Sunday, 25 July 2010

America to back-down against North Korea July-2010 'Sacred War'

America struts a bit a pretends it would take on Korea 'Sacred War'. hmmm!
Jew (ie usa neo-con) yahoo news, good:. Which link should this link go to? yeah good one.
"North Korea has said it would begin a "sacred war" against the United States and South Korea at "any time necessary" based on its nuclear deterrent, in response to "reckless" military exercises by the allies."
 USA does one with raising the fun flag with north Korea.
"A massive nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier has begun military drills with ally South Korea in a show of force that North Korea has threatened could lead to "sacred war."

Behind the Spin. Korea is protectings itself from southern and USA intimidation with prepared Nuclear Responce any time they need.
Glad you voted establishment?

USA provoked Nuke War?
Probably not as We expect america to back-down and cower like cowards. Dont you too?
Prove me wrong!

North Korea nuke ships could hit:
Washington DC (no loss)
New York and Manhatten (911 = boy scouts outing with nambla) - Federal State Supported!!
Housten Texus (space progam joke) What Space Program Mir?
Tell Aviv (nothing personal)
Jerusalem (jewish area, low yeald nuke)
Soo... forget it cowboys, go home and impress the children and vulnerable, women retards and others you might be capable of doing so against with Your level of prowess. :) ha ha!

Count down:

Thursday, 22 July 2010


More than 3 girls and 3 guys = an orgy (also spelt orgie).
Pictures link.
Auto play vid and more.
usually the easiest way to have an orgy is to go car-park sex aka 'dogging'. outdoors.
Or a fun-fab nude-chicks party playing porn and inviting heaps of guys.... sure winner.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Labour Party UK party of public-sector jew-femminist dykes, gays and Pc lunatics

Labour is a party of the public-sector jewish-femminists, gays, dykes and pc-lunatics who which to tax the working class factory workers beer and cigarettes, punish the denied employment folk, favour in jobs immigrants and increase immigration to rase the price of houseing, lower wages, and reduce jobs for white people in their homelands of europe.

 They never introduced National Socialist Zero-unemployment.
The Liberal party is more left wing! (but still right wing capitalist siders!)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Firestorm Glory Glory!

Lava Lava!
Glory Glory!
our people get food
the children too!
we like to be different!

that great song again. ie firestorm 2007 youtube.

Thalidomide - A Nazi Warning!!! and so ingnored by your educators! is this good? is this bad?

Good and evil, good and bad!
It is simple!
The National Socialists warned you that thalidamide was bad (an anti nerve gas drug tested on hostile prisoners).
Soo... your call capitalist governements... gave you thalidamide anyway....
as a reward for opposing socialism for the people of a nation in their collective best interest... a reward for the fools of the necromancer undead parasites. It is funny, to them, do you see?
The lets pretend otherwise of narnia series....

evil nazis warned of thalidamide and tried to stop jew-capitalist jew-femanist nations using it on unsuspecting grateful-populations!!! 
For Profit!
? you say yes ~? or you say no?

"The German pharmaceutical Grünenthal claimed for years that the ‘damned’ drug was discovered by chance. They meant to formulate antihistamine, but ended up with a tranquilizer. Half a century after the tragedy, a dark possibility begins to take shape. Several documents reveal that the drug was actually discovered earlier by Hitler’s scientists and tested in Nazi concentration camps.

Argentinian researcher Carlos De Nápoli theorizes that thalidomide was originally created as an antidote for nerve gas, and that its creator was one Nazi scientist named Otto Ambrose who worked with Grünenthal after the war. De Napoli has documents proving that the guinea pigs used for the drug experimentation were no less than the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps. All this information is in De Napoli’s book entitled ‘Hitler’s Laboratories.’"

Such is heresy to speak of, a blashpemy against the 'secular not-gods' - that much is right!
Temple of Silence. song youtube.

firestorm 2 area-ignite! youtube, usa.6:20 Lav it! dang that looks hot!
The forsest is burning, song. La ruta. 
firestorm to music. lava special. 3:46 (this one day fire, not night fire)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shariah Vice Squad and Hostility to Adult sex and Hetero Sex explained

People into adult sex and hetero sex explain their shame for being such instead of the present (but transitional) goverment-types and favoured instead. Bolton UK (north england). know your side or know madness.

Vice Squad.
Taliban Vice Squad heros of the west are back in operation!
"Women in Afghanistan are back to square one with the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice on the prowl." - As supported by (jewish it is) Femminism.
know your side.
 Return of the Taliban-Shariah Vice Squad. Afghanistan.
 ""The Afghani government, with the approval of Hamid Karzai, is going to re-establish the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" - Femminist ugly dykes were the long standing hostiles to adult sex (jewish-princess style) and beauty now do a skitzo 180 u-turn.
Taliban vice sqaud
Kabul shakedown foreign speak easies. smoke-easies should be ok with them at least.
for more information upon survival in hostile to human enviroments see Qadib cult.

Secret Interview of the Goings on with Slave of Diana;

Reporter for Venus: "So can you explain this hostility to biological adult sex?"
Slave of Diana "Yes. the hostility to adult sex is understandable and common and the earth places show there allegence to the great defect of enslavement to her frigid glory"
Venus: "So with terrestrial mundane concerns?"
Slave Ianna: "They are slaves of Ianna and show their loyalty to the protected nambla-snuff organization. This is because we own you police , courts and higher levels of goverment as slave affiliates"
Venus: "you mean their levels not ours?"
Slave;"I do mean that, yes."

afghanistan war toll spike.

"KABUL — The number of international troops to die in the Afghan war so far this year hit 334 with the announcement Tuesday of three more deaths in the volatile south of the country.
All three soldiers died Monday in bomb attacks, NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said, referring to improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, which are the Taliban's main weapon in the ongoing war.
The nationalities of the soldiers were not given, according to policy.
An AFP tally based on that kept by the website puts the death toll for foreign soldiers in 2010 at 334, compared to 520 for all of 2009.
Military commanders -- including US General David Petraeus, who took command of foreign forces in Afghanistan on Sunday -- have warned the summer months would see intensified fighting and a consequential spike in casualties."
June's death toll of 102 was a monthly record for the war.
 Welcome to America and British Hell. The refuge of psychopaths and their frigid backers.
Jack the Ripper, hello from Hell. Jesus Ianna, this aristocratic-captialist-guy had problems. hello to hell. he hit hard on fellow-capitalist whores! how about that! East-End of London, Victorian Issues, Values and 1888.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Druid Care for grounded fallen birds

Druid care for fallen birds, grounded birds, bird call!

Get fallen bird to hide place it likes away from open sight. (ie hidden place)
give shallow bowl of water and also throw in on ground some bird food if you are a bird feeder; or bread if you are not.

keep kids, children, lunatics and jews away from injured creature. and similar such types.
This is for its safety.

keep dogs, cats, rats and jews and the like away from the injured or resting bird. 

this is for its rest and recouperation and healing: and its safety; 

given a few hours a belly crawler bird revitsalised by druid magic of tap water and bird feed can refind the strength and wits to fly away; 

or if you  prefer as does the establishment; die under being denied food and water so beloved of the parasite jew establishment aristocracy. They also do this to humans, the old and children and lunatics for the thrill of it. This means it is to them if you are normal, and opposed by us; but if you are Their police officers then it is necessary to swap over the normal labels as can be done by the more skill full. Racial prohibitions may be required by the state authroties electied and their allowed unsubbordantes.

human adults. not to be viewed by those against human adult and their owners who are against adult-sex upon principle....
State Animal Welfare guide. most have yet to catch up. For all who care. But.. Not for those who do not care.

"An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself.... I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.[12]c

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Shadow past the Solstice (Islaam Muslims Against Crusaders London Uk)

Muslims (against crusaedes) protest London UK, the hot summer. Protesting against soldier incomming/homecomings marches. story BNP site. with different video of foreign news round up of the event. Brit Nat.

Muslims against Crusaders; same event; set to a nasheed islaamic music. or Islamist music if mistress wills it for her slaves, yes? Barking, London 15 June 2010.

set to celtic music. BNP. 3:15 with text comment words added. (Under british censorship the irish song was forbidden to be sung).