Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gobekli Tepe and Efez(us) Turkey, like a bee to flower

Diana (Deana) of Ephez. Istanbul Archeology Museum.
Gobekli Tepe (wiki) ancient T and crosses cared with animal motifs.
sky buriels practiced at gobekli tete according to a vultures & corpse motif. (~as in iran)

development of art. 

music; youtuber, lily allen No Fair, one for Diana w/c Venus. audio
visusal version, with intro after. also dedicated to yIsrael and Netty of Likud-con.

Virgin t-shirt long-sleaved, (like Diana of Ephesus, the amazons who founded ancient efez spent their time hiding from Hercules (the strong/turk) and Dionysus who wanted to fuck them). more obvious than a purity ring.

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