Saturday, 6 March 2010

Nude Art Reality-Check! 101 Eros and Porne literal meanings

Nude Art reality-check! 101

What do the words Porn and Erotic literaly mean?

This is an area of subjective confusion, so let us go back to their origins:

Aphrodite Porne is where the word Porn comes from and means sex-goddess penis-lover or slut enjoying cock.
That is penis-sex with woman.

already we can see the puritan drift! what penis sex? is a valid question.
This was for the sake of sexual devotion and sexual enjoyment, and considered itself devotional and pious to the Goddess Aphrodite/Venus. That is : religious!
yes religious attitudes differ too.

Erotic comes from the word Eros, the God of Sexual Love. This means the erotic is of the Sexual Act, which is penis-vagina sexual intercourse... but in this case as an expression of love rather than the primordial Aphrodite Porne.
what sexual-intercourse? another valid question.

As biological adult-hormone needs, both are scientifically acceptable practices.
soft-core porn would thus be a woman perfoming fellatio ; hardcore porn would be cock and pussy fucking. (same with Erotic, but in a different expression).

Art Nude. yes it is not literal porn at all (as now you can understand).
Its still Art, not good-old porn! (non-subjective literal meaning).
Erotic Photos-fotos. (they think it is soft-core porn, but it is not) no sex, not even fellatio! Lacks penis.

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