Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Independant Solar-systems? Chain-link/auto-indip aux

would space-nomads even need a planet system after being able to travel such distances of inter-stella travel?

prob answer= no
so why need take over?
answer also = not

free-trade=earthling enslavement. stupid idea at even that level.. (an earthling one). da iz sum ighur uns

giggle giggle:
you know; there are sooo many ways to enslave you .... military-invasion fetish
(big heap bitch-bash major method of comprehended metholody of sub-human didnt-fuck lozer-exiles); trade-suzeranity/politik hijack - if semitic or aryan loser establishment types will go for it/jew-feminist etc... all this misses your genius talents to fuck up and be let loose upon others! (which is a bizzar skill to over-look the appauling possiblities of slave-invader-frigid iannas unless you get tech-aligned and make good. sure sure.) might not last as an appeal as per biological considerations usurping wacko-semitic-fantasy...finally)

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