Saturday, 26 December 2009

Shariahaahaa Jahiliyah Semite Cash Cash

Where the road leads!

how about the USA cremates israel and say...

legalizes rape!

and state sonsers Venus Temples buildings and...

uses hardcore porn in advertizements

stops anti-white racism

outlaws prudes
outlaws marriage
outlaws monogamy
outlaws child-ownership

inposes carthageinian monthly temple sex law?

and introduces communism. (non jew marxism!)

its kinda funny.

[this article was intended as, and so will only be followed by some nations so relax, its not all salaam!]

in the event you consider this article done by al quadeda contact either: 1 the nearest mental hospital outpatients unit or 2 FBI (where differs).

useful info.
how to perfom hajj. saudi ministry of hajj.
hajj talk. gunk article.
is got a few pictures this one.
i'm loving it!!

if you prefer you could go to nowhere, walk round in circles, go for a pointless walk and stand there like and idiot, shave your head and wander back the way you came as in the days of jahil-iyah.

such is the way of skitzophrenia.

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