Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alien Social-Club-Embassy Raelean-2035 somewhere

Inside the Raelian 2035~ce Alien Social-Club
really niced place!

(another 2nd version of it is made visitable by earthlings & raelians) and is expected to be bigger than mecca- saudi arabia as a tourist an devotee holiday resort.

soo has a fuck-orgy garden in the middle of the doughnut
(winning universal idea there!)
houses for aliens with steel-ish doors to preserve anon
surrounding facilities and gardens and walls.
and alien craft landing pads... of course¬!

sleep-fuck rooms!
water thing for those sorts of visiters who like water. (squiddos that means you!)
but try getting them removed from the place! they will bring there own fish colonies and crap colonies with them for eat eat. see if they dont.

nosh nosh food-intake room!! (a must ofcourse for living ones)
eating-snouting-trough grunt-room (well it is with some of them)... others are more sophistifated ofcourse until the legion turns up and put there snouts in the food....not soo sophizticated types. when they climb on the tables butts in the air shoveling food into their open snouts you know they iz alien-legion going snurk snurk but boy can they put away the callories no other species wanted to eat up!
think vacume cleaner....

most raelings hoping for elohim white-ladies (ha! iannnaz!) and not the chain-link space-nomads (pleaze gods) but Rael iz ok with just anyone turning up frankly... big earthling deal. even gray iz good (anal-bungings aside not-matter)

soo like when Rael the racing driver was alien abducted iz like make peace pro-adult message or iz the anal-probe so Rael goes for the big message; others note! not wrong really... finally an earthing who prefers the give pro-sex message!
knew it would be in time like.... random encounters thing....

other news;
Khazakstan builds an alien resort for ETs and earthlings. smart move there....

ASTANA – Kazakhstan is attempting to be the first nation to publicly welcome extraterrestrial visitors!

According to Express K, a Kazakh newspaper, the Republic of Kazakhstan is preparing to build the world’s first UFO base and alien embassy. It is being reported that the government has allocated a large portion of land near the city of Almaty for the project. The plans include a UFO landing pad, guesthouse and translation service. How the translation program will be created was not made clear.

Ufologists are applauding the government, which openly believes that contact with extraterrestrials is inevitable and is attempting to establish the nation as forward-thinking. Others are criticizing the project as being an obvious tourism ploy.

poll april 2009 largest poll: The base will be built and the aliens will come 44%

Independant Solar-systems? Chain-link/auto-indip aux

would space-nomads even need a planet system after being able to travel such distances of inter-stella travel?

prob answer= no
so why need take over?
answer also = not

free-trade=earthling enslavement. stupid idea at even that level.. (an earthling one). da iz sum ighur uns

giggle giggle:
you know; there are sooo many ways to enslave you .... military-invasion fetish
(big heap bitch-bash major method of comprehended metholody of sub-human didnt-fuck lozer-exiles); trade-suzeranity/politik hijack - if semitic or aryan loser establishment types will go for it/jew-feminist etc... all this misses your genius talents to fuck up and be let loose upon others! (which is a bizzar skill to over-look the appauling possiblities of slave-invader-frigid iannas unless you get tech-aligned and make good. sure sure.) might not last as an appeal as per biological considerations usurping wacko-semitic-fantasy...finally)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Vote Porn! Anna Arrowsmith Kent.

Vote Porno-director chick in gravesham kent uk, or be considered a prude.

Proud of Porn Lib-demo MP-candidate in Kent. Ann Span/Arrowsmith takes time-off from filming-fucking to risk the sordid houses of uk Parlimanet...
"she insisted yesterday she is not ashamed of her career as director of 250 porn films as well as being managing director of Easy on the Eye Productions."

...but is she psychologically-prepared for the house of commons depravity?
Frying-pan into the fire:
more including video blog.
Gravesham Kent MP area. wiki politik overviewing.
anna pornsite. has auto play porno! her flogging girly porno site.

ET Social Club (Raelean) circa 2035 (year 35?)

Look dumbass;
we all know its ok for men to go topless (good thing too)
soo... why not women too?
(good thing too!!)

Pedo matriarchy.
Do not accept the no no!
The paper-law establishment pretends women have equal rights (and pretends men have too! with women)....

soo topless for all is legal!!

('technically'....prove it!)

Go Topless site...August 23
pretend topless Raeleans. flicker.
same site, some more.
Aug 23 Go Topless Day, news at gnooze.
little used infidel club. pro-swinging.
There are many scientific studies which prove that “fidelity” does not exist in nature except in a few cases – and it is always genetic – and that men and women are created to have multiple partners during their lives. It’s another way western religion has influenced society to make all people the same when in actuality we are created, genetically, very different.

Ask most sociologists and they well confirm that the concept of “fidelity and family” has failed throughout history and that the “nostalgic family values” are an illusion.

We are all genetically programmed to experience pleasure. You cannot name one thing which you don’t do for pleasure! As long as one is not harming another person, do as you wish. This new website goes hand in hand with all the other “infidel” ideals of the Raelian Philosophy which teach people to be as different from each other as possible, to question authority, always choosing nonviolence. "
Raelean links (some)..[dont give me its space-puck]
Participating cities for Go Topless Day 2009 were : Please see our news section for the success stories if each of these cities, pix and videos

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Cassidy Nicosia was arrested. We send her our full support and will follow her case. Charges Dropped.

Go Topless TERA.

Box 81128 FGPO
Ancaster, Ontario L9G 4X1, Canada

E-mail: topfree @ tera.ca OR topfree @ topfree.ca
tel.: (+1) 905 304 4836.

male-hero says sow the clits of sex pleasue back on after the frigid martriarchs cut them off! clitoaid.

they do hostile and oppose the natural order of yin yang female passive to male assertive.

Thsi help to african muslim-area women is forbidden by raelians in....Swiss canton Valais.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Madani Mosque/Madrassa high-school Leicester East-Midlands uk

Interesting Design.
Madani high-school/madrassa main page....
Highfields, Leicester, uk.
Madiani Mosque-masjid activities....
office refurbishment; McCarthy Group..
landscape architects munro-witten. with traditional islamic rill (bathing pool).

"The project has been awarded the Sustainable Development of the Year at ProCon 2008, the Leicestershire Property and Construction Awards. It has also recently come first in the ‘Community Benefit’ category at the regional finals of the annual Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Awards (RICS), East Midlands 2008."

100 names of Divine/Allah. adorn walls of mosque.
Headscarves/jilbab/hijab uniform. Daily Mail uk.
photo-foto Gallery! impressive...

Loggers not Doggers; Commercial Tree Logging uk

Loggers not Doggers?
a double whammy against nature.

"But police and councillors have said that the cull was also ordered to discourage strangers from meeting for sexual intercourse at the known 'dogging' hotspot.

Jean Rigby, a local councillor, said: "The area will be replanted with native species that, in 20 years, people will see the benefit of.

"I'm more than happy this is being carried out - and it has a double whammy in terms of the sexual behaviour. I've heard anecdotally that since the trees have been cleared, it's quietened down a lot!"

Another councillor, Colin Rigby, said: "It's essential work that United Utilities are carrying out, and cutting the trees back also works as a deterrent to people who go dogging."

Sgt Mark Wilson, of Lancashire Police's Darwen Neighbourhood Policing team, explained: "It's an ongoing problem and very worrying for members of the public.

"It's far too early to tell if cutting the trees back has had any impact on the dogging situation, but we'll be paying regular attention to the area."

To minimise the impact on the local wildlife in Darwen, park rangers carried out the felling outside the bird breeding season with wildlife from the 20-metre deep strip than runs alongside the road, being moved to the wood behind.

United Utilities stressed that those cut down were commercial - and not protected - trees.

But Brian Jackson, of Friends of the Earth, said: "To remove thousands and thousands of mature trees is absurd [6000]. The conifer trees in this area are very valuable in providing windbreaks and attracting rainfall to the area."

Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "It's awful that a public green space, an asset to the local community, has been destroyed mindlessly.

"If the law [?]was enforced properly then there would be no need to chop down these trees. The police and the council should work more closely with local residents to fight crime [?] in order to prevent such a travesty happening again in future."

-Telegraph. Daily Mail. Register. local lancashire telegraph.
Blackburn with Darwin Local-Govt enviromental education.
Doggers (heaps of fotos)....that adults, not dogs....

Friday, 26 March 2010

EuroPol - intelligence serious-organiszed-crime europe

Intelligence counter
serious organized-crime europe.

data wiki.
EuroPol website.
history of europol.
"Europol, the European Police Office, was set up in 1992 to handle Europe-wide criminal intelligence. It is based in The Hague of the Netherlands, and its staff includes representatives of the national law enforcement agencies (police, customs, immigration services, etc.).
  1. drug trafficking
  2. immigration networks

  3. vehicle trafficking

  4. trafficking in human beings including child pornography

  5. forgery of money and other means of payment

  6. trafficking in radioactive and nuclear substances

  7. terrorism

Europa; european police office europol.

Street address:
Raamweg 47
The Hague
The Netherlands

Postal address:
PO Box 90850
NL-2509 LW The Hague

tel + 31 70 302 5000
fax + 31 70 345 5896

Links to national police.!

uk express newspaper in a flap...expect them around 2am

2008 europol management board meeting.

eu vote watch. indip.

youtube: organized crime Carbon-Credit scam.

The War Machine! Afghanistan isaf-nato-usa base

AOL news Afghanistan, redeployment!...reduction?.
Fast food & cars cut backs...

"Many of you have heard that there are plans to shut down some of the “amenities” throughout Afghanistan. This is not rumor. It is fact. This is a warzone – not an amusement park [?]. From the moment GEN McChrystal and I arrived in Afghanistan last summer, we began looking for ways to do things more efficiently across the battlefield – the optimization of ISAF. This effort includes moving and reallocating resources to better accomplish our mission.

One of the ways we’re going to do that -- in order to accommodate the troop increase and get re-focused on the mission at hand -- is to cut back on some of the nonessentials [?]. That includes some of the morale, welfare and recreation facilities throughout Afghanistan. In the coming weeks and months, concessions [?] such as Orange Julius, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Military Car Sales will close their doors.

Other changes will not be so obvious. We will also reduce the amount of canned and bottled goods coming into country, as well as first-run movie showings and non-USO entertainment shows.

What it comes down to is focus, and to using the resources we have in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Supplying nonessential luxuries to big bases like Bagram and Kandahar makes it harder to get essential items to combat outposts and forward operating bases, where troops who are in the fight each day need resupplied with ammunition, food and water.

Some concessionaire contracts will remain although there are many that may not be renewed as the terms of the agreement expire. Commanders across the battlefield are implementing additional cut backs while still providing services within individual nations’ interests and regulations. Green Beans Coffee will remain at bases across Afghanistan. Bazaars and businesses which employee Afghans and feed the local economy will still continue to operate.

What won’t change or be diminished are the facilities that cater to service members’ well being and morale. Physical fitness centers will be equipped with cardio and weight equipment. We are working hard to get more bandwidth in country so we can provide troops throughout Afghanistan with faster, more reliable and more affordable (perhaps even free) Internet services and access to phones to stay connected with loved ones.

Some will say the decision to do away with these amenities is meant only to make things harder for deployed service members, but nothing could be farther from the truth[?]. Closing these facilities will free up much-needed storage facilities at both Bagram and Kandahar, space which is critical as 30,000 additional American and up to 7,000 international troops flow into Afghanistan over the next several months.

As the expansion continues, especially throughout the winter months, having a place to secure equipment will prove vital to outfitting units with basic items and essential equipment. These closures will also lessen the amount of flight and ground convoy traffic across, and in and out of, Afghanistan, reduce both local and military security requirements,[?] free up ramp space on airfields, and drastically reduce the water and electricity needs required to operate these businesses."

cont...link. isaf-nato-usa.

The special-focer's focus upon the war effort and war machine is fundamental to progress and warfare.

But so is deislamification/redefined, aka 'cultural imperialism'; and happy war. (see photo-foto). it is at least important (as far as it went). cultural approaches to warfare do differ ofcourse. vital needs first - yes; reduction - no.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bon Appetit!

Fairmont Chateau Laurier.
Hotel Review.
fairmont meetings.
some fotos.

other news.
afghanistan - no junk food ban for USA troops.

Goddess of Love

Freya (also spelled Freyia, Freyja, or Frea), in Norse mythology, the goddess of love, beauty, youth, and fertility. Her brother was Freyr, also a fertility god, and, like their father, Njord, a god of wealth.
The most beautiful of the Asynjur goddesses, Freya was considered second in rank only to Frigg, Odin's wife, with whom she was sometimes confused. Freya was also the goddess of a form of magic, called seiyr, which she taught to Odin and the other Aesir. Freya also has a warlike side and shares Odhinn's love of battle. She and Odhinn share the slain heroes between them, so that some go to Valhalla and others are chosen by Freya to be entertained at her hall, Sessrumnir.
Like her brother and her father, Freya was one of the agricultural Vanir gods rather than the warrior Aesir gods, but was sent to live among the Aesir in their heavenly realm of Asgard as part of a peace treaty between the two groups.
In Asgard, Freya lived in a beautiful palace called Folkvangar (Field of Folks), which contained a large hall called Sessrumnir (Rich in Feasts). Like the Valkyries, Freya surveyed the battlefields to find the souls of the valiant. She traveled in a chariot driven by two cats. When warriors were slain in battle, she was entitled to half of these souls; the rest belonged to Odin. Freya would be their hostess for banquets in Sessrumnir. Sometimes she also waited on the heroes' souls at Odin's banquet hall Valhalla, along with the Valkyries.
More data find here Nastrond.

Pope defends natural law;

The pope, whose visit is expected in September, made the comments after hearing representations from English and Welsh bishops on their concerns about the place of religion in an increasingly secular society.

They told him sexual orientation legislation that came into effect on 1 January 2009 had forced the closure of half the Roman Catholic adoption agencies because the law making it illegal to discriminate against gay applicants went against their beliefs.

In his letter the pope said: "The effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs. In some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed."

It is also thought the pope was referring to the equality bill, which narrows the special exemption enjoyed by churches allowing them to exclude people whose lifestyles do not fit in with the religious ethos of an organisation when hiring staff. The bishops cited it as another restriction of their freedom of religious belief.


The equal works two ways concept was too high for the secular society to grasp.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

failed states

failed state is a failed state..

1934 ralley, germany.
color 1937.
never again!!!

Cash-bung for Policy-Change! UK representatives/MPs (not offer)

Cash-Bribes for Governement Policy-Shredding.

music as you read;
Tiffy; i think were alone now.

(other than the more-bedding for hampsters lobby - lucky guys!)

Cash for Lobby scam. sky.
nodds as good a wink;

"David Cameron says a Conservative MP linked to a "cash-for-lobby" row will not get a peerage but resists calls to kick him out of the party.

He said he would not withdraw the Tory whip from Sir John - as Labour has done with its MPs drawn into the affair - unless the Parliamentary authorities ruled he had done something wrong.

Gordon Brown has rejected calls to hold an inquiry into the row but Mr Cameron repeated again that a "brief but comprehensive" investigation should be held."

"three ex-Cabinet ministers involved in the "cash-for-lobby" row were suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

Labour's chief whip Nick Brown has promised MPs he would question Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon about their roles in the affair."

"The trio are alleged to have tried to sway policy decisions by lobbying the government in return for cash.

The claims were made in Channel 4's Dispatches programme about a "sting" operation in which a number of MPs were secretly filmed in discussion with an undercover reporter posing as the representative of a fictitious US lobbying firm."

Mr Byers, who described himself as a "cab for hire", requested £5,000 a day and boasted he had previously secured secret deals with ministers over a rail franchise contract and food labelling on behalf of private companies. He later claimed he had "exaggerated" his influence.

Ms Hewitt and Mr Hoon were filmed suggesting they would charge £3,000 a day for their services.

Adding to politicians' woes are claims from the BBC that more than 20 Labour and Tory MPs have breached rules by accepting free overseas trips from foreign governments.

All of the MPs filmed in the cash-for-lobbying scandal, including Labour's Margaret Moran, who has also been suspended, and Tory MP Sir John Butterfill, have denied any wrongdoing and insisted they had breached no rules.

Mr Byers has referred himself to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon for an inquiry into his conduct."

" Tory chairman Eric Pickles said there increasingly appeared to be "a cover-up at the heart of Government"

Suspensions, New York Times.

"Jack Straw, the justice minister, said in a BBC radio interview on Tuesday that many Labour legislators had reacted to the behavior of the three ministers with “incredulity about their stupidity” for being “caught in a sting like this.”"

"Mr. Byers claimed to have exerted influence in the past with Lord Peter Mandelson, the current business secretary. But he later withdrew the allegation and Lord Mandelson denied it. “It is extremely disappointing and it is very sad and rather grubby,” Lord Mandelson said."

Just how grubby is being kept hush.

its like the Tory-90s all over again - independant (ie homeless) (newspaper does still exist, hiding in Daily Mail basment at the moment). its like asking your daughter why she is wearing such a short skirt and she says she is making a cup of tea for the guy in the barn again...

MPs uk elected-representatives taking sunshine holidays payed for by foreign intelligence services...(strange we should meet here isnt it Mr Bond!).

holidays for influenced kept hush.

Times says Election May 6th. (how much did that cost)

other gunk

kate winslet thinks world has seen enough of her ass and boobs... what planet is she from? nope not getting a pussy view with has been. 2009 (can she carry a brief case though?)

Monday, 22 March 2010

حرام‎ Hareem means Forbidden! ) jaque & jilbab france

حرامHaraam means forbidden. )

1. Law A woman who cohabits with a man without being legally married to him.
2. In certain societies, such as imperial China, a woman contracted to a man as a secondary wife, often having few legal rights and low social status.

[from Old French, from Latin concubīna, from concumbere to lie together, from cubare to lay]

easy read; plw حرام‎

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Virgin Mary Paki w/c Diana

proof the virgin Mary aka Maria is a paki.

not thats what alma means.

scribble scribble Venus is Right..
snaggle blast!!!

more mysteries for The Paki worshipers....

until you notice me again;
- Diana

Oil lead petrol-gas lung-cancer; herb money and pavlov!

Pavlov used dogs
The british use children

petrol-gas lead causes cancer.
oil barons have money.
smoke herbs like tobacco and expect to live to 80.

payed-for-government controls education and the media. (govt quangos). So 'You believe what We Say!'
thats smart oil money!!

(this means the oil baron says to the tobacco company; hay i'm being sued over lead cancer... you pay it!
tobacco company; no fuck off retard!
pavlov; pay me a go with the retards!...oil baron
tobacco company; its payed your honor!
oil baron; lets cut the chase next time, virgin.)

Iron-Cast Promise lisburn EU treaty; Pig Iron is brittle

He wants apart of Iran (think of the Carlyle Group pay-in?)
Bush made £270 million for invading Iraq!!

you dont fuck for free or fuck the unemployed and poor do you?

QED and i wasnt on mastermind for that one.

Venus might, i dont think pedophiles would.

Cameron tells voters no vote on lisburn. telegraph-torygraph.
iron is brittle.... Guardian on Cameron manifesto promises....
Steel is stronger which is carbon-iron. Kevlar is plastic and X10 stronger than steel. pig-iron is a bit tory-con promise by comparison....

make your own poster mydavidcameron..... popular folk mobalization and interation in the process!!

EDL anti-islam demo Bolton UK march 2010

on the left 1500 UAF, on the right 2000 EDL

UAF (United (fasci) against Fascism)
EDL (English Defence League inc. israel, america, Oz France)

"But [UK] police said rival protesters from Unite Against Fascism (UAF), who organised a counter-demonstration, were responsible for most of the violence."

Of those arrested, at least 55 were from UAF and nine from the EDL, police said. Officers were attacked trying to keep the two groups apart.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, from Greater Manchester Police, who led the policing operation, said his officers faced 'a lot of hostility' and 'unwarranted attacks', resulting in injuries.

And he reserved his fiercest criticism for the anti-Fascist group, who he said had turned up intent on causing trouble.

'Today in Bolton we have seen groups of people, predominantly associated with the UAF, engaging in violent confrontation,' he said.

'It is clear to me that a large number have attended with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable.

'Turning their anger on to police officers, they acted with, at times, extreme violence and their actions led to injuries to police officers, protesters and members of the public.

'The police are not and should not be the target of such violence and anger, and this protest and the actions of some of the protesters is roundly condemned by GMP and by Bolton Council.'

The two factions were meant to stay within two designated areas in the square, separated by steel barriers.

But a large number of protesters 'intent on causing disorder' broke away from the protest site, police said.

Two members of the public were injured by demonstrators and taken to a nearby shop for treatment, police said."

as ever with these things info at stormfront. usa.
and daily mail uk. ...that is , if you are interested.
vid youtube, criminals arrested.
(they use police types rather than mental-health (designate) & troop-deploy (impact/arrest) with manat-police (arrest/assist/protect)/ droid technotronic brain-wave transmiter-changers/grabbers/bashed-kevlar.

UAF and the Evening Star; Bolton UK counter-edl anti-islaam

counter-EDL's anti-islaam protest in UK Manchester Bolton march 2010 by UAF (supported by lib-lab-cons)

another jewish golem.
(frankenstein's monster).

anti-fascism (anti-state order) was originally created by the USSR 'Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee', controlled by the KGB (HQ KGB-hq Moscow). (stalin era). agents operational in America and UK....

the anti-biological homo-dyke flag (capitalist-liberalism) stands alongside the red flags of jewish Marxism (anti-state/anti-socialist-state), and union flags (fasci) (not union jacks).

the pro-israel multi-race EDL claims to be against militant or extremist islam only and islamic expansion, and jihad and mojihadin...but not against islam.
This is an islamic myth...that they have bought into, or rather, been sold into as slaves; slave dogs of diana.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bush Iraq Carlyle Group-QenetiQ Defense Contractors uk

Hydra-morph. tech gunk.

Carlyle Group global buck spinning/former insiders club.!!

Carlyle Group wiki data.
Carlyle invests primarily in the following industries: aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer and retail, energy and power, health care, real estate, technology and business services, telecommunications and media, and transportation. The Carlyle Group's investments are focused on East Asia, Europe and North America, with most investment money coming from the United States (65%), Europe (25%), Asia (6%), Latin America, and the Middle East. investments represent about 1% of the group's current portfolio;[citation needed] for example, Carlyle owns 33.8% of QinetiQ, the recently privatized British defense contractor.

North America



  • Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice), former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until the board was disbanded in 2004
  • Fidel V. Ramos, former president of the Philippines, Carlyle Asia Advisor Board Member until the board was disbanded in 2004
  • Peter Chung, former associate at Carlyle Group Korea, who resigned in 2001 after 2 weeks on the job after his infamous email scandal
  • Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice), former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until 2001 when he resigned upon being elected Prime Minister. [34]


  • Norman Pearlstine - editor-in-chief of Time magazine from (1995-2005), senior advisor telecommunications and media group 2006-
Carlyle Group portfolio website. A-Z United Defence 1997-2004
QinetiQ wiki data.
website. capabilities. (uk defence contractor) 'kinetic'.
mubadala Devel comp UAE bought 7.5% Carlyle 2007. wiki.
"Tony Blair has earned “hundreds of thousands of pounds” from a lucrative contract with oil company UI Energy, one of the biggest investors in post-war Iraq’s oilfields."

Friday, 19 March 2010

smoking chicks taking it easy

like it says.

Prohibition & Smoke Easies

Global Prohibition states, wiki,
(exceptions include most of afrika, Saudi Arabya, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea).
Smoke-easy, wiki data.

Nobody looks like the type who'd rat the bartender out to the health department.

So she pulls out a stack of black plastic ashtrays -- the kind that used to be so prevalent in bars across Washington -- and casually places them in front of her customers, who immediately begin digging out packs of cigarettes.

The bartender tells them, "You shouldn't smoke" and "Don't do it," partly because she just graduated from nursing school and really thinks people shouldn't smoke, and partly because the bar doesn't "officially" endorse smoking.

Then she walks from behind the bar over to the front windows and closes the red velvet curtains.

There's no fanfare, no "smoke 'em if you got 'em." Just a silent signal in the night, followed by the sense of being safe from anti-smokers. Soon virtually all the customers who have been yo-yoing all night -- outside to smoke, then back inside to drink -- are smoking inside, feeling a hint of defiance and nostalgia at the same time.

Almost six months after the nation's toughest statewide smoking ban went into effect in Washington, smoke has virtually disappeared from all bars and restaurants in Seattle.

But in places reminiscent of speakeasies from the Prohibition days, smokers are still finding opportunities to take a drag in between sips of their favorite libations.

Smokers say the locations of smoke-easies are spread by word of mouth and usually involve a swearing of secrecy. In most of the five smoke-easies visited in neighborhoods across Seattle for this story, the transformation from otherwise-law-abiding bar to underground nicotine den happens late in the evening. There is no official witching hour, just the sense that for the most part only the regulars are left.

So how can you tell if there's a non-smoker in the house, the tattooed bartender was asked? She said there's no way to be sure, really. But a red flag would be "if there's a table that's been here for a while, and no one has gone out for a smoke."

Like other employees at smoke-easies, she agreed to talk freely about the practice so long as her name and the name of her place of employment weren't revealed.

Overhearing the conversation, a man sitting at the bar said he works as a bartender in Ballard and the smoke-easy transformation works much the same way there, with the exception of the dramatic curtain-closing. The signal comes when he pulls a jar out from behind the bar and makes an announcement:

"State law prohibits smoking in public spaces," he says"

"the Ballard bartender noted that it's too risky to allow smoking in trendy bars like the ones in Belltown. "If you're in the Frontier Room or the Rendezvous," he said, "you can't tell who's going to mind the smoking or not because there's a different crowd there every night."

""This is just the way I relax after working all day," he says. "I can't afford a therapist or a yoga instructor, so I smoke and drink some whiskey.""

Smoking isn't allowed in the bar upstairs, but those in the know walk down the stairs to the basement

"Sometimes the smoke wafts up into the bar upstairs. Someone complains, and they open the windows downstairs. So far nobody's called the health department."

Nine other states -- California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Montana, Rhode Island and Vermont -- also have banned smoking, but none as comprehensively as Washington, where smoking is barred not only in public places but also on the sidewalk within 25 feet of doors and windows if smoke can get inside.

To many bar workers who do not work at smoke-easies, the ban has been a godsend. But with cigarette in hand, this bartender said, "There has to be some personal responsibility. ... If you don't like to be around smoke, don't go to a bar where there's smoke."

"It's sort of like don't ask, don't tell," he said.

Slowly, the law is catching up to the smoke-easies. Thus far, the local health department has only fined two establishments: Brewsky's Bar & Grill in White Center was fined $200 for two separate violations of allowing smoking, and the Rim Rock Steakhouse in Lake City was fined $300 for three violations of allowing smoking. Dozens of other businesses have been issued warnings. - Seattle pi.

M2 NewYork denies being a smoke-easy,
"New York city's M2 Ultralounge, one of the largest, most popular nightclubs in Manhattan, is in danger of being shut down by the city for failing to comply with the city's strict smoking ban and, according to health officials, even promoting lighting up inside the club.

According to a New York Times report, the city went to trial with the posh club last week in a special administrative court used for the purpose of seizing property. If the city succeeds in shutting down M2, then it would be the first time a business has been closed for violating the smoking ban, according to the same report.

The city claims undercover inspectors, dressed in hip garb so as to infiltrate the elite M2 nightclub, spotted repeated instances of indoor smoking in the club, including customers smoking cigarettes on the dance floors. According to the report, one inspector claims a bouncer told her she could smoke near a back entrance of the club, while another said he could buy loose cigarettes in the men's bathroom."

NewStatesman, London smoke easies.

city centre safe, planning your night out.

upskirt club picture-fotos, serval pussy views.

not smoke-easy, housemusic club.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Diana's Guide to Slave-Ties/collars

mark of the enslaved.

a must have... for slaves anyway.

mistress remains hidden still;
but slaves obey.

hajj music again, same nasheed...
gets boreing monotonous yet?

ah is femminine.

Diana's guide to hair length of slaves.

Obedience is submission (islaam)
see free-use photo-fotos.

Hajj nasheed music.
Mistress is still hidden;
slaves and slavers obeyed!

ah is femminine.

Your Guide to Islamic Dress Code

Diana's guide to islamic dress code
(see photo-foto).

abd means slave.

Mistress remains hidden still;
but slaves obey!

hajj music nasheed.

ah is femminine.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

)ianna )ianna Islamic Shriah Domination and your obedience!

rising islamic-dianaic immigration not-liked by all past and future dhimminis...

)iana ;
Islamic Tradition and the Jewess-upper-class-Feminism. jannah
Feminism and the Muslima. islam 101.
islamic feminism wiki data overview.
exploreing islamic feminism... wilson centre.

Great is Diana of Epez ! (why did you not believe this?)
Sikh joins the British National Party - anti-islam
take 2; Mistress still hidden.... youtube satiyr.

hay niger! Niggers and their opposers! Jewish Slavers

Hay Niger!
that means you Nigger!

this is a african word for an afrikan people (lit the Nigers), nations (niger nigeria...have a map?) and language = Niger ; also Niger-Congoize ; with strong niger influence in Amharic (you rastas).
(other than the semitized areas by carthage and islam and Judean moloch-christ depravitys). a word to reclaim... or there is no afrika!

A black people needs no coverings as their skin is the true gods covering from the sun!
one god cannot supply all!
smell the coffee!

and gifted to them is the orc-blessing of heat-resistance and strength of combat and running and blessed of the sun god for the land they are in, instead of the cursed ones!

kill kill eat eat and be-merry, and you have friends over the interwebs!
eat-flesh make-happy feeling yes-yes kill-kill eat-eat happy-happy bad-bad gone gone uck-uck ding-ding shak-shak ork-ork! eat-bad eat-bad good-make good-make!

march 16 riot in Uzalem. no barbicues though, go to sleep.

Pali have fun no-eat dead Uzalem.
kike shit worship frigid-bitch diana at new joke-temple hurva until made fodder.
Obama not like jew expansion into east jew-lands. eat eat cook cook make obama ok.
sem scum upset joke congress who can only whimper and bitch-boy! boo hoo.
kike-jew waco spin.
isreal insult leg-bite biden not punched in face yet. use kevlar dusters obama, big spikes make overstandings ok!
Jews free-fuck aryan-slave women. should fuck-em not slaves though.
Jews brokers slavery, wiki.
more on sem-shem jews slaving, aryan complaints.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rastafari overstanding

Rastafari overstanding;

link and info; house of jah rising sun.
"Haile Selassie IRasta, or the Rastafari movement, is a religion that accepts Haile Selassie I, the former Emperor of Ethiopia, as God incarnate, whom they call Jah.

To follow and worship JAH Rastafari is to find, spread and "trod" the unique path to which each individual Rasta was rightfully born. The movement is difficult to categorize, because Rastafari is not a centralized organization. Individual Rastafari work out their religion for themselves, resulting in a wide variety of doctrines nevertheless also covered under the general umbrella of Rastafari.

Rastas say that Haile Selassie will call the Day of Judgement, when the righteous shall return home to Mount Zion, identified with Africa, to live forever in peace, love, and harmony. In the meantime the Rastas call to be repatriated to Africa. Repatriation, the desire to return to Africa after 400 years of slavery, is central to Rastafari doctrine. The first Rastas, living on a Caribbean island, dreamed of the possibilities of Africa."

This doctrine places negros within their rightful UV-light nature-zones.

"Overstanding" replaces "understanding" to denote an enlightenment which places one in a better position.

"There are two types of Rasta religious ceremonies. A reasoning is a simple event where the Rastas gather; smoke ganja; and discuss ethical, social and religious issues. The person honoured by being allowed to light the herb says a short prayer beforehand, and it is passed in a clockwise fashion except in time of war it is passed counterclockwise. A binghi or grounation is a holy day; the name binghi is derived from Nyabinghi, believed to be an ancient, and now extinct, order of militant blacks in eastern Africa that vowed to end oppression. Binghis are marked by much dancing, singing, feasting and the smoking of ganja, and can last for several days.
Some important dates when grounations may take place are:
January 7 - Orthodox (Ethiopian) Christmas
February 6 - Bob Marley's birthday
April 21 - The anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I's visit to Jamaica. Also known as Grounation Day.
July 23 - The birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I
August 17 - The birthday of Marcus Garvey
November 2 - The coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I"

Bob Marley Africa Unite. youtube music.

Goddess of Jews rebuilds the Hurva; ides of march! Her 3rd Temple Next...

The Goddess of Jews (no less) has seen fit to rebuild the Hurva 1701 synagogue-school in Jeruzalem.
official opening event 15th March 2010 ce; being the ides of march...pregnant with foreboding and omens.

built-in prophecy means its rebuilding sets the way for the rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple to afore-mentioned Goddess of Jews; according to legend and folklore.

Police ready for clashes after Big Tits latest wonder.
"Fatah official urges Palestinians to "converge on Al-Aksa."
Jerusalem’s historic Hurva Synagogue, which was last destroyed by Jordan’s Arab Legion on May 25, 1948, and has been rebuilt after nearly a decade of construction, will be rededicated during a ceremony in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter on Monday evening.

While festivities kicked off on Sunday with the welcoming of a Torah scroll into the renewed house of prayer, Monday evening’s ceremony will be the official reopening of the Hurva, which was first built in 1701 and has been destroyed and rebuilt twice."

Netty not attending Hurva opening after 62 years a ruin.
The prime minister will address crowds at the Hurva ceremony by video instead. The diplomat who spoke to Arutz Sheva would not divulge the exact content of Netanyahu's address, but hinted, "we're not sure that the nationalists are going to like what he intends to say"
more on Hurva..... pravda link.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Citizen You! yes you! Will of the Sun Gods ; the divine plan for humanoids

Citizen you!
do you feel the Sun=God* himself calling you to live in your righful UV-light zone!
Good for You!
(else waa zub uch) (abracadabra z).

*and the design of our great maker Elan; may his memorial be a glorious testimony to his wisdom.


it is neither fair for naturally legal to keep peoples in; sun-burn-status disablility nor; unhealth low-vitamin status! THIS MEANS .... you do not do so!
And as friends! help one another to be not-sun-fryed nor low-vitamin health!
this means live in correct and apointd by the lords of nature and sun-god to be in the rightful and just uv-light habitation zone for the people to find THEIR will and destiny as NOT slaves of OTHERS who are scum.

for the cancer-fighting D3 vitamin dark-ones, citizen good, and anti-sun burn light-ones, waa zub! [abracadabra] the temple of the sun god will guide you to the equator, then other, from it! This is a good service! That they might see, hear, think and do... and feel right! Then their-your gods can protect them-you better!
(help them help you!)

be blessed of your god(s). Surya sun-blessing. [a sun-god] non noblis domina¬

Melanin-production for UV-sunlight geographic-zones

UV-light levels over the earth in march (of the sun-equinox mid-point of the solar-year cycle).

Melanin is a biological skin-pigmentation produced by anthropological-ancestry grouping; which gives sun-protection where needed at the price of decreased vitamin production (including the anti-cancer fighting D3 immune-system).
This means there is a racial harmony with UV-light levels and therefor location being the designated planetary uv zone strip or bands for correct melanin levels.

UV radiation, earth, nasa. 2000-2001. picture-fotos.
Melanin britannica. capitalist limitation of knowledge though fee-price.
Human skin-tone, wiki data (melanin). inc. political mythology.
Melanin light-absorbtion graph.

Dianas ) historical-social error and misalignment. tech gunk.
The same capitalist-imperialist liberal slavers who colonized other uv-band locations for greed (a failed female mentality personified in the conquistadora) are the same capitalist-PC-liberal slavers who are colonizing again though multi-racial multi-cultral immigration (emmigration slaver-imperialism is the same as immigration low-wage slaving - organized by the same unscientific barberian establishment slaver-gangs. ie poor-whites were-are little more than slaves of these PC-liberal feminist Dianas (easy-call; ianna) and did-not own slaves; liberal-aristo capitalist men and women did own slaves.

(There error-mentality and approach forbids any true natural harmony and global united-as-a-chain of many colors, races and uv-zones. they are too preditory-parasitic exploitationist and have not fundamentaly changed there psyhopathic pathology). (ie: favoured-tyrant king of fools)
. aka frigid-slaver mistake of ignoring the biological-make-up of humans and becoming biologically-non-harmonious or anti-human.

science our side! fine with us.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BG2 Baldur's Gate 2 Power-Teams multiplayer Vesta-window fun

Power Teams for BG2
computer gameing baldur's gate 2 types of game, RPG D&D games.

for vesta ; congfigue options graphic/display as play in window.
then after intro can put it back to full screen!
(before final save put back to play in window for next time easy-use)

Power Team 1 (newbies) Survial
1 Tank
Halfling Fighter
Sword & Shield 2, -4 AC missile.
longsword other. tower-shield.
max warrior stats; dex 19, con 18, str 17 (halfling max). good resistences spell/luck/poisen too!

2 Butcher
Half-Orc Fighter
dual weild katanas
3 in dual-weapon
max warrior stats: Str 19, con 19, dex 18
big damage giver.

3 Archer
Elf, longbow
5 longbow, 1 longsword
max str 18, dex 19 (con 17 elf max).
strength for composite longbows. he is a wizard-slayer anyway!

4 Bounty-hunter (for the traps) or rogue/scout/trap-remover.
halfling rogue specialist
shortsword and sling
max dex 19, con 18

5 Sorcerer
max charisma (so swap this chick over before buy from shops to #1) 18
a spell chucker. max wizdom too, int.
sling then staff.
fireball, summon fodder. (wizards-eye scout ; draw fire)

6 first slot, Baal as Cleric
if this one goes down the whole party does so move to place 6 with tank swap.
she can resurect and heal and stone-to-flesh the others.
max wizdom 18, intel, then con, dex.
sword and shield
sling shot and club (or mace, or flail)
healing, stop poison, more healings, raise dead, summon cannon-fodder.

go with lawful-good for the high-reputation and cheap goods.

Power Team #2 Elf-Scythian-Bows
1 same tank (might go her a wizard-slayer fighter for magic-resist)
2 same butcher. (if 1 a wiz-slay then her a kensai for equip distribution high-hit)
3-6 elf archers! same as 3. leathel, baal-child as elf archer at the back no.6 swap.
for traps, send tank then butcher in to trip them, have baal-child special-powers star stop-poisen on them, rest till healed.

Power Team #3 Uruk-Hai!
melee fast fun.
all 6;
half-orc, max warrior stat, barberian butchers as 2.
rest till heal ; options click-anyway (works), avoid mages and rest for their protective-magicks to wear-off then storm them. move fast and fun.
have and keep healing potions in ready-slots. rod of ressurection.
weapons dual weilded?
1 longswords
2 katanas
3 axes
4 clubs (or maces)
5 scimitars (or flails)
6 daggers (if go evil later slayer)

have second weapon slot for a normal not magical version for high-skill hit with over magical protection from magical-weapons. and fall back fire/acid/cold types of weapons too.

some custom portraits (left-click on, right-click save-as/copy; put in paint (paste) and save-as, ie orc1L orc 1S for large and small picture-fotos;soo is same with small easy differenciate)

bg2 weapon-spec right-hand colom by-type. game banshee.

general bg2 item list overview. iron works.
more fun than chicks giving birth!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Birth Orgasms ; slippery when wet ; gravity downwards

useful natural birth, birth orgasms links.

hot and preggy chick.
avoid rush-job stressful medical birth (photos-fotos).
birth in a taxi, police assist.
orgasmic birth article.

Important! Orgasmic Birth site.
has good video to watch online.;

Joyous, sensuous and revolutionary, Orgasmic Birth brings the ultimate challenge to our cultural myths by inviting viewers to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through birth. Witness the passion as birth is revealed as an integral part of woman's sexuality and a neglected human right. With commentary by Christiane Northrup, MD, and midwives Ina May Gaskin, Elizabeth Davis and other experts in the field . . . and stunning moments of women in the ecstatic release of childbirth.

Orgasmic Birth has had an international impact on the film festival circuit and was screened this year at the prestigious Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival; "

..."Five years in the making, Filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro reveals a revolutionary approach to birth that is statistically safer for both mother and child than the birthing and delivery methods that are standard in many parts of the world today. The viewer becomes an intimate part of the birth stories of 11 women during this 85 minute documentary.

reclaiming birth power collectively article.
lotus births; non-severence of the cord.;
"Q: How does Non-severance protect newborn health?

A: It ensures that an average of 100mL of precious red blood cells will transfer gently to the baby at its most
critical time of need, to contribute towards the amazing exponential brain development of the first year, and
not be disposed of or harvested due to adult well-intentioned mistrust of the infant's physiological integrity.
Emotional health of the newborn and family is facilitated by focusing on the phenomenal baby as a whole, with
no attention diverted away through adult traditions of separation. Rather than focus on cutting the cord,
fathers are able to support an uninterrupted, quality bonding with the child who is still transitioning from 9
months of gestation and
gain trust in the organic rhythms of their child. For full nonseverance families, the
early days postpartum are spent simply resting and grounding, as the mother & father and Lotus babe
experience the fullness of relationship, secluded and secure at home, in fact rarely leaving the bedroom.

Cord severance is a primarily a cosmetic surgery to suit adult convenience out of habit and often ignorance,
and is rarely medically necessary"

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fuck Holes!

Chicks having their fuck holes used.

This exotic nymph has never been fucked by two men at the same time before, and her first time is smokin' hot! She gets bent over the couch and fucked up her ass and her pussy at the exact same time in this hardcore DP action!"
link Shayna knight, hot sex. 3 watch online Q-player.