Sunday, 14 March 2010

Goddess of Jews rebuilds the Hurva; ides of march! Her 3rd Temple Next...

The Goddess of Jews (no less) has seen fit to rebuild the Hurva 1701 synagogue-school in Jeruzalem.
official opening event 15th March 2010 ce; being the ides of march...pregnant with foreboding and omens.

built-in prophecy means its rebuilding sets the way for the rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple to afore-mentioned Goddess of Jews; according to legend and folklore.

Police ready for clashes after Big Tits latest wonder.
"Fatah official urges Palestinians to "converge on Al-Aksa."
Jerusalem’s historic Hurva Synagogue, which was last destroyed by Jordan’s Arab Legion on May 25, 1948, and has been rebuilt after nearly a decade of construction, will be rededicated during a ceremony in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter on Monday evening.

While festivities kicked off on Sunday with the welcoming of a Torah scroll into the renewed house of prayer, Monday evening’s ceremony will be the official reopening of the Hurva, which was first built in 1701 and has been destroyed and rebuilt twice."

Netty not attending Hurva opening after 62 years a ruin.
The prime minister will address crowds at the Hurva ceremony by video instead. The diplomat who spoke to Arutz Sheva would not divulge the exact content of Netanyahu's address, but hinted, "we're not sure that the nationalists are going to like what he intends to say"
more on Hurva..... pravda link.

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