Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Earth really is 3rd from the Sun honest!

As Exchel'ach'achim duack kah'Him shall der'tukul'aki KH'ada said (ie Chain Mz Excel officer to Earth)
"Sepecies differ, we must accommodate this and leave 'em to it, 'ow about a fuck? I'm gaggin for one"
This ancienct wisdom guides us well.
This also means, we can trust in the science of speices to progress over lenghs of time.

weird earth cult. wiki
forum topic thing. what ever ism.
Some Bug-eyed bastard Matriarachal-cunt called Xenu- the some-what genocidal-nut- viz The Galactic-Confed very-old. (ianna).
But as the chain has always said there is no galactic fedo who cannot be blackmailed though sex or bribes!
this is an incredibally ancient wisdom to work for the higher good comminality of all species!!
good good. 

[as it was said by Nikado masKsha'i'kad'himuk kul ka dam'min (cuk ca ca'dadi um shall shad ik a dab dab uk fuko waz) (also waz waz ikaa ikka!) also known as (Nikado Waz Waz Ika) or Ikaa ikka:
"all shall realign with biology! ...Theres!... not others!!"

 SONG:  act of mating (biology ok)song youtube 'nothing but mammels'. Biology-Breeder-Driver the sacred god of horns and creation of nature? all types of welcome!
Your females are given for your sexual needs given by nature to use and they love-it!!
(not femmanist anti-species dead-ites extinion-ist for  elimiation-resentments of their-enslaved matriarchal no-goods)

[yeah well Nikado waz waz ika ukahidikh da shadkahsha also said that all femalesmust neel before any erect penis they see]
And he was right! chain chain!

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