple no-one knows...)

(looks like an early christian retirement area away from the ancient-troubles in Jerusalem) but many of the crosses in Ephesus are pagan symbols of Diana and the lunar cycle, later adopted by the christians as their own. (see the 600-500 bc coins of Efez)

People used to make excuses not to visit the Temple of Diana-Artemis when it was raining or damp and blamed the roads as the Temple was built in a marsh which floods into a pool of Diana.
The pool is there to wash the pilgrims.
so that ancient bunking-off excuse doesnt wash or hold water (groan).
And i suppose if it was not the rain and the roads then it was the heat!

There is a good reason the temple of diana was built in a sunken field (such as it is now). This is because the folklore and legend says that one day a wind dropped a statue of Diana from the sky and it landed in the marsh land. This was seen as divine providence by the farmers who build a temple for the goddess; and rebuilt it many times over for her. 

The Romans said the High-God Jupiter had sent her statue to Ephesus, but they would. All the marble seems to have been lifted and used to build the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (former Constantinople) during the christian administration.

More Ephesus (Efez), Turkey photos including the whore-house

I am going to link the Ephesus photos with the term Efez (its unlatinized name).

Top left picture (can click for larger verion after) is harbor street, leading to the grand theatre, also used as a mini-arena during the Roman occupation (as Saint Paul discovered). The couple in the picture are trying to make there escape from the heat of Ephesus to no avail as they will find the harbor sea has slilted up and turned into a marsh stretching 3 miles (thats more in km) to the modern coast! Thats what i call silting. The ancient Ephesons (or Ephesians) used to dredge up the silt and use it as fertilizer on the farms. Unfortunatly the Goddess Diana in her dubious-wisdom had over blessed Ephesus with too-much fertile-silt causing the retreat of the agean-sea. So long Posiden-Neptune god of the sea ; but alas! he took the commerce with him.

Turning Right-way, will lead to the Library of Celsus and common Bizzar-Agora-market place.
Bottom left Picture. Not as big as the one in Pergammon. Still the 3rd largest in the Roman Epmpire though. The invading barberain goths used it as a bonfire in 262 ce as they considered civilization to be detrimental to people. Very considerate of them.

From The Celsus Library the marble road is called Curates Street and goes eastwards~ leading to the Brothel ie whore-house, more turkish bath-houses, the public wc toilet potty - with undergound water flow, and past the Emperor-Hadrian Temple towards the State-Bizzar, town-hall and odeon theatre in the posh district.

The whore-house is rather on the large size but Ephesus was a big city (2nd largest in the Roman Empire!) and was identified by an inscription and the finding of an interactive terraphim statue of some god with a giant erect phallus (which means penis). These were used by-and-with the women of the brothel and even had a quasi-religious symbolism. There is an engraved female foot-print pointing to the brothel which was the ancient sign for the direction of the whore-house.

Other than the wonder of the world the temple of diana, there were also the temples of the anatolian goddess Cybel-Sibel the oracle with her eunoch priests near the Temple of Diana, Isis (or Isis-Hathor) in the state Bizzar, Temple of Seraphis near the Celsus Library, and serveral nymph-fountians (also used for immoral purposes) a bit like 'dogging car-parks'

Very hot in summer, very cold in winter (gets more extreme inland) and the ancient covered promanade has long-since collapsed (which lined the streets and edges of the bizzar to provide shade and coolness for the citizens - the centre of the main streets were reserved for chariots and wagons.