Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BG2 Baldur's Gate 2 Power-Teams multiplayer Vesta-window fun

Power Teams for BG2
computer gameing baldur's gate 2 types of game, RPG D&D games.

for vesta ; congfigue options graphic/display as play in window.
then after intro can put it back to full screen!
(before final save put back to play in window for next time easy-use)

Power Team 1 (newbies) Survial
1 Tank
Halfling Fighter
Sword & Shield 2, -4 AC missile.
longsword other. tower-shield.
max warrior stats; dex 19, con 18, str 17 (halfling max). good resistences spell/luck/poisen too!

2 Butcher
Half-Orc Fighter
dual weild katanas
3 in dual-weapon
max warrior stats: Str 19, con 19, dex 18
big damage giver.

3 Archer
Elf, longbow
5 longbow, 1 longsword
max str 18, dex 19 (con 17 elf max).
strength for composite longbows. he is a wizard-slayer anyway!

4 Bounty-hunter (for the traps) or rogue/scout/trap-remover.
halfling rogue specialist
shortsword and sling
max dex 19, con 18

5 Sorcerer
max charisma (so swap this chick over before buy from shops to #1) 18
a spell chucker. max wizdom too, int.
sling then staff.
fireball, summon fodder. (wizards-eye scout ; draw fire)

6 first slot, Baal as Cleric
if this one goes down the whole party does so move to place 6 with tank swap.
she can resurect and heal and stone-to-flesh the others.
max wizdom 18, intel, then con, dex.
sword and shield
sling shot and club (or mace, or flail)
healing, stop poison, more healings, raise dead, summon cannon-fodder.

go with lawful-good for the high-reputation and cheap goods.

Power Team #2 Elf-Scythian-Bows
1 same tank (might go her a wizard-slayer fighter for magic-resist)
2 same butcher. (if 1 a wiz-slay then her a kensai for equip distribution high-hit)
3-6 elf archers! same as 3. leathel, baal-child as elf archer at the back no.6 swap.
for traps, send tank then butcher in to trip them, have baal-child special-powers star stop-poisen on them, rest till healed.

Power Team #3 Uruk-Hai!
melee fast fun.
all 6;
half-orc, max warrior stat, barberian butchers as 2.
rest till heal ; options click-anyway (works), avoid mages and rest for their protective-magicks to wear-off then storm them. move fast and fun.
have and keep healing potions in ready-slots. rod of ressurection.
weapons dual weilded?
1 longswords
2 katanas
3 axes
4 clubs (or maces)
5 scimitars (or flails)
6 daggers (if go evil later slayer)

have second weapon slot for a normal not magical version for high-skill hit with over magical protection from magical-weapons. and fall back fire/acid/cold types of weapons too.

some custom portraits (left-click on, right-click save-as/copy; put in paint (paste) and save-as, ie orc1L orc 1S for large and small picture-fotos;soo is same with small easy differenciate)

bg2 weapon-spec right-hand colom by-type. game banshee.

general bg2 item list overview. iron works.
more fun than chicks giving birth!

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