Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alien Social-Club-Embassy Raelean-2035 somewhere

Inside the Raelian 2035~ce Alien Social-Club
really niced place!

(another 2nd version of it is made visitable by earthlings & raelians) and is expected to be bigger than mecca- saudi arabia as a tourist an devotee holiday resort.

soo has a fuck-orgy garden in the middle of the doughnut
(winning universal idea there!)
houses for aliens with steel-ish doors to preserve anon
surrounding facilities and gardens and walls.
and alien craft landing pads... of course¬!

sleep-fuck rooms!
water thing for those sorts of visiters who like water. (squiddos that means you!)
but try getting them removed from the place! they will bring there own fish colonies and crap colonies with them for eat eat. see if they dont.

nosh nosh food-intake room!! (a must ofcourse for living ones)
eating-snouting-trough grunt-room (well it is with some of them)... others are more sophistifated ofcourse until the legion turns up and put there snouts in the food....not soo sophizticated types. when they climb on the tables butts in the air shoveling food into their open snouts you know they iz alien-legion going snurk snurk but boy can they put away the callories no other species wanted to eat up!
think vacume cleaner....

most raelings hoping for elohim white-ladies (ha! iannnaz!) and not the chain-link space-nomads (pleaze gods) but Rael iz ok with just anyone turning up frankly... big earthling deal. even gray iz good (anal-bungings aside not-matter)

soo like when Rael the racing driver was alien abducted iz like make peace pro-adult message or iz the anal-probe so Rael goes for the big message; others note! not wrong really... finally an earthing who prefers the give pro-sex message!
knew it would be in time like.... random encounters thing....

other news;
Khazakstan builds an alien resort for ETs and earthlings. smart move there....

ASTANA – Kazakhstan is attempting to be the first nation to publicly welcome extraterrestrial visitors!

According to Express K, a Kazakh newspaper, the Republic of Kazakhstan is preparing to build the world’s first UFO base and alien embassy. It is being reported that the government has allocated a large portion of land near the city of Almaty for the project. The plans include a UFO landing pad, guesthouse and translation service. How the translation program will be created was not made clear.

Ufologists are applauding the government, which openly believes that contact with extraterrestrials is inevitable and is attempting to establish the nation as forward-thinking. Others are criticizing the project as being an obvious tourism ploy.

poll april 2009 largest poll: The base will be built and the aliens will come 44%

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