Saturday, 19 December 2009

Office Work ? You Can if you want it ! Biotech korps

answer mail, slit and sort
answer phone yes who is calling
type responce, standard letter
filing forms, a to z (and maybe)
downtime see boss
make hot drink for him
and service his needs.

its ok
we like biotech korps!

weird calmer maybe. black cell.

learing online with biotechkorps. blog

tech gunk:

small print:
the offer to be employed is only available in zero-unemployment states that allow the collective citizens a living and work and is not available in capitalist states of the occupation parasites who will deny the people-all even work (and so money!)
In states that have zero-unemplyment all are employed (eg NS-Deutshland, USSR, N.Korea). this is ofcourse suprising only to the states that deny work and money to all.
and in states/nations that denied employment some are not employed (eg USA, UK, EURO). This is blameed on the denied-work unemployed in such neurotic states as is against their law but is covered up by the police and courts and not acted-on as they are corrupt and criminal supporting states (and so , for the truely educated beyond chimp: the governments have made them selves redundant).

so then, seasonal greetings of your gods rather than our gods.

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