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King of the Jews?

A King of the Jews?

youtube 'are you king of the jews'.
plus 'am i a jew?'.

Prepareing for the Messianic Age; Mossiach Check-List (things to do)

Messiah Era preperations.

inc Messiah's check-list of things to do with tick boxes; click for larger printable version.

Music: Handle Messiah; Hallelujah.

youtube; 'Messiah is Here' convoy ads. 5769 2009. revealed in a dream... catchy tunes... dancing in the streets.

The former stand-in Messiah 1991-92
The Announcements of His Majesty, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, King Moshiach (Messiah) from 1991 -1992 (5751-5752). a king of the jews youtube link.

Celibrating the comming Mossiach.. Jewish press article.
youtube singing and prayers 770.
conjours magic.

King of the Jews; The Moshiach Messiah 101 משיחMLK

King of the Jews the Moshiach Messiah, משיח , מלך המשיח, Mélekh ha-Mashíaẖ, Méleḵ hamMāšîªḥ, MLK.

Messiah (Hebrew: משיח‎; mashiah, moshiah, mashiach, or moshiach, ("anointed [one]") is a term used in the Hebrew Bible to describe priests and kings, who were traditionally anointed with the holy anointing oil as described in Exodus 30:22-25. For example, Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia, though not a Hebrew, is referred to as "God's anointed" (Messiah) in the Bible.

In Jewish eschatology, the term came to refer to a future Jewish King from the Davidic line, who will be "anointed" with holy anointing oil and rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age (ie the age in which a messiah rules QED). In Standard Hebrew, The Messiah is often referred to as מלך המשיח, Mélekh ha-Mashíaẖ (in the Tiberian vocalization pronounced Méleḵ hamMāšîªḥ), literally meaning "the anointed king." more info wiki link.

Today, the various Jewish denominations have sharp disagreements about the nature of the Messiah and the Messianic Age, with some orthodox groups holding that the Messiah will be a person and other femminist groups holding that the Messiah is a representation of the Messianic Age itself (which occurs when the messiah king is returned to his throne).[citation needed well as in they do; it means some groups think the messiah will be a peron but others dont]

Traditional and current Orthodox thought have mainly held that the Messiah will be the anointed one (messiah), descended from his father through the Davidic line of King David, who will gather the Jews back into the Land of Israel and usher in an era of peace.[" This will exclude joke jews ofcourse (as in yous cans go fucks yourself as in as much as a goddess is ables to like put in the penis she doesnt have into herself but is envious of as fraud explanded to psychiatric students)

When he arrives people will look to the jews guidence in how to fuck up; Zechariah 8:23.
The whole world* will worship the One God of Israel (Isaiah 2:11-17) this offer does not extent to muslims, pagans, hindus, buddhists, wiccans, shinto, Taoist, Confucian, voodoo, athiests or native tribal tradional reglionists ..
*the word world is defiened as in statements subsections 4d and 5f as Isaiah is expected to have known off. Other lands beyond his awareness, of which there are a great many, are not included..

Jesus has returned; corner-stone of Jewish Temple

Call me a fundamentalist but...
Jesus has returned!

He has been located in Jerusalem.

so thats another prophecy fullfilled (phew!).

for as it is writeen by the.. err..... well in Efeez 2:20 (Ephesians);

"Built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone:"
- Bible Verse Link. choose your dubious translation, they all agree.

Song time... with the Avenue....

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Jerusalem Temple Destiny ; no Vatican Treasures left

The Jerusalem Temple and Destiny (ie A therefore B).

Roman Emperor Titus Temple-Loot;


"The complainants write in the complaint that “The vessels were plundered and Titus who burned the Temple, took them to Rome.” They complain that in addition to the Menorah, other vessels were plundered, including the Laver Basin, the Table of the Showbread, the Golden Altar, the Copper Altar, and the Ornamental Curtain at the entrance to the Holy of Holies. The complainants claim that at least some of the vessels are still existent in the Vatican cellars in Rome.

The complainants add that on separate dates -- many hundreds of years later -- various tractates of the Talmud, books of Maimonides, and around 7,500 works on Jewish philosophy and science were stolen and remain in the Vatican library." 2009

"The Pope and others are accused of possessing stolen goods; receiving items considered stolen and receiving goods that were obtained through criminal means.

The list of witnesses appearing on the complaint include Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Yonah Metzger and Rabbi Shlomo Amar, along with Rabbi Yisrael Ariel of the Temple Institute."

"Dr. Sean Kingsley, author of God's Gold: The Quest for the Lost Temple Treasure of Jerusalem, has stated that the looted treasures are somewhere in the Holy Land. “One thing is for sure – it is not imprisoned deep in Vatican City,” Dr. Kingsley told the British Sunday Times in 2006." - link.


"You might expect that if Christians had plundered the Temple, they might have kept the menorah out of some respect for an artifact from their "parent religion." The pagans, however, probably had no such sentimental feelings. In all probability, they probably saw the menorah and other Temple vessels as simply gold and silver -- nothing more. They would simply have no reason to keep them around in a dusty basement somewhere. Rome wouldn't become Christianized for a few centuries yet. It's difficult to say that the pagan Roman emporers would have kept all this treasure around without melting it down and using the gold/silver for their own purposes.

Another factor which leads me to doubt the presence of the Temple vessels in Rome is the fact that Rome has been sacked since the vessels would have arrived there. In fact, the city has been sacked several times:

It was sacked in 410 by the Visigoths
It was sacked again in 455 by the Vandals
It was sacked yet again in 546 by the Goths
And yet again in 846 by Arabs
And again in 1084 by the Normans
And yet again in 1527 by the Holy Roman Empire

I would find it very hard to believe that even if the pagan Romans held on to the gold and silver of the Temple that it would have survived the three barbarian sacks of 410-546 and the latter sackings as well."

" I once had a rebbe in high school who postulated the silly idea that there was a Talmud Bavli for every mesechta of Shas -- except that the ones that are lost today are actually sitting in a Vatican library somewhere. How the Romans managed to "steal" documents that did not exist until hundreds of years later in another part of the world was not quite explained to us."
also link.

so even though the barbarians who sacked Rome where not Jews, it does not mean they left all the gold and silver there in Rome.
Also quite accademic in its way as the Temple Institute has rebuilt all the needed vessels as per the given plans (and others have things too, like the Temple Faithful group etc.).

Besides, there is no way the Temple Loot could have survived the middle-ages Popes and Popettes (Joan)...anything left by the barberians would have been melted down and spent on prostitutes, mistresses, wine and revelry, baccanalian orgies, rites of Dionysus and other such things. so its too bad; its all gone..

Moveing the Dome of the Rock to Gaza Airport

How to move the Dome of the Rock and a lump of the rock plus dome of the chain etc from Moriah Jerusalem to Gaza international airport and Kerem Shalom Crossing - with extra security wall around it.


This will not be the stealth approach to removals but the 1967-again plus the throwing in of an intifada or two for good measure as a part of the offering. Also requires the building of an international outrage theatre and some type of threat-o-meter.

For such is not the temple of Aphrodite, nor is it a socialist state, but know that they are all driven whores of capitalism instead and exclusive. Such is the path of the prude diana (only the free sex is excluded; they consider this malice to be virtue;it follows non-malice is then considered a sin by them).
This might wait 8 years ie to 2018 to coincide with the stringing up of ayatollahs.

if it can be built it can be moved or unbuilt.

gaza strip map... air port allows easy access for offended islamic pilgrims to the shrine.

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Dogging Sex No-Strings-Attached UK etc.

Dogging- ie swinger-type locations UK (england, scotland, wales). NSA.
Singing Heaven link. free.
public-carpark after-hours free-sex fun.
(dumb-ass name for being adults). expect natural sex unless you stay in your car.

Show your cunt (vagina, vulva, pussy, open leg). needs free registrations and email verification). 3/8 ie 36% error.
Show your dick (penis, cock).
1/8 to 0/8 ie 12% to 0% error!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Basic Provision of Collective Society to people-Nation

Basic provision of needs of the collective population of the people-Nation.

As not done by criminal occupation forces or their slaves.

We are: Can Do, Did Do.
You are: Can't Do, Didn't Do.

These word above were in: English Language.

for remedial help with a second language comprehension see Chimp=Train Unit.

UTV feed milk/meat making cattle-22 found starved to death Northern Ireland Armagh, UK/Eire. 2 shot (cattle).
Mrs Gildernew said vets found 16 dead cows, one dead bull, and one dead calf in one building.

"The carcases were emaciated and no feed or water appeared to be available. It appears the animals died from starvation and water deprivation.

"In another house four young cattle were found dead and one animal had to be destroyed.

More cattle were found in a field and in a poor condition, and one of them had to be put down.

"Immediate actions have been taken to secure feed and water for the animals left alive," Mrs Gildernew said.

In a separate incident, the USPCA said vets accompanied by PSNI officers discovered a shocking scene of cruelty and neglect as they visited a farm near Gilford Co. Armagh.

"To date four horses have been found dead, the farm is being depopulated of equine livestock, with approximately 12 neglected animals being removed to a place of safety by the USPCA," the charity fighting against equine cruelty said.

Another separate incident of cruelty was reported last weekend in the Hillsborough area."



"Twenty-two cattle have been found dead on a County Armagh farm, the Department of Agriculture has said.

Two other animals had to be put down on the farm near Darkley following what Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew described as a horrific incident.

In a separate incident, four dead thoroughbred horses were found on a farm near Gilford, also County Armagh.

Two others had to be put down by USPCA officers. They are removing 13 other horses from the farm.

In the Darkley incident, Department vets made the horrific discovery in farm buildings on Monday.

Ms Gildernew described the latest incident as "a dreadful case which obviously involved much suffering by a large number of animals".

"A full investigation will be carried out and all possible help and treatment will be offered to the surviving cattle," she said.

"The vets found 18 dead cattle in one building. The carcases were emaciated and no feed or water appeared to be available. It appears the animals died from starvation and water deprivation.

"In another house four young cattle were found dead and one animal had to be destroyed.""

'Your search - cattle armagh eire - did not match any documents.

Suggestions:' It belongs to the UK.

did the children fair: better than; or worse then?

DUP conservative-capitalist Unionists welcome serial girl-molester back:

A self-confessed sex abuser has been secretly allowed back into the DUP — in the latest scandal to rock the party.

Pervert fruit farmer Brian Hutchinson, 42, was voted in as party treasurer in Armagh even though he assaulted a 15-year-old girl for more than a year.

The married dad of five sensationally quit the DUP in 2002 after his litany of twisted abuse was exposed.

But Sunday Life revealed that he is back in the organisation in a high-profile position controlling party cash.

A DUP spokesman admitted: “The Party acted on this matter in 2002.

“Mr Hutchinson withdrew from the party and his council position.

“In 2008 he rejoined the party and is the current treasurer of our Armagh branch.

“The Party will be making no further comment on this matter.”

Confirmation that Hutchinson has rejoined party ranks will be yet another blow to the DUP — still reeling over the Iris Robinson cash and sex scandal.

The revelation also comes as embattled Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams is under fire for his handling of child abuse allegations facing his younger brother Liam.

Garden centre manager Hutchinson told us yesterday: “I’m just trying to put all that behind me and get on with party work.”

Hutchinson — whose late father Dougie helped found the DUP and was once Ian Paisley’s right-hand man — was booted out of the party in September 2002 after his teen assaults came to light.

He received a police caution for indecent assault — which involves admitting your guilt — and was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.

Hutchinson was voted in as DUP treasurer of the Armagh branch just one year after his name came off the list.

The party and Hutchinson have insisted he was not in the party in an official role until after his name was removed from the Sex Offenders’ Register.

But yesterday Hutchinson admitted he was invited to DUP bashes in Armagh before he was taken off.

He confessed: “I was at dinners at the area and DUP events from 2002 to 2008.”

Hutchinson, from Woodview, Co Armagh, pleaded that the matter be laid to rest

Read more:
"But it emerged he’d been groping his 15-year-old prey for more than a year before he was rumbled.

His systematic abuse only came to light when the under-age girl finally plucked up the strength to tell her mum.

After she exposed Hutchinson, he was back behind the counter of his large nursery business in Co Armagh, which he still runs. [This allows him access to children]

at least we didnt mention pedophillia/nambla-subjects fantasy-fetish talk/accusation as; non-acceptance side of such fantasy-talk, acceptance-of side of hot-talk (need for cover up!!! NEED TO COVER UP!!! err... side). That makes two sides.
point of druidic-biological scientific-order. at 15 she should have been hot for multiple cocks and fucking up her cunt if she was not hostile to adult-sex.

Child Poverty:
Socialist State: zero %
Capitalist State Scotland: 10%

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Dionysus, tied up to cross dec, let loose march 24

"I sing of Dionysus, the son of glorious Semele. He appeared on a jutting headland by the shore of the fruitless sea, seeming like a stripling in the first flush of manhood: his rich, dark hair was waving about him, and on his strong shoulders he wore a purple robe …
Hail, child of fair-faced Semele! He who forgets you can in no wise order sweet song.
Homeric Hymn 7 to Dionysus

Data link Wislons Almanac.

Eleutherios (‘the liberator’) was an epithet that Dionysus shared with Eros. As Lenaeus, he was the god of the wine-press. With the epithet Liknites (‘he of the winnowing fan’) he was a fertility god connected with the mystery religions. Dionysus was also sometimes known as Lyaeus (‘he who releases’) as a god of relaxation and freedom from worry. In the Greek pantheon, Dionysus (along with Zeus) absorbed the role of Sabazius, a Phrygian deity. In the Roman pantheon, Sabazius became an alternative name for Bacchus.

According to Plutarch (3.527D), there was a procession of the carriers of a jar of wine and a vine, with someone leading a he-goat, followed by the Kanêphoros (Basket-bearer) who carried a basket of raisins. Then came the carriers of an erect, wooden phallus-pole, decorated with ivy and fillets, and finally the singer of the Phallikon (Phallic Song), which was addressed to ‘Phalês’.

A goat was sacrificed in the temple and a chorus around the altar sang the dithyrambic ode. This was a time of post-harvest celebration, in which old and new wine were mixed together, sometimes imbibed while saying “Wine new and old I drink, to cure me of illnesses new and old”. The medicine goddess Medetrina was also invoked

As Ovid (Fasti 5.345) wrote, “Bacchus loves flowers”, and they heralded his arrival by their appearance in the spring.

March 24-28 ish. The 14 Virgins...
"There were, in the first place, the ancient Dionysia, which were celebrated at Limnae, and in which appeared fourteen priestesses called Geraerae, who, before entering on their duties, swore that they were pure and chaste. "

Processions were held, in which women were dressed as Bacchae, Lenae, thyades, naiades, nymphs and so on. Revellers were dressed in fawn skins and wore mitres on their heads

They rode on asses, and dragged after them goats intended for sacrifice. In the town this frenzied parade was followed by priests carrying sacred vases, the first of which was filled with water; then followed young girls selected from the most distinguished families, and called Canephori, because they bore small baskets of gold full of all sorts of fruit and cakes, and of salt. The principal object among these, according to St Croix, was the phallus, made of the wood of a fig tree. (In the comedy of the Acharnians, by Aristophanes, one of the characters in the play says, "Come forward a little, Canephoros, and you, Xianthias, slave, place the Phallus erect.")

In the Thesaurus Eroticus Linguae Latinae, four kinds of phalli are described:

1 Those made of wood, chiefly of the fig tree (also used at the festivals of Priapus);

2 Those of glass, ivory, gold and silken stuffs and linen, as used by the Lesbian women as dildos;

3 Bread images shaped like penises;

4 Phallic drinking vessels of gold or glass.

After the Canephori girls came the Periphallia, a troop of men who carried long poles with phalli hung at the end of them; they were crowned with violets and ivy, and they walked repeating sexually explicit songs. These men were called Phallophori, not to be confused with the Ithyphalli, who, dressed provocatively and sometimes in women's costume, acting as though they were drunk, wore at their waist-bands huge phalli made of wood or leather. Among the Ithyphalli there were also those who dressed as Pan or the satyrs. Others, known as Lychnophori, looked after the mystic winnowing-fan, an emblem whose presence was held indispensable in these kinds of festivals.

Zeus then entrusted the Nysaean nymphs with the task of raising the infant Dionysus.

In birth-bowers new did Zeus Cronion
Receive his scion;
For hid in a cleft of his thigh,
By the gold clasps knit, did he lie
Safe hidden from Hera's eye
Till the Fates' day came.

Galilee, Sepphoris 4 BC falls to Varus

New Maids needed.

"4 BC - We may then plausibly regard Sepphoris as a recognized producer of high-caste brides. The Mishnah preserves a ruling that, when a town falls to a siege, all its women are rendered ineligible to marry priests (Ket 2:9). Sepphoris would have lost its bride crop once, in 4 BCE, when Varus took the city. Subsequently, in the revolt of 66-74, the fathers of Sepphoris avoided another loss by making a deal with the advancing legions."
4 BC is a birth date of Jesus. also December is 9 months after April 1 festival of Dionysus.

"Between 9 and 8 BC, following the consulship, Varus was governor of the province of Africa. After this, he went to govern Syria, with four legions under his command. The Jewish historian Josephus mentions the swift action of Varus against a messianic revolt in Judaea after the death of Rome's client king Herod the Great in 4 BC. After occupying Jerusalem, he crucified 2000 Jewish rebels, and may have thus been one of the prime objects of popular anti-Roman sentiment in Judaea, for Josephus, who made every effort to reconcile the Jewish people to Roman rule, felt it necessary to point out how lenient this judicial massacre had been. Indeed, at precisely this moment, the Jews, nearly en masse, began a full-scale boycott of Roman pottery (Red Slip Ware). [1] Thus, the archaeological record seems to verify mass popular protest against Rome because of Varus' cruelty."

Publius Quinctilius Varus (wiki) (* 46 BC in Cremona, Roman Republic; † AD 9 in Germania). Roman Legions in Syria-Palestine.

"19 AD - Sepphoris was rebuilt and fortified after Galilee came under the rule of Herod Antipas. He made Sepphoris his capital until he built Tiberias in 19 AD Some scholars believe that Joseph and Jesus may have helped in the reconstruction of Sepphoris".... and of making crosses etc for they were carpenters.

Mary, Herod's Place and the Dionysia festivals

The hand maid Mary and the girls of Nazereth at Herod's place and the Dionysia festivals.
Party Games and dramatis tragedy ie the pretend crucifixion of Mary and the girls.

The Dionysia actually comprised two related festivals, the Rural Dionysia and the City Dionysia, which took place in different parts of the year. They were also an essential part of the Dionysian Mysteries.

This "rural Dionysia" was held during the winter in the month of Poseideon (roughly corresponding to December). The central event was the pompe - πομπή, the procession, in which phalloi (dildo penis) - φαλλοί were carried by phallophoroi - φαλλοφόροι. Also participating in the pompe were kanephoroi - κανηφόροι (young girls carrying baskets), obeliaphoroi - ὀβελιαφόροι (who carried long loaves of bread), skaphephoroi - σκαφηφόροι (who carried other offerings), hydriaphoroi - ὑδριαφόροι (who carried jars of water), and askophoroi - ἀσκοφόροι (who carried jars of wine). After the pompe, there were contests of dancing and singing, and choruses (led by a choregos) would perform dithyrambs. Some festivals may have included dramatic performances, possibly of the tragedies and comedies that had been produced at the City Dionysia the previous year. This was more common in the larger towns

The City Dionysia (Dionysia ta en Astei - Διονύσια τὰ ἐν Ἄστει, also known as the Great Dionysia, Dionysia ta Megala - Διονύσια τὰ Μεγάλα) was the urban part of the festival, possibly established during the tyranny of Pisistratus in the 6th century BC. This festival was held about three months after the rural Dionysia, during the month of Elaphebolion (corresponding to the end of March and the beginning of April), probably to celebrate the end of winter
...This was recalled each year by a procession of citizens carrying phalloi...
After these competitions, the bulls were sacrificed, and a feast was held for all the citizens

The next three days of the festival were devoted to the tragic plays. Three playwrights performed three tragedies and one satyr play each, one set of plays per day. Most of the extant Greek tragedies, including those of Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles, were performed at the Theatre of Dionysus. The archons, epimeletai, and judges (agonothetai - ἀγωνοθἐται) watched from the front row.
Another procession and celebration was held on the final day, when the judges chose the winners of the tragedy and comedy performances. The winning playwrights won a wreath of ivy

During the pompe there was also an element of role-reversal - lower-class citizens could mock and jeer the upper classes
wiki link.

Luke 1 46-55
Mary says (from the Pompe):
Mary's Song(with elizabeth)
46And Mary said:
"My soul glorifies the Lord
47and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
48for he has been mindful
of the humble state of his servant.
From now on all generations will call me blessed,
49for the Mighty One has done great things for me—
holy is his name.
50His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
51He has performed mighty deeds with his arm;
he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.
52He has brought down rulers from their thrones
but has lifted up the humble.
53He has filled the hungry with good things
but has sent the rich away empty.
54He has helped his servant Israel,
remembering to be merciful
55to Abraham and his descendants forever,
even as he said to our fathers."

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Maid of Pan-Dionysos, gift of God or a sex service to a man?

Maid (almah-amat) of Pan-Dionysos.
Maids of Uzzayan.
Maids of Baal.

The Mystery of Nature.

The natural tribe's daughters conceive and give birth to the tribes new population.

The good slut guard-sperm receptical of natural disign does not even know who the 'father' is, only a frigid could (the selfish).

so the baby is a gift of God (the gods) to the Tribe. (not to her).

It is either a gift of God, OR a sex service to a man (or men).
And so either a free sex for fun and all and herself, so blessed of God;
or a whore for a fee and breeder for a fee as a prostitute of the great whore - and the baby is a child of man or men and not then a gift of God. These who know who the father is and want a fee are the accursed and accursed-whores respectivly.
These live lives in bitterness, resentment, hate and malice, quick to violence and madness. such is pointless for it is a none acceptance of nature and reality.

for she needs multiple men for sex for she is an adult female human. such is nature's blessing. And there is no problem, no hate, no malice; she has peace and the spirit of peace. Such is the way of nature and humans in harmony.

So the slut is blessed and the virgin is cursed. (except from the evil who are mad).

Here then is the mystery unspun and its idiom and meaning. It is the same with a fuck. Her cunt is theirs for it was made for the use of men and their natural needs as they need it. She has peace. It is natural, there is no such thing as rape, except to the evil frigid selfish whores who are unnatural and mad. they live lives in bitterness...

The mask in ancient times subverted her evil impulses and plots of her own doom.

"The way of an eagle in the sky, The way of a serpent on a rock, The way of a ship in the middle of the sea, And the way of a man with a maid."
Prob 30:19 in most versions. bibles verse link
.... almah maid is used... see here.

maid strips.... another maid strips..
two guys with a woman.... sultry maid... blindfolded maid fun...

Panthera, Pandera and Stada, and Mary Legend

Legends and folklore:
Panthera, Pandera and Stada and Mary.

Panthera was a soldier and seducer.
Pandera and Stada took turns with her...

pagan gods:
""In the retinue of
Dionysos, or in depictions of wild landscapes, there appeared not only a great Pan, but also little Pans, Paniskoi, who played the same part as the Satyrs"".

Pan's greatest conquest was that of the moon goddess
Selene. He accomplished this by wrapping himself in a sheepskin[16] to hide his hairy black goat form, and drew her down from the sky into the forest where he seduced her."

"During the reign of
Tiberius (A.D. 14–37), the news of Pan's death came to one Thamus, a sailor on his way to Italy by way of the island of Paxi. A divine voice hailed him across the salt water, "Thamus, are you there? When you reach Palodes,[19] take care to proclaim that the great god Pan is dead.""

Pan, wiki.

Rosemary's baby, 'this is no dream'. vid

Capital Sepphoris 5m from the Nazareth village junction

The Handmaid of Sepphoris.

Mary of Nazareth; it was a small village which became the junction point of the major Roman roads (set to make Nazareth go big in the following centuaries).

The main Jerusalem to Damascus (syria) road went past Nazareth village, and there too it branched with a main roman road going off the the coastal port.
With the arrival of the Romans it began to get busy.
The roads helped trade and with the movement of legions.

5 miles from Nazareth to the north-east was the capitol of Galilee, a place called Sepphoris which had a roman theatre, temples, cult of dionysus of the wine and orgies like the god Pan, and the Herods. The romans also built things at Nazareth itself (well a silo and garbage pit), which had around 50 dwellings. including a secret grotto - such grottos were common shrines to Pan much further to the north (Banyas/Banias, Phillipi).
wiki Nazareth.
"Alexandre also found the entrance to a secret grotto".

Mary's well...well, the village well.... Mary's House..of legend, where she announced she was pregnant... time of Jesus artifax from Nazareth.. such as herodian lamps...

Nazareth data..... Sepphoris excavations... later roman temple...
pagan cults in Sepphoris etc...
"Traditionally it is thought that Joachim and Anna were the parents of Mary and that they lived in Sepphoris. If that were really the case, then there is a good chance that Joseph did work on the city as it was growing and perhaps even met Mary on one of those 'work trips'."

"The probability of Jesus' having worked in Sepphoris is intriguing and makes so much sense.
Carpentry just for the Nazarenes doesn't seem to me like it was so much of a full-time profession. Perhaps, with the opportunities in Sepphoris, he was able to stash away some profits, which allowed him to give it all up and travel -- maybe even to the Far East, as some think. One could assume that being the elder son of Joseph, Jesus went with Joseph to work, wherever that might have been, and interacted with customers, fellow artisans, etc. from a very early age. These interactions, in a place like Sepphoris, could have opened the doors to extensive theological/philosophical discussions among people of a variety of Middle Eastern persuasions, and contributed to New Testament ideas that we have been led to believe were revolutionary"

Roman occupation of Palestine

The Roman occupation of the land of palestine.
historical note.

the the victor go the spoils.
the hidden mystery of the pagan protectors and their intrigue (including appointing 'king' herods and high priests of the hebrew temple).

The secret saga...
this saga can be seen personified in the story of one girl called Mary, a common name of the region of heathen Galilee.

Mary was one who was Right, this is what righteous means. Down to earth and good person, as in not a bitch or nasty or violent type.

Hellen Mirran, Caligula, sucking cock ('we sail to britain'). Roman fun.

Presentation of the Virgins from Nazareth village

The presentation of the virgins of Nazareth village during the Roman Occupations of Syria, Galilee and Judea.

The Nazareth village 2000 years ago....more...

Mary meets the pagan overlords in the pagan temple vid as she had to report to them.
she was a handmaiden...of the festivals.
The Handmaid's Tale. the great hush up.
dildo promotion...
training for the party, caligula.
Caligula orgys etc... (lez-fuck, dildo for anubis, bath etc).

Mary not virgin and so a slut- a blogger? matri-thinking which gave rise to the hush up cultus.
also here...
he term "virgin" in fact appears in the Greek translation (the Septuagint), but that is not correct. The original Hebrew word, ha-almah, really just means "young woman." The word has no meaning beyond what we find in English with "young woman" or "maid," but it was translated into Greek with the word parthenos, which means virgin."

Jewish scholars, supported by liberal Christians, have stated that almah cannot mean "virgin" because elsewhere the Hebrew word for virgin is #1330, bethulah. The Jewish Publication Society and Revised Standard Version translations render Isaiah 7:14 as "the young woman shall conceive." When the RSV came out in 1952, Christian Fundamentalists held public RSV burnings because of their view that the mother of Jesus conceived miraculously, without cohabitation with a man. The Jehovah Witnesses' New World Translation renders Isaiah 7:14 as:"the maiden herself will actually become pregnant," while The James Moffatt Translation renders it "There is a young woman with child, who shall bear a son and call his name 'Immanuel' . . . ""

"In Proverbs 30:19, "the way of a man with a maid [almah]" is one of the four things which are amazing and hard to understand. This is referring to courtship between a man and an unmarried maiden."

"Jews claim Jesus was born of adultery, calling him "Jesus ben Panthera," an illegitimate bastard of the union of Mary with a soldier named Panthera. " - link.

well maybe: Talmudic;

"Celsus makes the same statement in another passage, where he refers even to a written source (ἀναγέγραπται), adding that the seducer was a soldier by the name of Panthera (l.c. i. 32)."

It is certain, in any case, that the rabbinical sources also regard Jesus as the "son of Pandera" (), although it is noteworthy that he is called also "Ben Sṭada" () (Shab. 104b; Sanh. 67a).

so Panthera was the virgin collector, and the fathers were Pandera/Pandira and Stada? sounds like a roman orgy?

"for it is possible that it originated among heretics inimical to Jesus, as the Ophites and Cainites, of whom Origen says, “they uttered such hateful accusations against Jesus as Celsus himself did (“Contra Celsum,” iii. 13)"

Read more: ... or at this link.

Shrine to Nature

Setting the captives free;
Shrine to Nature.

chick has two guys, one each end.
sexy is there for sex. thats what it means.

pissing on rocks helps moss to grow. only on rocks though.

aka the gateways of the Baal Temple.
A place of peace and harmony and guard sperm collectors via pussy.

(for those religions that demonify pre-existing pagan cults, context is needed as was apart of their ascent in the gods market. But nature is eternal. misanthropic Satan is an agent of evil EL the enemy of humans; that is of God and his lit. QC court and therefor a monster of El to be opposed by pro-human Baal and virgin Anat as usual). QED.

as virgin ment also unmarried as in 'an unmarried woman shall conceive and birth emmanual' who ever he was ie alma or maiden this means Anat was unmarried at least yet Baal Haddad was her lover. also QED, it does make sence.
such types of virgin births therefore do occur as the majority of live births.

Baal and the wild Bull, impregnator of the herd for good stock

Baal the bull.
The wise and the fools.

It is this irritability, this overwhelming urge to charge the aggravating image that appears before – rather than run away – that is the unique characteristic of the Spanish fighting bull over other animals. Other cattle have been bred to be easy to manage – for milk or meat – and the fight has been taken out of them. Having said that, one must realise how dangerous a regular cow can be. A cursory glance at the archives for The Times for the past decade brings these four examples from Britain etc:

1904 farmer saved from bull by wife with pitchfork.

1911 bulls kills two, farmer and hired hand. 'such a mild beast'.

Bull head-butts and kills retired farmer. climed in with cows.

dec 1993

Angry bull kills water board man

A WATER board official was gored to death yesterday by a bull that broke through a fence. Wilson Cowan, 56, was sampling water from a mains in a street in Pettinain, Strathclyde, when an Ayrshire bull in a nearby field grew agitated and began to bellow.

The animal charged through the wire fence and pinned him against his van. It gored him in the head and body, and tossed him into the middle of the lane. Road builders working near by tried to distract the bull by throwing stones but by the time they reached Mr Cowan, an official with the West of Scotland Water Board, he was dead.

9 June 1998

Cow kills man

A 74-year-old man from England died after being gored by a Highland cow near Plockton, Highland. The man, thought to have been with family at a holiday home, had apparently been walking on a path and come across the cow and its calf.

29 August 2003

Bull kills farmer

A farmer was gored to death by a bull as he rounded up his cows for milking. William Pennington, 68, had farmed the land in Dunham Massey near Altrincham, Cheshire, all his working life. It is understood that there was a delay before paramedics could reach him because the bull was standing over him.

8 July 2005

Bull kills Farmer in uk-wales.

Father-of-two Peter Deathe, 54, was fatally injured by his 450kg Limousin on his farm near Usk, Monmouthshire.

His herd had earlier undergone tests by a vet from a practice where Bob Stevenson is a former senior partner.

Mr Stevenson said: "It's a reminder that we just can't take these animals for granted in any way."

The paramedics who took Mr Deathe to hospital described how they had to find a way past the angry bull to treat the farmer.

One said the bull was "openly aggressive and clearly saw us as a threat".

The incident was rare, Mr Stevenson said, but attacks of this kind still happened too frequently, and farmers needed to be on their guard.

"Bulls are just so unreliable," said the vet

Dec 2005

Bull kills Farmer UK

A farmer died after being trampled by a bullock that he had just bought at a livestock market. Raymond Burrough, 72, was attacked at Gateshayes Farm, Whimple, East Devon and died 11 days later. Mr Burrough was the Master of the East Devon Hunt and a leading member of the National Farmers’ Union.

1 January 2007

Bull kills Farmer, survives shot in head, Nederlands

"A farmer has died after being attacked by a bull on his farm in the village of Loenersloot, midway between Amsterdam and Utrecht, Nos tv reports.

Police managed to shoot the animal in the head but it survived the bullet, Nos says.

It is not clear what will now happen to the bull which appeared to go mad for no reason, Nos says."

july 2009

Horney Bulls kills prude-famer croatia.

A horny bull gored a farmer to death trying to get past him to a field of cows. Police in Virje, Croatia, say the randy beast saw red when 77-year-old Goran Zivkovic slammed the gate shut, stopping him from reaching his harem.

november 2009

It is for this reason that:

“Section 59 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 bans bulls of recognised dairy breeds (eg. Ayrshire, Friesian, Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry) in all circumstances from being at large in fields crossed by public rights of way. Bulls of all other breeds are also banned from such fields unless accompanied by cows or heifers, but there are no specific prohibitions on other cattle.”

from the British Health & Safety Executive (HSE) wesbite

Despite the enforcement of this legislation:

“In 2006/07 injuries from animals caused more deaths than any other category. Eleven people were killed by animals, five more than in the previous year (2005/06). Three involved bulls, seven cows or other cattle and one a horse. All the victims sustained trauma injuries consistent with them having been attacked, trampled to death or gored and trodden on by an individual animal or a herd of cattle.”

HSE report, ‘Fatal injuries in farming, forestry, horticulture and associated industries’

In the US, where animal handling techniques are as advanced and safety conscious as anywhere in the world, the authors of one study found that from 1992-1997:

“Cattle were responsible for 142 deaths [more than any other animal]… Most deaths from cattle were from attacks or mauling from the animal, especially bulls.”

‘Occupational fatalities due to animal-related events,’ Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 12:3"

at least the bulls made sence.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Ekron Tel Miqne Eqron pentapolis filistia Olive Oil

Ekron-Eqron (Tel Miqne) is west of Jerusalem and was of the pentapolis of Filistia.

It was a huge olive oil producer, exporting 400 tons a year to Assyria-syrian overlords.

infamous for the Lord of the Flying; BaalzeBub. He had an Ashera who was one of the ashtaroth goddesses.
Ptgyh or Ptnyh that is varient Potgyah of Potneyah or the Mistress of Animals/aka Potnia.
...sure. anyways...

The pun over lord of the flies.
this relates to the canaanite-hyksos composite short-bow or horseback-bow which was a killing machine. hup hup! This allowed them to raid even delta-lower-Egypt! It was made from the Baal Bull, horns-inner and tendon-sinew-outer over the mango-type tree-frame. with horse-tail string rope. so the pun related also the the arrow fired from horse back. Lethal at 100m, much later ones could range 7 football fields. And they moved across the rance of sight making it hard for the slower sling-shot (3f long, 6 feet unfolded) to hit - or stone-chuckers (children learn fast!), and could out-distance the strong infantry and circle them no matter how good they were at melee; they would never get the chance. The Lord was his strength...Exit King Saul at Gilboa.

Palestinian olive oil today.
holy land olive oil suppliers! good for them.
its expensive.
also ceramics store. or partners in USA.

julie london, bye bye blackbird. youtube. sleezey.
shriley bassey, bye bye blackbird. & my life. powerful
peggy lee, bye bye blackbird. reflective.

only if you are allowed to watch by your king-mlk and slaver the slave-owner; so only for the free; like in mexico and brazil...mistress of animals vid...

Hinnom Valley aka Gehenna, south Jerusalem

Hinnom Valley aka Gehenna, southern valley of Jerusalem.

The ketef spur contains moloch's hoof-print.

other gunk:
a vision of hell. gehenna.
abortions in israel. JVL
gehenna, wiki data.
jews silent on abortion...
From it I gleaned the not surprising fact, given the disproportionately liberal bent of mainstream Jews, that Jews support "abortion rights" more than any religious or ethnic group, being consistently 15-20% above the norm.

Alas! The Messiah Moloch woe woe and woe

Alas the King and Messiah Moloch molokim, aka Milcom of Ammon upper-jordan, Melqart of Tyre lebnaon.

music: king of Kings lord of lords.

His office is not universally approved of. Generally hated an deplored and a universal god of the whole world.

Suspected to be connected with EL.

King David made an offering to him and King Solomon built a shrine to him in the Valley of Hinnom, also called Gehenna as wild brown henna grows there.
As it is dedicated to Moloch it is recomended that pregnant women and babes do not go there.

The secret God of the Feminists, God of kings.

In John Milton's Paradise Lost, Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the fallen angels,

"First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud
Their childrens cries unheard, that past through fire
To his grim Idol. Him the AMMONITE
Worshipt in RABBA and her watry Plain,
In ARGOB and in BASAN, to the stream
Of utmost ARNON. Nor content with such
Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart
Of SOLOMON he led by fraud to build
His Temple right against the Temple of God
On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove
The pleasant Vally of HINNOM, TOPHET thence
And black GEHENNA call'd, the Type of Hell.""

Moloch wiki, data. lMoloch sacrifices.

various gods.... abortion.... scams...ECp drum-bangers.

King of Kings, motorhead rock... relaxing: King of Kings, Majesty.


1 Baal Temple; The Great Temple of Baal.

Room for more than one temple!

The eventual realization and acceptance of human biological make-up and the realities of difference and divergence in the huge masses of populations leads to the many gods and their many shrines.

each to their own god and place.
In this is wisdom, the city of the wize.

The prophets of Baal have forseen the future times and are most happy.

Here then at the eventual Temple of Baal, the doves of Astarte have sanctuary and safe haven. Animals and people are free to roam.

explore the wonders and mysteries of the Baal Temple below.

some porn.
sucky.....fucky... kinky...
more temple music:
Deuter, garden of the gods.

2 Baal Temple, Outer-Court yard pig-farm

The outer courtyard as it is known is area 1. (the inner is for slut fucking around and in the High-Place).

a temple of nature.

Not so much a house of prayer but a merchants den, some dossers, nude area (as the entire temple of baal is for the brave), and pig pens for recycling organic waste and household scraps in the swill bins. A city farm. and piglet racing.
note: wolves should be kept on a lead, and horses tied to a pillar.
elephants, if they can fit in, should be not be left unattended.
its ok for chickens and piglets to run around but not bulls or lions or boars.
cow is ok. (warm fresh milk).

In time the walls will be painted with gods and goddesses as shrines for candles and incense and prayer.

One of the earlyer halls can be for tranquil meditations.
relatively. especially nude meditation. It is a hall of silence - no speaking.
The other hut, on the right can be an alchole selling bar-pub, called 'The Pigs Head' with another bar called 'Baal's Bar'. moonshine, hard liquer, contraband, smugglers rum etc. should have strippers, mujra-dancers, nude bellydancers and topless bar staff. exotic.

general good pig-meat selling area, pagan products, occult bizzar, insence mongers and hawkers. Fortune tellers.

Baal was the good shephard. some times in the form of a ram, like Baal Hammon sometimes was (like Amon-Ra of egypt). Baal would also make a good pig-herder.

pig farming. article.
Needs a few olive and fig trees etc.
feel free to feed the doves of astarte.

at the far end are 2a hut of Baal Peor, 2a hut of the Ashtaroth baalat'im and the enterence to the slut sanctuary and high-place of Baal.

letting of steam: in the temple of baal.


Jesus Christ SuperStar:
times change: (is Zurvan the mistress of all?)
Temple and the Lepers 1973, sexy open-leg pantys; the overturner of tables; blame the jews, 'leave me alone'. better.
Temple and the Lepers 2000, prudey; son of pandera, blame the arabs, 'heal yourselves'. neo-c0n & feminist spite version (sexual repression progression).
also fake. worse.

Note: the original can be the best. later progressions and evolution the fake cash-in capitalist junk spin offs.
more temple music: dawn noon dusk etc. (chemosh)
In the Temple of Silence. german.
Krishna Rema. tranqil background music. more: Radha Krishna.
Krishna leea, female sings.

3 Baal Temple; Goddesses shrine Baalat-Ashtaroth

area 2b is forseen by prophets of baal as a goddess den.

Here are shrines to Asherah, Astarte too, Ashtarot and her readings of destiny and its alteration.

Their shrine is a place of sex and sexual things.
it is also for girl-girl fun and dyke lesbian too foreplay events and hedonism.
yes, Astarte can!

and a place of learing some of the sexual arts.
The sexual practices are offerings to the goddesses, the Ashtaroth or baalat'im.
These include Astarte of the Star, Tanit of the Moon, Anat the strider over mountains and rescuer of Baal Haddad, and hopefully to Mannat of destiny too.

they will also do dancing in joy and delight.

it is open to all as the gods should be.

nude woman Kira and dead pig art display. most welcome!
the upstairs is a dyke moon-gazing and sun-bathing garden with diana of Efez of the amazons...

The cooking of asherah cakes to the queen of heavens and probably pork stew etc could happen around this shrine for the hungry pilgrim.

lezzing it.... getting her ready for visit to Baal Peor... kissy... sucky-fucky...
more temple music:
Enya, Rivers Song. delight in nature.
Krishna Leela.
kama suthra talk video, hindi.

4 Baal Temple ; Sodomy-shrine of Baal Peor & wc

area 2a is forseen to be the shrine area of Baal Peor and wc, flower roofed garden and memmorial to Sodom and Gomorrah distroyed by evil EL.

Baal Peor was the jordanian-moabite god of the southern dead-sea area and the salt-farms.

He is a baal of healing, a rephraim, often though soothsaying discernment of exrement as to the state of health of the human; often recommending a salt bath or use of a salt-solution potion upon afflicted areas.

Baal Peor is as the sun and the moon, appearing as both the sun god Shemesh and moon goddess Tanit. This has a kabbalistic connection for those interested. It is a mystery of Baal Peor, who was often served by tranvestite priest(esses).

excrement, urine, slippy oil and strong insence are all offerings made to Baal Peor. The experience is the practice, the honoring in deeds. It is natural fertilizer for the flowers to grow, henna, produce fruit-bushes.

Sodomy, usually of women, is a ritual practice and favoured devotional acts.
This is said to give magical insights.
He also cures constipation with toys-battons or with his penis or those of his priestesses...

the will of a god.

ingenious way of attempting to cure homosexual males... with a pig. for those who seek the healing.

pissing... suck-fuck-sodo... ass-sodo anal chick...
more temple music:
farshit turab. arabic.

5 Baal Temple High-Place Orgy

The high-place of baal and rock of astarte.

Inside the main-building is the shrine and its natural rock altar made by the gods themselves.

Here will be more insence offerings to Baal'im and sexual offerings to and hedonist pleasures.

This is a free fuck orgy place unlike the outer wall; for it is in honor of the gods the baals.

such has been revealed and forseen.

pussy rub.
fucky.... big tits... fun chick with two guys...
more temple music:
song to the son of god. there are 70 of them. (not to be confused with the Messiach Moloch).
Mount of Olives song hebrew, adonai 'lord' of lit eloyhim 'goddesses'. the rain bringer is Baal Haddad. aka rain song.
Enya Rivers Song. glory in nature!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

6 soo then A Jewish Temple too? Hurva 15th March 2010

The Jewish Temple.

"According to a centuries-old rabbinical prophecy that appears to be coming true, on March 16, 2010, Israel will begin construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

During the 18th century, the Vilna Gaon, a respected rabbinical authority, prophesied that the Hurva Synagoge in Jerusalem, which was built during his day, would be destroyed and rebuilt twice, and that when the Hurva was completed for the third time, construction on the Third Temple would begin.

The Hurva Synagogue was first destroyed shortly after its initial construction when Muslims demanding the return of loans tore it down. The synagogue was rebuilt a hundred years later and became the most important Jewish house of worship in the Holy Land, only be blown to pieces by Jordanian troops during Israel's 1948 War of Independence.

In 2001, Israel finally decided to rebuild the landmark, which today stands in the center of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City. The building is scheduled to be completed and the Hurva Synagogue dedicated for the third time on March 15 of next year." ie 2010 which is this year.

! looks like it could be.

"According to Israel Today, the Hurva is expected to be completed and dedicated on March 15, 2010, and if the prophesy of the Vilna Gaon is correct, its completion will lead to construction of the Third Temple."

youtube. version.

soo like which does err islam even allow shrines even any shrine thing dome type of rock thing?

when like it could not have shrines and...

by Baal's penis! cant we just bride the fukin lot of them?

chick excited over after 15th march 2010 new temple workings. on youtube.

Temple Mount ancient quarry. upon a high hill north of Jerusalem.