Sunday, 25 July 2010

America to back-down against North Korea July-2010 'Sacred War'

America struts a bit a pretends it would take on Korea 'Sacred War'. hmmm!
Jew (ie usa neo-con) yahoo news, good:. Which link should this link go to? yeah good one.
"North Korea has said it would begin a "sacred war" against the United States and South Korea at "any time necessary" based on its nuclear deterrent, in response to "reckless" military exercises by the allies."
 USA does one with raising the fun flag with north Korea.
"A massive nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier has begun military drills with ally South Korea in a show of force that North Korea has threatened could lead to "sacred war."

Behind the Spin. Korea is protectings itself from southern and USA intimidation with prepared Nuclear Responce any time they need.
Glad you voted establishment?

USA provoked Nuke War?
Probably not as We expect america to back-down and cower like cowards. Dont you too?
Prove me wrong!

North Korea nuke ships could hit:
Washington DC (no loss)
New York and Manhatten (911 = boy scouts outing with nambla) - Federal State Supported!!
Housten Texus (space progam joke) What Space Program Mir?
Tell Aviv (nothing personal)
Jerusalem (jewish area, low yeald nuke)
Soo... forget it cowboys, go home and impress the children and vulnerable, women retards and others you might be capable of doing so against with Your level of prowess. :) ha ha!

Count down:

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