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Rastafari overstanding

Rastafari overstanding;

link and info; house of jah rising sun.
"Haile Selassie IRasta, or the Rastafari movement, is a religion that accepts Haile Selassie I, the former Emperor of Ethiopia, as God incarnate, whom they call Jah.

To follow and worship JAH Rastafari is to find, spread and "trod" the unique path to which each individual Rasta was rightfully born. The movement is difficult to categorize, because Rastafari is not a centralized organization. Individual Rastafari work out their religion for themselves, resulting in a wide variety of doctrines nevertheless also covered under the general umbrella of Rastafari.

Rastas say that Haile Selassie will call the Day of Judgement, when the righteous shall return home to Mount Zion, identified with Africa, to live forever in peace, love, and harmony. In the meantime the Rastas call to be repatriated to Africa. Repatriation, the desire to return to Africa after 400 years of slavery, is central to Rastafari doctrine. The first Rastas, living on a Caribbean island, dreamed of the possibilities of Africa."

This doctrine places negros within their rightful UV-light nature-zones.

"Overstanding" replaces "understanding" to denote an enlightenment which places one in a better position.

"There are two types of Rasta religious ceremonies. A reasoning is a simple event where the Rastas gather; smoke ganja; and discuss ethical, social and religious issues. The person honoured by being allowed to light the herb says a short prayer beforehand, and it is passed in a clockwise fashion except in time of war it is passed counterclockwise. A binghi or grounation is a holy day; the name binghi is derived from Nyabinghi, believed to be an ancient, and now extinct, order of militant blacks in eastern Africa that vowed to end oppression. Binghis are marked by much dancing, singing, feasting and the smoking of ganja, and can last for several days.
Some important dates when grounations may take place are:
January 7 - Orthodox (Ethiopian) Christmas
February 6 - Bob Marley's birthday
April 21 - The anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I's visit to Jamaica. Also known as Grounation Day.
July 23 - The birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I
August 17 - The birthday of Marcus Garvey
November 2 - The coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I"

Bob Marley Africa Unite. youtube music.

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