Saturday, 13 March 2010

Melanin-production for UV-sunlight geographic-zones

UV-light levels over the earth in march (of the sun-equinox mid-point of the solar-year cycle).

Melanin is a biological skin-pigmentation produced by anthropological-ancestry grouping; which gives sun-protection where needed at the price of decreased vitamin production (including the anti-cancer fighting D3 immune-system).
This means there is a racial harmony with UV-light levels and therefor location being the designated planetary uv zone strip or bands for correct melanin levels.

UV radiation, earth, nasa. 2000-2001. picture-fotos.
Melanin britannica. capitalist limitation of knowledge though fee-price.
Human skin-tone, wiki data (melanin). inc. political mythology.
Melanin light-absorbtion graph.

Dianas ) historical-social error and misalignment. tech gunk.
The same capitalist-imperialist liberal slavers who colonized other uv-band locations for greed (a failed female mentality personified in the conquistadora) are the same capitalist-PC-liberal slavers who are colonizing again though multi-racial multi-cultral immigration (emmigration slaver-imperialism is the same as immigration low-wage slaving - organized by the same unscientific barberian establishment slaver-gangs. ie poor-whites were-are little more than slaves of these PC-liberal feminist Dianas (easy-call; ianna) and did-not own slaves; liberal-aristo capitalist men and women did own slaves.

(There error-mentality and approach forbids any true natural harmony and global united-as-a-chain of many colors, races and uv-zones. they are too preditory-parasitic exploitationist and have not fundamentaly changed there psyhopathic pathology). (ie: favoured-tyrant king of fools)
. aka frigid-slaver mistake of ignoring the biological-make-up of humans and becoming biologically-non-harmonious or anti-human.

science our side! fine with us.

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