Sunday, 21 March 2010

UAF and the Evening Star; Bolton UK counter-edl anti-islaam

counter-EDL's anti-islaam protest in UK Manchester Bolton march 2010 by UAF (supported by lib-lab-cons)

another jewish golem.
(frankenstein's monster).

anti-fascism (anti-state order) was originally created by the USSR 'Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee', controlled by the KGB (HQ KGB-hq Moscow). (stalin era). agents operational in America and UK....

the anti-biological homo-dyke flag (capitalist-liberalism) stands alongside the red flags of jewish Marxism (anti-state/anti-socialist-state), and union flags (fasci) (not union jacks).

the pro-israel multi-race EDL claims to be against militant or extremist islam only and islamic expansion, and jihad and mojihadin...but not against islam.
This is an islamic myth...that they have bought into, or rather, been sold into as slaves; slave dogs of diana.

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