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Humanitarian Relief Convoy runs Israel Navy Blockade of Gaza Strip (Ship to Gaza, Freedom Flotilla)

Humanitarian Supply convey of citizens' attempts to break-though the yIsrael Navy blockade of Gaza, carrying circa 10 000 tons of gear (inc prefab houses, water filtration, medical and clinic, reconstruction of homes material).  yIsrael offered to take the supplys so it could take what it wanted for free, but organizers insist it is not intended for yIsraeli Jews [cf 'canada' Aushwitz). In order to limit world media attention, yIsrael is intending to intcercept the relief convoy in international waters, seen as a cunning trick.

This recalls the time when Winston Churchel attemped to starve to dead the occupied citizens of the channel islands (for following british govt advice) and the other war-crime-order for the british navey to sink the red-cross reflief ship which bravely ran the blockade after the navey prefered to be unable to stop the ship than carry the can for him.

International citizen Freedom-Flotilla. fotos. flicker.

"the sanctions are collective measures that do not sufficiently distinguish between civilians and military, in violation of the 1977 amendment to the Geneva Conventions protocols." wiki.
 and 2007-2010 so far Israel blockade of gaza..

yIsraeli yachters launch counter protest to the 9 ship aid convoy. Haaretz. may 23 2010

Yet again the UN claims it is unable to do anything, soo to the USA and EU. This helplessness is not new and unsurpriseing.

The Sanhedrin, yIsrael. 
"Translation from Hebrew of the 30 Tishrei, 5770 (18 October 2009) statement:"
"Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

An Immediate Injunction to Prohibit the U.N. Security Council from discussing the Goldstone Report
The Court of the Sanhedrin in this document is issuing an immediate injunction to prohibit the U.N. Security Council and any other U.N. forum from reviewing the Goldstone Report.
We expect the Secretary-General of the United Nations to make a public statement immediately suspending any further discussion of the Goldstone Report, to announce that it has been set aside, and to set up an investigative committee agreed upon by the sides to the war that will determine by mutual agreement the background to the outbreak of the Israeli Defense Force’s operation in Gaza, known as “Operation Cast Lead”, and will revise the U.N. charter and the laws of war with regard to the fight against terror organizations and terrorist states.
Avoiding this responsibility revokes the legitimacy of the United Nations as a fair and representative organization to bring peace and defeats the mission for which it was established..."
- link for full statement, eng. Hebrew בית הדין של הסנהדרין.

Amnesty International version. Gaza/yIsrael
"On 27 December 2008, without warning, Israeli forces began a devastating bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip codenamed Operation “Cast Lead”. Its stated aim was to end rocket attacks into Israel by armed groups affiliated with Hamas and other Palestinian factions. By 18 January 2009 some 1,400 Palestinians had been killed and large areas of Gaza had been razed to the ground. Amnesty International believes that the deaths of so many unarmed civilians and the manner in which they came under attack demand a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the conduct of all parties in the conflict."

Swedish Governers capitulate to anti-GenCon lobby.(cf yIsraeli Suzeranity & chain-of-command)
"Mehmet Kaplan of the Green Party of Sweden requested a meeting with the Foreign Minister, along with Ship to Gaza spokespersons Dror Feiler and Mattias Gardell, in order to discuss which security measures the Swedish government plans to take. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has still not responded to any of the questions. As the convoy is setting sail this weekend, Ship to Gaza-Sweden wishes to emphasize how important a response from the government is regarding this matter. Especially since the Israeli media is reporting that the Swedish Ambassador to Israel has informed the Israeli government that she and the Swedish government intend to discourage Swedish citizens from participating in the Freedom Flotilla’s peaceful, lawful, humanitarian convoy. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and several other human rights organizations have all condemned the blockade. Furthermore, the director of U.N. relief operations in Gaza, John Ging, welcomes initiatives such as Ship to Gaza, in order to break the blockade." - Palestine Telegraph.

Freedom Flotilla, ignored by capitulated Western Press Lobby (cf), Due to Arrive in Gaza 28 May 2010 Friday (dark).
"In a press release on Sunday, the campaign said that the ships are moving according to an arranged plan, adding that three of the ships are carrying 10,000 tons of aid and the others are carrying more than 750 passengers.
It added that the nine ships will meet off the coast of Cyprus before starting to sail together towards the shores of Gaza to arrive on the evening of May 28." - Ikhwanweb.

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