Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Jews for Again, with american support

Jews for again.
psyhiatric ward debunk!
for inmates who though that means we are jews, the medicine is at the supply point. take it this time.
gyno-skitzo? vid.
so whos the mug?
iz the one with whorey prude innit?

their fantasy.
so their agenda.
their fetish.

52 cards of sexual topic interest in the deck.
suck up your one and theres!
nambla will indulge you if you are prepared to accept such interests as we are not.
but for such interests to be interesting to you; you must first be a prude frigid bitch hostile to adult sex of the biological science of adult humans or else you wont be interested in the substitutions offered as a pitch, like the sluts are not interested in it. they go dogging instead and seduce males into it as well as that interests them instead of something else in its place. that is because they are not psychiatrically disturbed as with nature they became biological adults instead of hating it. this means they were and are normal unlike the abnormal and not normal-type of mental-patient should-bes.

we are warm. this is because of insulation and maybe 'heating' if we had to. our agents are warm and this is good news to us,,,that is because of heating.
and our efforts.

happy winter-solstice and solstice times vid. yin yang, yin female passive submissive to yang; yang male dominant assertive instigatior - is hormones not mystery. is adult capable for sex in compatable biological joinings expecially fuck vagina with penis and cum it it, which is ultimately survival of the said species... unlike those hostile to nature. too bad.

her subconcious will as the rubbish is not available.vid

female submits herself to rape japo vid. hot., as like mills-and-boon erotic-stories for females and the best-sellers to the female-market for cash - if you wanna stay in the running - has to meet the female biggist-fetish interest in market-terms. ie female is taken and used and forced to have sex by male (often a ludicous joke and unreal stereotype male) ie unreal version. universal yin!
good job they put up the signs for this daughter of yin(western) to find them!

a bit-normal to pull-back the devient against-science jokes, of the pyschiatric ward. vid.
music. enya again, delight in nature, female yin. officially: Rivers Sing.

king without a sword, the land without a king.
as later enshrined in capitalism, beloved of prude gyno-skizophrenic & creeps.
for dysgenic reason made favoured by the scum. Some lands have no brave king.
and some have a collective comrades. others...have no law, no order in force... and pander to the psychopatics and ,psychotic that they should lead them and represnet them and become them. (barbarization instead of civilization).

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