Sunday, 9 May 2010

Balance of Power; King-Maker; PR-vote represntation of +50% vote coalition

Balance of Power!
the needed lib-dem support in UK 2010 election.
or it will go to re-election with no certain outcome!

Vote Representation: +50% or -50%?  %Preportional-Representation
should a gov (and limited gov) be of a coalition (if needed) for +50% of the vote ? (and electors' vote representation!) - Yes +50%
should minority% one-party rule exist  - No -50%

Two chambers: National and Regional?
1 So then, full national PR for National-Forum-Reasons in forum-one? (house one)
2 Regional PR in Regional-second-forum as check of concerns in forum-two? (also therefore elected) (house two).

balance of power, wiki. mainly uk.

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