Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010 ! WILL B Better YES!

Happy New Years!

(new sun year effect noticed).

New Year Bang

Taliban agent blows-up !
Khost Afghanistan-Pak Borderland;
in CIA death-camp black-site facility gymn, killing: 8 cia/xe types (former blackwater contracdors type), injured:8
inc. 1 civilian. (either a translator or victim of torture).
includes female cia chief of operations in the region who was allowed to own 3 children, non tribal oversight.

camp cynically hidden inside of pretend humaniterian aid and reconstuction base near warizstan pakistan (taliban held).

The former CIA officials say the Khost chief was the mother of three. As base chief she would have directed and coordinated CIA operations and intelligence gathering in the province, a hotbed of Taliban and insurgent activity because of its proximity to Pakistan's lawless tribal region

The former officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The Taliban claimed responsibility Thursday for the suicide bombing, the worst loss of life for the U.S. in the country since October.

Officials from the intelligence community and the Obama administration have confirmed to CBS News that all eight of the American casualties were working for the CIA, either as contractors or staff of the spy agency. The breakdown of agents and contractors was not clear.

CBS News correspondent Kimberley Dozier reports it was the deadliest single day for the CIA since the agency's involvement in Beirut during Lebanon's civil war in the early 1980s.

It was not immediately clear how the suicide bomber at the base at the edge of Khost city was able to circumvent security. " News Link...

"Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement that an Afghan National Army officer wearing a suicide vest entered the base Wednesday and blew himself up inside the gym. A U.S. official who was briefed on the blast also said it took place in the gym.

The blast in Khost took place in Khost province, a notorious stronghold for Afghan insurgents near the border with Pakistan.
"Separately Wednesday, NATO questioned Afghan reports that international troops killed 10 civilians, including children, in a weekend attack that prompted hundreds of angry Afghan protesters to burn an effigy of President Obama and chant "death" to America."...

The details of the latest attack remain hazy, in part due to the sensitive nature of the agency's operation in Afghanistan.

The attack occured inside the gym at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province, in eastern Afghanistan. The base had been used to house a provincial reconstruction team providing humanitarian aid to the local Afghan population.

The Taliban claimed the attacker was a sympathiser in the Afghan army who detonated a vest of explosives at a meeting with CIA workers. "This deadly attack was carried out by a valorous Afghan army member," a Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told Reuters." - News link.... [ie: werewolves of the nation, afghanistan pasthu-aryans]

"But Johnson said the Taliban's account was not impossible, noting that north Vietnamese agents infiltrated US intelligence operations during the Vietnam war. "I'm surprised we haven't lost more CIA officers over the last eight years. This probably will happen again," he said."

another news link. LA times usa.

state torturer mp lynndie england found to be a femminist after all. no surprize there...

Cia blacksite Khost so secret USA citizens not allowed to know it existed until Taliban blew it up. "it was the taliban who blabbed not us"

youtube new year countdown. dumbass vids. missable.

limp new year song.also missable but watchable good idea. political.

better song. meaninful inanna cultist slaves. blessed be lord diana, mega church. blessed for being against human-biology and so against humans, abu gharbi style celibration! sure, know your zone right? 1=4 outer, BEHIND THE WALL. psycho god(dess) glorified.

NEW YEAR = Will BE BETTER 4 YOU ! (mind programming there) w/c.

glory glory, send your glory!... news source: China executes heroin killer-drug pusher-KingPin as liberal UK elite whine. dead dead. secret-killer capitalist-type state-killed. probably took his organs for sale too that lot. Headed your way for cash; cartloaders.

{ork ork pig-apes too yes. well when it comes to feeding times yes]

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