Monday, 24 May 2010

online vigil for Freedom Flotilla (ship to gaza etc) relief convoy (shrine links & magic)

Diana, it is said, is a protectoress of sailors! (where as aphrodite was a guiding light for them)
Enclosed some Ephesia Grammata magic (enigmata) ; more or less as translated in the 1st Centuary BC.
(ie click picture for big version, free use ofcourse [its not sex]).
ok i know, its gibberish (almost unless you link it with Young's tongues personality-intergration thing), but contains the mystery of pythagorian symbolism-allegory err well, its old magic from the first millenium BC anyhows. So it has that going for it at least!

"Nine vessels carrying passengers and cargo have set sail from Ireland, Greece and Turkey and are headed for the beleaguered Gaza Strip to break Israel's naval blockade on the territory. "
- Q & A over the Freedom-Flotilla ships to Gaza relief-convoy. - Gulf News.

Safe Conduct.
online Shrines for prayers of safe vouyge. As follows:
Diana of Efez (Ephesos/Ephesus). The Divine One (its what Diana means! honest!) old speak, Div-ios~
El Shad'dai (a shekhinah!). The Shekhinah more like!
zombie, cranberries (song bard music) (a legion fav... even lava who think it guidence complement)
goddess chant (wiccan). or for pictures:here.
Diana four-lights of the world auspicious.

Virgin Ephesus (diana)  t-shirt (long-sleaved). zazzel. ie the virgin top (based on efez artemis-diana)
makes a nice chaste gift for self, daughter, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, pass it on gift to friend etc.

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