Saturday, 2 January 2010

Assisted-Ethics Barter of the insane-Cartoonist

Story, News.
danish Mohammed Cartoonist attacked. Axeman somali with link Al Shabaab /AQ trys to smash into panic room, hurls axe at politi-police who shoot him in arm and leg.
Times uk. bathroom made into fortress and panic button; police resonce 3 min.
october 30 alert 2009 incident.
criminal slanderer-Libalist had it comming.
No law in lawless zone, until The Law showed up.
Mystery! danger to cruelty! also mystery.

Ethics bartering night of terror, as required by the
criminal-supporting and abusive society having
fallen into the violent ward in its prude-skizophrenia
and misanthropy.

It seems Meccan humorist Mohammed had a
profound arabian sence of humor not appreciated
by the barbarians. humor as they say, differs.

so who was the funniest?

jason trash nearly got trashed?
that is funniest.

such is an assisted-ethics pitch of the barterist west
and the driver of not just 'assissted ethics' in practice but also
in time a driver for the rule of law. as was fake in the west and
thrown away but pretended not.
the danger of criminality and the abusive-slander-cruelty mindset of
the prude-capitalist nations; the fall of barberizm to the Goddess of Shariah.

not worth a wall and temples of venus and temple sex law day to them!
beasts of the anti-science anti-biology feminist west in fear of their own
deviated mind pathology?

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