Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Yin Yang Human Biology and harmonious way

yin and yang illumination
into the harmonious compatability of gender.

the adult hormones released though increasing adultization as is the will and design of nature create alteration of the hard-wiring to attempt a completion of adult of the species.

the adultized female body is designed to be sexual attractive and available for all males and is made for them, and not for the female herself or other females sexual interest.
This scientific fact is often overlooked by the more anti-science unenlightened.
regression to childhood levels is not natural but artificial and pyschiologically distrubed and missaligned to the obvious intention.

all that opposes non-theory science is wrong is as much as it deviates from practicle repeatable biological science.

both guard sperm in the male to mix in the same female vagina with other males sperm, and also the female high orgasms timing compared to the ejaculatory defeined male orgasm and libedo do harmonize with multiple sex or group sex and not with the myth of human monogamy.

science our side!
pre-scientific era barberians belong in the pre-scientific era. This awareness and practice is the next advance of the collective humanity.

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