Sunday, 27 December 2009

Shadow of Shariah Jinni dervish spin

Tick a box, Tick a box!!

There is a little known common japanize disgust at the 7 samurai scum for dareing to oppose the mongol invasion to bring islam to nippon and shariah compliance. pathetic!

but even the fucking samurai can be subverted, yes?

for mongolia.

to support the islamic state of Mongolia and Nippon please ring the following number and leave a message:
in Nippon:

075 682 0913

pre-date with numbers according to nation ringing from:
USA 011 81 .
UK 00 81 .
Spain 00 81 .
Israel 00 012 013 81 .
Russia 8~10 81 .

remember the glory of the Kaliphate and Islamic Shariah State to be in Mongolia and its province of Japan etc...

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