Monday, 31 May 2010

Terror on the High Seas! Israeli Piracey 10 dead 30 injured

The delayed and sabotaged 'Aid to Gaza Freedom Flotilla' of the UN relief-call (reduced from 9 to circa  5 ships) was intercepted Sunday Night and into Monday light by the Israeli Navy and Commando Assault Teams, in international waters.

The Turkish Vessel named Mavi Marmara under the protective flag of Turkey (NATO) and lead ship carrying 600 internationals was the first one stormed after identifying itself to the israel military escort.

Defenders tried to stop the commando hijack with knives and bars (israeli polished 'american voice' psychology-act says there was some throw-away pistol too which confounded the israeli special forces).
Also one Israeli Commando has his gun confiscated by passengers.
The Captain was injured during the raid.

Circa (around) relief personel; ~ 10 dead, 30 injured (some arab reports as high as 19 and 60)
4 Israeli Commandos injured, one seriously (flown to Hospital).

The Freedom Relief Conovy was escorted to the port of Ashdod Israel near the Gaza Strip.
around 14 passengers agreed to be deported, Israel planed to charge the ship-defenders taken to prison.
International disaffection.

An 18 month baby/children should not have been allowed to be taken onboard as a human shield.

Netty Likud-con Israel President or PM avoiding USA Obama. Times UK.
"Israel’s prime minister has cancelled a planned meeting with President Obama to deal with the escalating international crisis over an attack by the Israeli military on civilian aid ships that left at least 10 dead."
IDF footage of choppers-engagement Youtube. Freedom Flotilla to Gaza May 2010
Vatican; 'needless loss of life'.
International concern over attack. al jazeera. ie muted. (if it was Iran, Hiliary would be foaming for war). offical reactions from arround the world
Finkelstein NY usa Youtube; 'Israel self-described Lunatic-State of Mad-Dogs' (ie Jews).

Israeli nuke-subs off to Iran with Mossad agents. Presstv.
""We are an underwater assault force. We're operating deep and far, very far, from our borders," said the official who has only been identified as "Colonel O."
The submarines, with a capacity of up to 50 crews, are able to launch a nuclear cruise missile. Some of the cruise missiles are equipped with the most advanced nuclear warheads from the Israeli arsenal, the report added.
The Sunday Times quoted a flotilla officer as saying that the vessels were sent to carry out intelligence gathering missions and potentially land Mossad agents in the region.
Talking about the prospect of a possible military attack against Iran, a navy officer said, "The 1,500 km range of the submarines' cruise missiles can reach any target in Iran."
The revelation came after earlier this week, Iranian naval forces detected a US nuclear-armed submarine in the Strait of Hormuz.
Tel Aviv, which is under international pressure to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has repeatedly accused Tehran of pursuing a military nuclear program."

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Gladitorial Armor of God (aka Armour of Light) St.Paul Ephesus

Saint Paul beast-fighter gladiator in Ephesus (Divine Washer and rabble rousing Rioteer).
"If from human motives I fought with wild beasts at Ephesus, what does it profit me?" -Paul 1Corinthians 15:32 .
Armor of Light (aka Armor of God). Ephesians 6:11-17 .
"put on all the armor of God"
Article. Paul's dangerous fight.

christian-hafiz recites Ephesians in costume, in the theatre of Ephesus. (part 1)
Gladiator Trailer. 1:26 min.

Greater was the Temple of Diana (St.Paul in Ephesus) x2 Parthenon Athens

At x2 or *2 the sise  of the Parthenon in Athens, the Temple of Diana-Artemis in Ephez'us was big!
And the artwork was maginificent! It also contained great-works of art.

St.Paul of the New Testiment (bible) spent some time in Ephesus (2nd largest city of the roman empire) thought he spent longer in Corinth.

"The third journey begins with Galatia (central region of Turkey) possibly in the spring of 54 AD and then Phrygia (Acts 18:23).

Then Paul arrives at Ephesus where he stayed for 3 years (Acts 20:31) probably from the fall of 54 AD to the fall of 57 AD. Paul meets disciples of John the Baptist. He preached in the synagogue for 3 months (Acts 19:8). He disputed daily in the school of Tyrannus for 2 years (Acts 19:9-10) [poss later the library-Celsus], so that all that dwelt in Asia heard the word. Paul sent Timothy and Erastus ahead into Macedonia, but Paul stayed in Asia for a season (Acts 19:22). Paul wrote 1 Corinthians near the end of this stay in Ephesus (1 Corinthians 16:8,19), probably in 57 AD. 

It was not written with Timothy, who Paul had sent ahead into Macedonia (Acts 19:22). Paul foresaw his route of travel for the next four or so years in Acts 19:21-22. This agrees with his plans in 1 Corinthians 16:1, 3, 5, 8-10. Note how the "great door" opened to Paul and "many adversaries" in verse 9 compares with the events in the Ephesian amphitheater in Acts 19:23-41. In 1 Corinthians 3:6, Paul says "Apollos watered". This refers to Apollos teaching in Corinth when Paul was at Ephesus (Acts 19:1).

Paul had rejoined Timothy when Second Corinthians was written (2 Corinthians 1:1). Paul had come to Troas and continued to Macedonia (2 Corinthians 2:12-13 and 7:5), where he was joined by Titus (2 Corinthians 7:6 & 13), which seems to correspond to Acts 20:1. Paul also talks of a third visit to Corinth in 2 Corinthians 13:1 and 12:14. So Second Corinthians was most likely written in the fall of 57 AD from somewhere in Macedonia (northern Greece), possibly at Philippi." - Paul Time.

Grotto of Saint Paul, with later paintings.
According to the apocryphal Acts of St. Paul however, in the Ephesus the furious population 'put St. Paul's feet into irons, and shut him up in the prison, till he should be exposed as a prey to the lions. But Eubola and Artemilla, wives of eminent men among the Ephesians, being his attached disciples, and visiting him by night, desired the grace of the divine-ing washing. [They thought it ment of Diana, but Paul ment Baptism]
And by God's power, with angels to escort them and enlighten the gloom of night [by the moon of Diana] with the excess of the brightness that was in them, St. Paul, loosed from his iron fetters, went to the sea-shore and initiated them into holy baptism, and returning to his bonds without any of those in care of the prison perceiving it, was reserved as a prey for the lions'." [a lunatic! as an escapeee 'slave' he could have sought sanctuary at the Temple of Diana!! Who would have protected him....but St.Paul was unwilling to seek her refuge....This would have defeated his purpose.] - link.

The uswise went to meet the beasts in the heat. But starved animals are week, the bleeding are weeker. A back against the wall in the shade works well! 

perhaps the 'thorn in his flesh' came from this combat? [combat wound]
judgeing by the 'armor-of-god' he chose sword and shield, breast-plate and helm - and girdle belt over trident and net prefered by nubian-africans, but Paul recommened the former.

 Cave of St.Paul.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Map of ancient Efez (Efes, Ephesos, Ephesus) as in the bible NT.. west-coast Turkey, ghost-city!

Map of Ephesus-Efez in its former eras (these days a ruin). click for big version, save if want as free-use image (as all on this blog are)! (I didnt say i was just the images)

What Happened to the Ghost-City?
Ephesus - the second largest city in the Roman Empire, 3rd largest library in the Roman Empire (Celsus), with a wonder of the world (Temple of Diana-Artemis), fell into ruin and was abandoned to be a ghost-city! This was because of the silting of the harbor (which is now 3 miles inland!!) - good for fertile farming, bad for commerce; though they did try in vain to dredge it; they were fighting against the forces of nature and the gods. They called it quits (except the local farmers - though even they were moved to Selcuk near the Temple Diana sunken-Field (as it is now) which floods into a pool of Diana, as the moving silting river created marsh-lands for mosquitos and malaria.
Sure the Goths  burnt it to the ground in 262 ce but Ephesus was used to this as long as the harbor could still be used! Some-times the goddess of nature wins.

link has photo-foto of modern-ruin ephesus, Efez, Izmir-provence Turkey. place of the 7 sleepers of the Quran (and in previous Catholic/OrthodoxChristian legend).
a map of Ephesus.
another map.
color map.

Celsus Library Efez (Ephesos-Ephesus-Efes) Ghost City

Celsus ruin-Library ruin-Ephesus (117 ce)
This library is one of the most beautiful structures in Ephesus. It was built in 117 A.D. It was a monumental tomb for Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, the governor of the province of Asia; from his son Galius Julius Aquila. The grave of Celsus was beneath the ground floor, across the entrance and there was a statue of Athena over it. Because Athena was the goddess of the wisdom.
The scrolls of the manuscripts were kept in cupboards in niches on the walls. There were double walls behind the bookcases to prevent the them from the extremes of temperature and humidity. The capacity of the library was more than 12,000 scrolls. It was the third richest library in ancient times after the Alexandra and Pergamum." ...cont at link.
- Link

The statues symbolize wisdom (Sophia), knowledge (Episteme), intelligence (Ennoia) and [Excellence or Destiny/Virtue] valor (Arete) [Apeth]. These are the virtues of Celsus. The library was restored with the aid of the Austrian Archaeological Institute and  the originals of the statues were taken to Ephesus Museum in Vienna in 1910."
 (forget prowess, it was not a gladiators school).

Proverbs, OT BibleS. Wisdom (Sophia) aka Divine Sophia (shekhina) 8:12

Lit God in female form? or rather, first of his creations. enigma.
Wisdom in the Bible:
Proverbs 1:20-33
8:1-36 (ie whole chapter)
9:1-6 (prepares a table and invites people in off the street to drink wine with her). She has seven pillars.

8:12 youngs literal~
'I, wisdom, have dwelt with prudence, And a knowledge of devices I find out.'
Or 'Wisdom lives in Trickery and brings forth knowledge of Plans'.
She appeared to the ancient Greeks as Athena. 

Religious OverArch
NeoPlaton (NeoPlatonic/neo-platonism). incs the 70/Cosmic Gods concept, known to humans in classical times too. (a continuance of aquired insight).

Politics/business - modernization-professionalism; the administation of the machine. BNP article.

Tech; Religion & Science working together (Tiffany)

Religion and Science working together (click for large) personified as Tiffany~.

Pagan Inventions. Islamic Inventions? or unscientific myth

None-attributaion of Pagan Inventions and the pagan foundation of science, (a preoccupation of the ancients), is a hang-up from the domination of semetic-derived religions that cast the wonders of Greece and Rome backwards into a eupopean dark-age.

Avicenna had to live in hiding as a heratic persicuted by by the Islamic Caliph. Empires allowed an international stability in which cultures exchanged ideas and the islamic caliphate was no exception.
They could patron the 'unproductive' which lead to a higher, less immidiate, production of technology. under islam science was slowly suppressed in advancing and was hijacked leading to a stagnation that allowed the revivial of paganism in europe to over-take the caliphates. This is dispite the location of the islamic caliphates as a bridge to India and China, and the inheritance of pagan science from such ancient civilizatins as Egypt, Babylon (Iraq), Assyria (Syria) and Persia! (Iran).

The Museums of Science and Technology have become uncritical and ignorent of checking facts.
This is Political Hijacking.

20 Islamic Invention errors.
"according to the maronite monk Antonius Faustus Naironus (1635 - 1707 AD), differs somewhat from the above tale. In "De saluberrima potione Cahue, seu Cafe nuncupata discursus" (1671) he writes, that a herdsman complained to the Prior of a nearby monastery in Abyssinia [Etheopia, Africa], that his animals could not sleep. Two monks, together with the herdsman, were sent by their superior to investigate what it was the animals were eating. They discovered coffee plants which they took back to the monastery, where they brewed a beverage from its fruits. They passed the whole night in pleasant conversation, without any fatigue. Undoubtedly, the evidence shows that it were Christian monks who first cultivated the coffee plant and prepared the beverage from its roasted beans.[2]

"As recently as 1993 the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia Sheik Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz declared "The earth is flat. Whoever claims it is round is an atheist deserving of punishment."[77]

and in October 2007 on Al-Fayhaa TV in Iraq, a Muslim scientist also declared that the Earth is flat as evidenced by Qur'anic verses and that the Sun is much smaller than the Earth and revolves around it. [78

"These past few years have seen many inventions falsely claimed and attributed to Islamic inventors, which in fact either existed in pre-Islamic eras, were invented by other cultures, or both. However, this detail has not halted Muslim, and non-Muslim apologists alike, from perpetuating these false claims in order to counter the painfully obvious fact that scientific and literary progress is slow or stagnant in the Islamic world specifically due to the Islamic faith and its restrictions upon adherents, or as a backhanded attempt to belittle the West and its historical heritage. Unbelievably, such claims, which are basically altering the worlds history in order to show Islam in a better light, have even been forced upon the unsuspecting public in a nationwide tour which opened with an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the University of Manchester, England in 2006. Should not a museum and a university search out and preserve the truth instead of helping sites like perpetuate lies and robbing other cultures of the recognition they rightfully deserve? To celebrate this 'momentous' series of events, an article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” was written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent on the 11th of March 2006. This shameless piece of propaganda has received much praise from Muslims and has been widely circulated on Islamic websites, forums, blogs, and is even used as a source (to validate false claims of Islamic inventions) in over twenty[1] separate articles on Wikipedia. ".

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Inside the Hagia Sophia (aka Sancta Sapientia, Aya'sofya, Sancta Sophia, Αγιά Σοφιά)

Artwork inside the Hagia Sofia.
wiki gunk

Virgin. T-shirt (white long sleaves)

Hagia Diana (Hagia Sophia and the Temple of Deana) enigmata

The Cross-Figure with staves/snakes/candlesticks (it varied).
Many other Diana motifs appear such as the Epheson 'bees to flower' (cf old coins circa 600-500 bc or the Efez artemis skirt side (beautiful Diana) or the belt round her hips upon the great diana)) 

Diana'a illusive nude nymphs are harder to find (genie trick of the light). 
divine art of the hagia sophia. 2 star. Tree of Life. maddonna-theotokos and allah.

the virgin, t-shirt long-sleaves to cover arms.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gobekli Tepe and Efez(us) Turkey, like a bee to flower

Diana (Deana) of Ephez. Istanbul Archeology Museum.
Gobekli Tepe (wiki) ancient T and crosses cared with animal motifs.
sky buriels practiced at gobekli tete according to a vultures & corpse motif. (~as in iran)

development of art. 

music; youtuber, lily allen No Fair, one for Diana w/c Venus. audio
visusal version, with intro after. also dedicated to yIsrael and Netty of Likud-con.

Virgin t-shirt long-sleaved, (like Diana of Ephesus, the amazons who founded ancient efez spent their time hiding from Hercules (the strong/turk) and Dionysus who wanted to fuck them). more obvious than a purity ring.

Monday, 24 May 2010

online vigil for Freedom Flotilla (ship to gaza etc) relief convoy (shrine links & magic)

Diana, it is said, is a protectoress of sailors! (where as aphrodite was a guiding light for them)
Enclosed some Ephesia Grammata magic (enigmata) ; more or less as translated in the 1st Centuary BC.
(ie click picture for big version, free use ofcourse [its not sex]).
ok i know, its gibberish (almost unless you link it with Young's tongues personality-intergration thing), but contains the mystery of pythagorian symbolism-allegory err well, its old magic from the first millenium BC anyhows. So it has that going for it at least!

"Nine vessels carrying passengers and cargo have set sail from Ireland, Greece and Turkey and are headed for the beleaguered Gaza Strip to break Israel's naval blockade on the territory. "
- Q & A over the Freedom-Flotilla ships to Gaza relief-convoy. - Gulf News.

Safe Conduct.
online Shrines for prayers of safe vouyge. As follows:
Diana of Efez (Ephesos/Ephesus). The Divine One (its what Diana means! honest!) old speak, Div-ios~
El Shad'dai (a shekhinah!). The Shekhinah more like!
zombie, cranberries (song bard music) (a legion fav... even lava who think it guidence complement)
goddess chant (wiccan). or for pictures:here.
Diana four-lights of the world auspicious.

Virgin Ephesus (diana)  t-shirt (long-sleaved). zazzel. ie the virgin top (based on efez artemis-diana)
makes a nice chaste gift for self, daughter, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, pass it on gift to friend etc.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Humanitarian Relief Convoy runs Israel Navy Blockade of Gaza Strip (Ship to Gaza, Freedom Flotilla)

Humanitarian Supply convey of citizens' attempts to break-though the yIsrael Navy blockade of Gaza, carrying circa 10 000 tons of gear (inc prefab houses, water filtration, medical and clinic, reconstruction of homes material).  yIsrael offered to take the supplys so it could take what it wanted for free, but organizers insist it is not intended for yIsraeli Jews [cf 'canada' Aushwitz). In order to limit world media attention, yIsrael is intending to intcercept the relief convoy in international waters, seen as a cunning trick.

This recalls the time when Winston Churchel attemped to starve to dead the occupied citizens of the channel islands (for following british govt advice) and the other war-crime-order for the british navey to sink the red-cross reflief ship which bravely ran the blockade after the navey prefered to be unable to stop the ship than carry the can for him.

International citizen Freedom-Flotilla. fotos. flicker.

"the sanctions are collective measures that do not sufficiently distinguish between civilians and military, in violation of the 1977 amendment to the Geneva Conventions protocols." wiki.
 and 2007-2010 so far Israel blockade of gaza..

yIsraeli yachters launch counter protest to the 9 ship aid convoy. Haaretz. may 23 2010

Yet again the UN claims it is unable to do anything, soo to the USA and EU. This helplessness is not new and unsurpriseing.

The Sanhedrin, yIsrael. 
"Translation from Hebrew of the 30 Tishrei, 5770 (18 October 2009) statement:"
"Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

An Immediate Injunction to Prohibit the U.N. Security Council from discussing the Goldstone Report
The Court of the Sanhedrin in this document is issuing an immediate injunction to prohibit the U.N. Security Council and any other U.N. forum from reviewing the Goldstone Report.
We expect the Secretary-General of the United Nations to make a public statement immediately suspending any further discussion of the Goldstone Report, to announce that it has been set aside, and to set up an investigative committee agreed upon by the sides to the war that will determine by mutual agreement the background to the outbreak of the Israeli Defense Force’s operation in Gaza, known as “Operation Cast Lead”, and will revise the U.N. charter and the laws of war with regard to the fight against terror organizations and terrorist states.
Avoiding this responsibility revokes the legitimacy of the United Nations as a fair and representative organization to bring peace and defeats the mission for which it was established..."
- link for full statement, eng. Hebrew בית הדין של הסנהדרין.

Amnesty International version. Gaza/yIsrael
"On 27 December 2008, without warning, Israeli forces began a devastating bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip codenamed Operation “Cast Lead”. Its stated aim was to end rocket attacks into Israel by armed groups affiliated with Hamas and other Palestinian factions. By 18 January 2009 some 1,400 Palestinians had been killed and large areas of Gaza had been razed to the ground. Amnesty International believes that the deaths of so many unarmed civilians and the manner in which they came under attack demand a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the conduct of all parties in the conflict."

Swedish Governers capitulate to anti-GenCon lobby.(cf yIsraeli Suzeranity & chain-of-command)
"Mehmet Kaplan of the Green Party of Sweden requested a meeting with the Foreign Minister, along with Ship to Gaza spokespersons Dror Feiler and Mattias Gardell, in order to discuss which security measures the Swedish government plans to take. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has still not responded to any of the questions. As the convoy is setting sail this weekend, Ship to Gaza-Sweden wishes to emphasize how important a response from the government is regarding this matter. Especially since the Israeli media is reporting that the Swedish Ambassador to Israel has informed the Israeli government that she and the Swedish government intend to discourage Swedish citizens from participating in the Freedom Flotilla’s peaceful, lawful, humanitarian convoy. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and several other human rights organizations have all condemned the blockade. Furthermore, the director of U.N. relief operations in Gaza, John Ging, welcomes initiatives such as Ship to Gaza, in order to break the blockade." - Palestine Telegraph.

Freedom Flotilla, ignored by capitulated Western Press Lobby (cf), Due to Arrive in Gaza 28 May 2010 Friday (dark).
"In a press release on Sunday, the campaign said that the ships are moving according to an arranged plan, adding that three of the ships are carrying 10,000 tons of aid and the others are carrying more than 750 passengers.
It added that the nine ships will meet off the coast of Cyprus before starting to sail together towards the shores of Gaza to arrive on the evening of May 28." - Ikhwanweb.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

5 year Gov (referendum on Voting reform) AV-ish Con-Lib Pact 2010 election

Stable for 5 years gov in the uk seems to de-facto now in a Con-Lib pact (which delivers an impressive majority!)

short-term  but unstable Lib-Lab-SNP-(321)+SDLP (-green) etc-ism might have got PR pushed in (good for liberals and manifesto!) but going to country  in 6-8-12-24 months? who knows?
(not even the Divine knows that one).
plus time waits on the Milliband or Millband leadership contest...hmmm who will it be? do you know? 7 weeks, well no thanks.

Part of the problem is Labours shopping-overspending by 160-170 billion (of 600-700 billion spends) which is somehow allowed in UK but not good for them. Daddy wants his credit card back (has cancelled it at the bank). spanky time!
people know whos fault that was, even if the bank of england doesnt. (but did they vote labour then?) no i dont think so. Sft (so and them)

a few links.
wales online.
again, tories pitch election reform, good puller. the here and now!
Real Changes, daily mirror uk (jewish).
hard-core libs and PRers will be dissapointed in the no-deal 'no pure-PR and who cares', but Deputy-PM Cleggo has delivered a step (with the cons on board!! - is that really true?) over the previous.

Gunk Tech Common-Parliament (ie Gov)
650 seats means half of it is 325; so majority is 326, but minus 5 Sinn Fein (boycott do not acknowledge UK parliament as legitamate) to 323 maj AND the -5 officers of parliament (strange i know) making it 321 majority. easy sailing in Con-Lib pact.

(obviously officers of the parliament should be appointed (elected by forum) as others than reps ie MPS, but they do it their ancient way at the moment) which is throw-back to the middle-ages 'we have to do it ourselves' issue which is no longer is the case; and now could hire folk to do it instead allowing better voting representation ie all MPs get to vote!!
(except the SF boycotters ofcourse)

Earth really is 3rd from the Sun honest!

As Exchel'ach'achim duack kah'Him shall der'tukul'aki KH'ada said (ie Chain Mz Excel officer to Earth)
"Sepecies differ, we must accommodate this and leave 'em to it, 'ow about a fuck? I'm gaggin for one"
This ancienct wisdom guides us well.
This also means, we can trust in the science of speices to progress over lenghs of time.

weird earth cult. wiki
forum topic thing. what ever ism.
Some Bug-eyed bastard Matriarachal-cunt called Xenu- the some-what genocidal-nut- viz The Galactic-Confed very-old. (ianna).
But as the chain has always said there is no galactic fedo who cannot be blackmailed though sex or bribes!
this is an incredibally ancient wisdom to work for the higher good comminality of all species!!
good good. 

[as it was said by Nikado masKsha'i'kad'himuk kul ka dam'min (cuk ca ca'dadi um shall shad ik a dab dab uk fuko waz) (also waz waz ikaa ikka!) also known as (Nikado Waz Waz Ika) or Ikaa ikka:
"all shall realign with biology! ...Theres!... not others!!"

 SONG:  act of mating (biology ok)song youtube 'nothing but mammels'. Biology-Breeder-Driver the sacred god of horns and creation of nature? all types of welcome!
Your females are given for your sexual needs given by nature to use and they love-it!!
(not femmanist anti-species dead-ites extinion-ist for  elimiation-resentments of their-enslaved matriarchal no-goods)

[yeah well Nikado waz waz ika ukahidikh da shadkahsha also said that all femalesmust neel before any erect penis they see]
And he was right! chain chain!

Monday, 10 May 2010

UK Business Gov-cooporation? election reform

The Deals on offer:

"What the LibDems want: 'Single transferable vote' [pure] proportional representation, where the number of votes cast translates directly into seats. Cut number of MPs by 150 [from 650 to 500] and lower voting age to 16. Elected Upper Chamber." [house of 'lords']

Conservative: The No Deal! on the table! (the new voice of business?)
"What the Tories could swallow: Significant cut in number of MPs, and reform of Lords. Offering an initial committee of inquiry into PR. In extremis, could offer referendum on 'alternative vote system',

Labour: Deal! on the table! (that was quick).
"What Labour is offering: Resignation of Gordon Brown, who is personally disliked by Nick Clegg. Referendum on fully-fledged voting reform, including PR and an elected House of Lords. Multiple Cabinet seats such as Deputy Prime Minister for Mr Clegg and key ministries for leading LibDems."

UK Rates hold Steady over election-deals.
European-Greek EU credit-crunch for the UK.
Bank of Scotland job-cuts insurence and retail credit-crunch.

"Nick Clegg has been warned he faces a possible mutiny if he strikes a deal with the Tories that dilutes his commitment to electoral reform.
The Liberal Democrat leader is weighing up a chance to put his party in peacetime power for the first time in almost 90 years, while trying not to alienate most of its members."
But senior Left-wing frontbencher Simon Hughes called the Conservatives 'unreconstructed' and said many LibDems are highly suspicious of David Cameron's party.
Mr Hughes has long been a vocal advocate for 'fair votes' - proportional representation - and warned Mr Clegg that the Conservatives were not to be trusted on this issue. 

'They have sounded superficially accommodating [on voting reform] but fundamentally pretty unreconstructed, and the further you go away from the leadership the more unreconstructed they are,' he said.
'So our party is very suspicious of the Tory party being able to deliver.'  

Senior LibDem delegates have told the Daily Mail that Mr Clegg will trigger a rebellion from Left-wing activists and even some of his own frontbench if he does not secure a deal on PR. 

One LibDem source said: 'There is a lot of concern in the wider party about us doing a deal with the Tories. If we prop up Cameron there will be many of us who will frankly kick up, not least because we are fighting the Tories in many seats. 

[Manifesto Policy]
'Our manifesto also does not discuss a referendum on PR - it implies that we would just introduce legislation to change the voting system. Any moves to water this down will be resisted.'

One senior MP also said any deal Mr Clegg agreed with David Cameron will have to be published. 

Nigel Roberts, activist and founding member of the LibDems, called on Mr Clegg to 'deliver your personal guarantee' and ensure a deal on voting reform.
In an open letter to the LibDem leader, he said that many party members could settle on the Alternative Vote system - the one proposed by Labour - so long as there was a promise of a referendum on a more proportional system."

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The chance of PR in UK 2010

PR issue:
"A change from Britain's first-past-the-post election system to a form of proportional representation, which matches the national share of the vote more closely to seats in parliament, has long been a central plank of Liberal Democrat policy.
The center-left party has said securing some kind of commitment on electoral reform would be crucial to any deal with the Conservatives, who are firmly opposed to proportional representation."
.."The Lib Dems say it leaves them under-represented in the House of Commons relative to their share of the national vote. They received an estimated 23 percent of the national vote in Thursday's election but only 9 percent of seats.

A YouGov poll for The Sunday Times carried out after the election showed 62 percent of voters favored a more proportional system of voting.

This was backed up by a BPIX poll for The Mail on Sunday, which found 60 percent would prefer proportional representation rather than the current system.

The Sunday Telegraph quoted an ICM poll which found 48 percent of voters favored a move to PR and 39 percent backed the current system."

- Link, reuters.

..."Labour says Mr Brown is ready to negotiate with Mr Clegg if his talks with David Cameron collapse, offering him immediate legislation to hold a referendum on changing the voting system. However, they acknowledge that his presence at the table could prove a stumbling block for Mr Clegg, who has made clear he would not prop up Mr Brown as Prime Minister."...
- Link Independant newspaper.

Milliband bookies favourate in labour leadership contest.
info on PR systems.

Proportional-Representation PR-Seats Comparison (pure national) UK 2010

A comparison of pure-national PR seats (at %of Vote)  compared to Commons Seats system
Proportional Representation (pure) allows a reflection of Voter-Intent and electors-representation.

(current voting patterns) useing the rounding up method for greater represention when *6.5 for circa 650 seats
ie: bench-mark 0.1% (normal math) as times 6.5 gives 0.65
instead of bench-mark 0.15% (grade)

Results BBC. UK election 2010

Balance of Power; King-Maker; PR-vote represntation of +50% vote coalition

Balance of Power!
the needed lib-dem support in UK 2010 election.
or it will go to re-election with no certain outcome!

Vote Representation: +50% or -50%?  %Preportional-Representation
should a gov (and limited gov) be of a coalition (if needed) for +50% of the vote ? (and electors' vote representation!) - Yes +50%
should minority% one-party rule exist  - No -50%

Two chambers: National and Regional?
1 So then, full national PR for National-Forum-Reasons in forum-one? (house one)
2 Regional PR in Regional-second-forum as check of concerns in forum-two? (also therefore elected) (house two).

balance of power, wiki. mainly uk.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Political Block-Stacking UK-Election 2010 for 323 '326'

Political block-stacking UK post-2010 election.
This is so they can make a government at the 323 seats mark (majority of the house/comitte)
(officially 326 but -5 boycotter abstentionists (SF))

Block-Stacked ;
Block 1 Con 315/316. 306/7 + 8 DUP +1 indip~ viz voting.
Block 2 Lab 271. 258 + 6 SNP +3 SDLP + 3 Plaid C + 1 Green.
Block 3 Lib 58. 57 + 1 Alliance.
Block 4X SF - Boycotter-block. 5

Gov 323 or 326 mark yes;
option 1:  Block 1 + Block 3 = 373/374.
option 2:  Block 2 + Block 3 = 329.

How it could be done.
house of commons wiki.

Bloc-fall ?
if (when) block fails (falls-apart or fails to form) then defeat for Gov in Commons-voting-forum will result in a new election being called. (vote-again!)
This too could result in a block-need event-result (back to modified square one) or a one-party gov with over-all majority in the Common-Parliament.

Friday, 7 May 2010

A Well Hung Parliament UK 2010 vote Results!. Deal Makers

Lib-dem goes up with Ann Span over in Gravesham Kent england uk. 3rd.

Alliance  +1 MP (first) (lib-dem aux Northern Ireland).
Green     +1 MP (first) (green party in Brighton Pav'illion eng)

66% electors turn out (2/3).
UKIP X   (3%)
BNP  X    (2%)
Respect-Unity -1 (G.Galloway ; pop&limehouse former mp for bethnal-green&bow) !

Live Coverage BBC online auto-play relay. as at time of posting.
650 seats; 326 to win (~323 functional -5 sinn fein).
No over-all control
Conservative 306
Labour          258
Lib-Dem         57
SNP Scotland 6
Pliad C wales 3 
others              19: 
(northern ireland)
DUP         8 (unionist)
Sinn Fein 5  (UK-seat-abstentionist)
SDLP       3 (socialist)
Alliance    1 (lib-dem aux) belfast-east
Indi-uup~ 1 (indi ex-uup over con-links) north-down

Green      1
 outstanding 1 Thrisk & Morton (con) [automatic posponed to 27 May candidate-death ukip]*
Temp coalition pending.
Time for PR?

*The death of UKIP's candidate John Boakes on 22 April triggered the unusual constitutional device of "countermanding", or annulling an election. Thirsk and Malton's Yorkshiremen and women must wait three weeks, until Thursday, 27 May " - guardian.

Election Results
Direct-Gov site (general and local). official.
uk local-gov links.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

true pagan

True pagan 
Sex pot chick (therefore good or adult human as a good thing; nature as good)
Frigid-prude; in denial ; in denial of sexual urges and need ; in denial of nature and adult human!
(that is flawed)

sex; gives high dopamine and oxytocin levels. (good)

vagina is made for penis', penis' made for vaginas. (guard sperm, orgasm ratio). Vaginas are also made for multiple cumming in for sexual hedonistic pleasure finding. (see universal yin-yang)

This knowledge underpins much ofmaking sence  of theworld; forthere is a right way; slut Venus and the wrong way; virgin Diana. let us not forget her. (she of the moon)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Harvest Relay teams

The first harvest in was always worth more.
but gathering in harvest is hard work (today often done by machines)
the human machine; remorseless, harvest relay teams (of the former era to some).
Jewish harvesters resting from the hard work, unilluminated by neither corn Dolly nor Kerne the druid. And as then, unaware of fascism (which is an italian word, and found in the military form derived from it too; in the Roman Legions (combat-relay); which conqured Israel of YaHweH) for Baal-Jupiter. As was the will of Jupiter and Baal. And so it was...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Understanding Nature/Harvest - Corn Dolly protectoress of the reseeding

Understanding the ancient basis of the harvest (of crops for food) music (something good)

1 farmer (fields ploughed by the horsemen horsewhispers ploughmen)
2 harvesters (fascists) who cut the crop into bundles (fasci) and left insitu a grain core in the centre of the feild for reseeding (the corn dolly).
3 threshers, in the threshing yard who bashed the fasci-bundles of stalks to extract the grain-pods into the collectors of grain.
(3b the used stalks were made into mobile corn dollies)
4 miller of the mill who ground the grain into flour powder using mill-stone grinders powered by the wind (wind mill), water (water mill) or oxen (old method). even older and more rural methods use humans grinding the rocks on top of the other to turn the grain into flour.
5 The baker. He takes flour and adds water and turns it into dough 6. with  yeast added this is baked in an oven to make bread 7.

Corn dollies were displayed as symbols of the protectoress of the next harvest. This pagan custom was adopted and christianized by the old state churches.

industrial machines such as threshers and combine harvesters replaced the threasters and fascists.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Wicca 101 ; pagan witchcraft, horned god etc

A rough Wicca 101;
they belive different things anyway.
Have 8 festivals based on the solstices and equinoxes (and moon meets).
Are supposed to have gods, the main one has horns, usually antlers. (Kerne/Kernu/Kernunos)
(this helps stop people thinking they are satanists)
Have  a tendencey to cast spells to do it rather than bother asking people or sending memos (annoying), until the elaborate spell method gets too futile and fustrating.
Like to honor nature. Some types are into sex and sex magic ... (they are supposted to be but...)
most of them dont have formal covens as such but some serious ones do (and some not so serious types).
Are supposed to do festivals and events nude. not all of them bother though.

Light and Thermal Year (agricultural and City)

The solar year is a light-level year to do with the length of days (solstices and equinoxs)
and so the level of day-light available in northern european lands (being far from the poles it is in flux ) The summer solstice and traditional mid-summer day is an exact match and is the longest day. (june 21 north)

So to the shortest-day is the winter solstice (dec 21 north).

The Solstice is also an indicator of the thermal year of hot and cold times as an inexact beginning of summer - the summer solstice (longest day most light) is a marker for the beginning of the hot time; the winter solstice (shortest day most darkness) is a marker for the beginning of the cold time also called winter.

Summer is more being understood in terms of the Citys and thermal year, ie heat and chill, rather than the terms of the agricultural solar-light growing-seasons, ie light and dark.

The first is practical hot/cold times, the second better connects with nature plants and animals (for those interested) and presumably solar power levels too.

Traditional rural (hours of day-light) and modern city (average temperature) seasonal-terms do overlap.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The 4 Seasons

"In traditional reckoning, the seasons begin at the cross-quarter days. The solstices and equinoxes are the midpoints of these seasons. For example, the days of greatest and least insolation are considered the "midsummer" and "midwinter" respectively.
This reckoning is used by various traditional cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, including East Asian and Irish cultures."

Seasons fixed mid-points; to sun cycle (sun god)
The important point to grasp here is that mid-summer (and so summer) is defined by the mid-summer solstice, that is, summer is defiened by solstice and the sun, the length of days and the light levels. (so too mid-winter (middle of winter) with the winter-solstice).
That is what the seasons mean.

Nature Green reacts to Solstice and equinox light (Green Jack)
(nature's green leaves react to the light levels and so plants react to the solstice defined year ; ie the agricultural natural seasons are defined by the plants and their reaction to the light levels of the sun and solar year; soo too then do people). This was more important in the civilized agricultural based socieities.

Modern temperature-chart fad?

They do not therefore describe the thermal temperature zones of hottest and coldest (as such).
This is a fundermental misunderstanding of the attributes of the seasons. There is therefore no season lag ; the seasons are fixed to solstice and eqinox mid-points! There is a thermal lag (heat/temperature lag) compared too....the seasons. (which are defined by solstice and equinox mid-points). This does not matter, and did not matter! It is thermometer ivory tower academica.
Seasons define what nature is doing; what the green plants and crops are doing. 

Green Jack or the Green Man prefers the Sun God of Light rather than the dubious heat goddess of the therometer...?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Walpurgis Witches...

UkThousands join [a Black Mass of] Beltane (Walpurgis) event Scotland (where the Beltane fires have continued from druid times) 

"The participatory arts and drama event symbolises the beginning of summer [or popular recognition of] and celebrates an ancient Celtic festival.
Beltane 2010, which was held on Calton Hill in Edinburgh on Friday night, featured dancing, a costumed parade, drumming and fire.".... - BBC.

"[Shinto nature-worshippers] Japanese Taiko drummers are to join this year's [summer] rituals at the annual Beltane Festival in Edinburgh. [most welcome!]
Mugen Taiko Dojo fuses the ancient Japanese spiritual practice, traditionally used to frighten away evil spirits, with Celtic traditions.
Beltane 2010, which is held on Calton Hill, is expected to be a sell-out as the party falls on Friday night.
A crowd of 12,000 people is expected to watch the pagan-inspired spring ritual, which starts at 2130 BST."

"Rob Sproul-Cran, Beltane Festival producer, said: "It may seem worlds apart, but Beltane is all about a modern telling of an ancient tradition - the Mugen Taiko Dojo is exactly the same.[Shinto]
"We're very excited that they will be performing at this year's Beltane. This unique collaboration was too good to miss." 

Heresy: [including Blasphemy - a Black Mass!]
"During the event the Green Man [of vegitation/green plants that has burst into bloom!] is killed off [yet nature has revived] as the horned god of winter [winter is the ice maiden of the night moon frigid diana] and is reborn as spring [its summer ; spring was feb 1 ; the high- point was equinox march 21 'easter' did you miss it?  i guess you did welcome to summer time] to consort with the May Queen." [who is Venus/Aphrodite/Freya/Morrigan of the erect penis worship and loving!! Did you fuck for her?]... BBC.

With Nature!
Note this: 1st; May Day is 9 months from the spring Feb 1 ; of the lambing-birthing and milk-making festival of the druids ) of goddess of the dark horned-one black-jack (stubby-antler discarded; Kernu (kernunos)); goddess is midwife brigantia (bride/brigid/brigit) of the spring.
So the festival of the fires of summer and the erect penis was an impregnation festival... 
[of genetic-deversity/random and so the better than monogomists/married-exclusive-whore cults]

Excluding the poor/unemployed/pesants from popular folk festivities? what innovation is this?
 State indocrination-schooling orders? of the establishment? (if ancinet or middle ages pagans/witches/druids cared over the RC state feeling and respectablity or disrepute then they would have stayed at home as good girls of the evil one)
Don't pay the scrooger-frigid capitalist-slave(rs); make your own festival!! [move when oppressed by the henchmen/dogs of diana/police to pastures and glades-groves new found)....Druid events were free for all!!
"...Tickets for Beltane cost £6 in advance from The Forest in Bristo Square and Ripping Records on South Bridge and are £8 on the night."- state owned BBC. as acceptable to the State Regulations, of the politions elected by voters.

[this language: international-ish English, human speech*] 
orcs disagree over what comprehended-human-speech really-is viz human-capablities.  anyway, youtube helms deep to classical music. 'slander-crime-criminal, battery-assault-crime-law', intimidation-assault-crime-criminal-opposed by law enforcement/supported by crime gangs/police' and other such mental difficulties of the fical-whimsical retarded inept and incompetant-unable (for mental-health reasons).

Walpurgis Day

Walpurgis Day (May Day).
Music (in the temple of silence).
Saint Walpurga (aka Walpurgis etc) was an abbotess nun who tried to christianize the pagan germans and the festival of May Day (widely known after her),...she ended up a virtual goddess of the grain (the new corn dolly), but has been sucessful in prude-ifiying the notorious druid orgy. And so it rightfully bears her name as a part of the struggle and history of interactions.
(in what way was it not Walpurgis' Night?)
She helped heal rabies and the oil from her bones had curative powers (like saint Catherines).

Happy Walpurgis (beltane) Labor Day.

Happy Walpurgis Labor Day! (May 1st)
(the festivals began the night before)
An old Druid Festival of Summer Time. (popular folk festival)

wiki may day.
MayPole Danceing.It does represent the erect penis.
(their spring time will become summer time for them...)