Saturday, 19 December 2009

Their God's Party as people freeze to death (seasonal greetings)

Greetings from your God as you let people die of cold this season!

not to be understood as one of our gods! no no!

but such is the prude frigid chick who exiles herself from public ownership.
(whore, delusional pretend not whore, still for money).

speaking of which is the ice maiden, the ice now-virgin as she became...
who awaits the unwise and unwarey, and requires their support and votes to kill them.

no intelligent beings would speak or deal with her; so intelligent beings did not.
have happy party time and enjoy good things minus the adult-sex stolen by the ice maiden daughters.

update: 22 dec.
They have a King. (but their understanding of one)
4 days before this article:
Prince Willian UK sleeps rough on london streets December 15 2009.

Prince William has slept rough on London's streets in freezing temperatures to raise awareness of a charity's work with homeless young people.

Centrepoint chief executive Seyi Obakin invited the prince, who is the charity's patron, to share the experience of a young person sleeping rough on the streets on December 15.

Prince William and Mr Obakin, along with the prince's private secretary, slept on cardboard boxes next to Blackfriars Bridge.

Prince William said: "I cannot, after one night, even begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough on London's streets night after night.

"Poverty, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependancy and family breakdown cause people to become and then stay homeless."

He added: "Centrepoint's work - along with many other organisations' - in tackling these fundamental causes is desperately important if we are ever to end homelessness in this country."

Mr Obakin said: "It did not occur to me that Prince William would take up this challenge."

the king and the land are one!

Prince Harry UK removed from frontline Helmand Afghanistan 2 months earlier due to media compromisation of security. feb 2008

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