Saturday, 29 May 2010

Map of ancient Efez (Efes, Ephesos, Ephesus) as in the bible NT.. west-coast Turkey, ghost-city!

Map of Ephesus-Efez in its former eras (these days a ruin). click for big version, save if want as free-use image (as all on this blog are)! (I didnt say i was just the images)

What Happened to the Ghost-City?
Ephesus - the second largest city in the Roman Empire, 3rd largest library in the Roman Empire (Celsus), with a wonder of the world (Temple of Diana-Artemis), fell into ruin and was abandoned to be a ghost-city! This was because of the silting of the harbor (which is now 3 miles inland!!) - good for fertile farming, bad for commerce; though they did try in vain to dredge it; they were fighting against the forces of nature and the gods. They called it quits (except the local farmers - though even they were moved to Selcuk near the Temple Diana sunken-Field (as it is now) which floods into a pool of Diana, as the moving silting river created marsh-lands for mosquitos and malaria.
Sure the Goths  burnt it to the ground in 262 ce but Ephesus was used to this as long as the harbor could still be used! Some-times the goddess of nature wins.

link has photo-foto of modern-ruin ephesus, Efez, Izmir-provence Turkey. place of the 7 sleepers of the Quran (and in previous Catholic/OrthodoxChristian legend).
a map of Ephesus.
another map.
color map.

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