Sunday, 9 May 2010

The chance of PR in UK 2010

PR issue:
"A change from Britain's first-past-the-post election system to a form of proportional representation, which matches the national share of the vote more closely to seats in parliament, has long been a central plank of Liberal Democrat policy.
The center-left party has said securing some kind of commitment on electoral reform would be crucial to any deal with the Conservatives, who are firmly opposed to proportional representation."
.."The Lib Dems say it leaves them under-represented in the House of Commons relative to their share of the national vote. They received an estimated 23 percent of the national vote in Thursday's election but only 9 percent of seats.

A YouGov poll for The Sunday Times carried out after the election showed 62 percent of voters favored a more proportional system of voting.

This was backed up by a BPIX poll for The Mail on Sunday, which found 60 percent would prefer proportional representation rather than the current system.

The Sunday Telegraph quoted an ICM poll which found 48 percent of voters favored a move to PR and 39 percent backed the current system."

- Link, reuters.

..."Labour says Mr Brown is ready to negotiate with Mr Clegg if his talks with David Cameron collapse, offering him immediate legislation to hold a referendum on changing the voting system. However, they acknowledge that his presence at the table could prove a stumbling block for Mr Clegg, who has made clear he would not prop up Mr Brown as Prime Minister."...
- Link Independant newspaper.

Milliband bookies favourate in labour leadership contest.
info on PR systems.

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