Friday, 26 March 2010

EuroPol - intelligence serious-organiszed-crime europe

Intelligence counter
serious organized-crime europe.

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EuroPol website.
history of europol.
"Europol, the European Police Office, was set up in 1992 to handle Europe-wide criminal intelligence. It is based in The Hague of the Netherlands, and its staff includes representatives of the national law enforcement agencies (police, customs, immigration services, etc.).
  1. drug trafficking
  2. immigration networks

  3. vehicle trafficking

  4. trafficking in human beings including child pornography

  5. forgery of money and other means of payment

  6. trafficking in radioactive and nuclear substances

  7. terrorism

Europa; european police office europol.

Street address:
Raamweg 47
The Hague
The Netherlands

Postal address:
PO Box 90850
NL-2509 LW The Hague

tel + 31 70 302 5000
fax + 31 70 345 5896

Links to national police.!

uk express newspaper in a flap...expect them around 2am

2008 europol management board meeting.

eu vote watch. indip.

youtube: organized crime Carbon-Credit scam.

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