Saturday, 1 May 2010

Walpurgis Witches...

UkThousands join [a Black Mass of] Beltane (Walpurgis) event Scotland (where the Beltane fires have continued from druid times) 

"The participatory arts and drama event symbolises the beginning of summer [or popular recognition of] and celebrates an ancient Celtic festival.
Beltane 2010, which was held on Calton Hill in Edinburgh on Friday night, featured dancing, a costumed parade, drumming and fire.".... - BBC.

"[Shinto nature-worshippers] Japanese Taiko drummers are to join this year's [summer] rituals at the annual Beltane Festival in Edinburgh. [most welcome!]
Mugen Taiko Dojo fuses the ancient Japanese spiritual practice, traditionally used to frighten away evil spirits, with Celtic traditions.
Beltane 2010, which is held on Calton Hill, is expected to be a sell-out as the party falls on Friday night.
A crowd of 12,000 people is expected to watch the pagan-inspired spring ritual, which starts at 2130 BST."

"Rob Sproul-Cran, Beltane Festival producer, said: "It may seem worlds apart, but Beltane is all about a modern telling of an ancient tradition - the Mugen Taiko Dojo is exactly the same.[Shinto]
"We're very excited that they will be performing at this year's Beltane. This unique collaboration was too good to miss." 

Heresy: [including Blasphemy - a Black Mass!]
"During the event the Green Man [of vegitation/green plants that has burst into bloom!] is killed off [yet nature has revived] as the horned god of winter [winter is the ice maiden of the night moon frigid diana] and is reborn as spring [its summer ; spring was feb 1 ; the high- point was equinox march 21 'easter' did you miss it?  i guess you did welcome to summer time] to consort with the May Queen." [who is Venus/Aphrodite/Freya/Morrigan of the erect penis worship and loving!! Did you fuck for her?]... BBC.

With Nature!
Note this: 1st; May Day is 9 months from the spring Feb 1 ; of the lambing-birthing and milk-making festival of the druids ) of goddess of the dark horned-one black-jack (stubby-antler discarded; Kernu (kernunos)); goddess is midwife brigantia (bride/brigid/brigit) of the spring.
So the festival of the fires of summer and the erect penis was an impregnation festival... 
[of genetic-deversity/random and so the better than monogomists/married-exclusive-whore cults]

Excluding the poor/unemployed/pesants from popular folk festivities? what innovation is this?
 State indocrination-schooling orders? of the establishment? (if ancinet or middle ages pagans/witches/druids cared over the RC state feeling and respectablity or disrepute then they would have stayed at home as good girls of the evil one)
Don't pay the scrooger-frigid capitalist-slave(rs); make your own festival!! [move when oppressed by the henchmen/dogs of diana/police to pastures and glades-groves new found)....Druid events were free for all!!
"...Tickets for Beltane cost £6 in advance from The Forest in Bristo Square and Ripping Records on South Bridge and are £8 on the night."- state owned BBC. as acceptable to the State Regulations, of the politions elected by voters.

[this language: international-ish English, human speech*] 
orcs disagree over what comprehended-human-speech really-is viz human-capablities.  anyway, youtube helms deep to classical music. 'slander-crime-criminal, battery-assault-crime-law', intimidation-assault-crime-criminal-opposed by law enforcement/supported by crime gangs/police' and other such mental difficulties of the fical-whimsical retarded inept and incompetant-unable (for mental-health reasons).

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