Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ianna Ice Maiden sent to northern winter zone

Ianna has sent the ice maiden unto the unwarey and afflicted.

wow to those who live in barberianized societies, they shall be cold, or freeze.

as is her delight.
not good.

she sends her idols of ice to allure the unwarey.
you are on thin ice with this bitch of the cold, secret huntress, defroster of corpses of those she killed, to eat their cold flesh in her cavern of ice and crystals.

she has blanketed the lands with her passion. she is death, sister of Morkul himself.

so extra blankets, hot drinks and warm food, stockings and fire, curtains and company with doors closed for happy times and fending the ice maiden away to her glittering ice cavern with her wolves and bears.

unto her is the army of the frozen and undead.

after the failed attept to find 'no human society supports this sign'
then added the term people, as it was all animals.
umm zero on the slaughter of babies of course by a ...{civil...no} barbarianized society?
and zero on the homeless during the midwinter, or the unemplyed denied money and work citizens of a society because no capitalist indocronatied want Money? so time to replace the redundant media education and political elite then? with coherent ones? yess? nooo? yes-no?
google imges link as at 22 dec 2009.

a people collective zone represents all of its people as is its sane reason for being and purpose as conflicts with insanity and paracitical occupation and enslavement of the gullible creeps often female.

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