Tuesday, 16 March 2010

hay niger! Niggers and their opposers! Jewish Slavers

Hay Niger!
that means you Nigger!

this is a african word for an afrikan people (lit the Nigers), nations (niger nigeria...have a map?) and language = Niger ; also Niger-Congoize ; with strong niger influence in Amharic (you rastas).
(other than the semitized areas by carthage and islam and Judean moloch-christ depravitys). a word to reclaim... or there is no afrika!

A black people needs no coverings as their skin is the true gods covering from the sun!
one god cannot supply all!
smell the coffee!

and gifted to them is the orc-blessing of heat-resistance and strength of combat and running and blessed of the sun god for the land they are in, instead of the cursed ones!

kill kill eat eat and be-merry, and you have friends over the interwebs!
eat-flesh make-happy feeling yes-yes kill-kill eat-eat happy-happy bad-bad gone gone uck-uck ding-ding shak-shak ork-ork! eat-bad eat-bad good-make good-make!

march 16 riot in Uzalem. no barbicues though, go to sleep.

Pali have fun no-eat dead Uzalem.
kike shit worship frigid-bitch diana at new joke-temple hurva until made fodder.
Obama not like jew expansion into east jew-lands. eat eat cook cook make obama ok.
sem scum upset joke congress who can only whimper and bitch-boy! boo hoo.
kike-jew waco spin.
isreal insult leg-bite biden not punched in face yet. use kevlar dusters obama, big spikes make overstandings ok!
Jews free-fuck aryan-slave women. should fuck-em not slaves though.
Jews brokers slavery, wiki.
more on sem-shem jews slaving, aryan complaints.

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