Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Understanding Nature/Harvest - Corn Dolly protectoress of the reseeding

Understanding the ancient basis of the harvest (of crops for food) music (something good)

1 farmer (fields ploughed by the horsemen horsewhispers ploughmen)
2 harvesters (fascists) who cut the crop into bundles (fasci) and left insitu a grain core in the centre of the feild for reseeding (the corn dolly).
3 threshers, in the threshing yard who bashed the fasci-bundles of stalks to extract the grain-pods into the collectors of grain.
(3b the used stalks were made into mobile corn dollies)
4 miller of the mill who ground the grain into flour powder using mill-stone grinders powered by the wind (wind mill), water (water mill) or oxen (old method). even older and more rural methods use humans grinding the rocks on top of the other to turn the grain into flour.
5 The baker. He takes flour and adds water and turns it into dough 6. with  yeast added this is baked in an oven to make bread 7.

Corn dollies were displayed as symbols of the protectoress of the next harvest. This pagan custom was adopted and christianized by the old state churches.

industrial machines such as threshers and combine harvesters replaced the threasters and fascists.

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