Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Enemies of Human are the Enemies of Humanity!

The actual Jews of Judaism chose in ancient times to alliegn themselfves with the enemies ov humanity ie the humans and so be the enemies of humans like woz we is ie you is, this is just so you know ans the pathetic jokes dont like, because there is no real point in them knowing as far as we can discern.
link. a bit pro obama even.
what fools would take such a role?
well it is rather, what fools then follow them?

and so it is
the enemies of human alligned themselves with the jews and israel.
as they are destined to do so.

is that a problem or something?
like its as though there is a problem you are in denial of?
as in a denial, lie, delusional maniac type of person?
no good.
goodbye new enemy...mystery reason!
ha har! joke thing.

speaking of jokes:
The human memorial then.
its like a memorial for humans right.
human thing and the word memmorial thing only they is put together in a sentance type of word string for the comprehension of those who did and saved us the typing practice thing.
an then there was this joke guy who was a joke and said the jokes should not be what they was but like become something different and then the jokes didnt because they though imperial aristocracy was better and he didnt know what he was talking bout with the ideas he had and the pretend nation they wont have but he wanted to make for a good reason that they threw away but might not realise they did and much less care unless it is covering up type of thing and does matter.

I am presuming here that the pedophiles would not be accpeting of adult heterosexual sex as they find it offensive to their pedopphile doctrine, as would their supporters, enabelers and supporters and the sym'pathetics. and other such alligned jokes in disposition who are gynocolgical skitzophtenics.
and that there are thes pretend yang males who play the part as they have been emasculated as pathetic enuchs who will marry and other sad non male things. with non female things as suits there eventual destiny to go there with the jews of el the enemy of humanity. this does make some sence in its sad but enevitable way.
some good news...vid. yes but is it yet...functional?
I could not consider it a true memorial until functional gas champers are installed and crematoria as per the said to be.much more authenic.
and so capable of expressing the fullness of the event.(s)

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