Tuesday, 11 May 2010

5 year Gov (referendum on Voting reform) AV-ish Con-Lib Pact 2010 election

Stable for 5 years gov in the uk seems to de-facto now in a Con-Lib pact (which delivers an impressive majority!)

short-term  but unstable Lib-Lab-SNP-(321)+SDLP (-green) etc-ism might have got PR pushed in (good for liberals and manifesto!) but going to country  in 6-8-12-24 months? who knows?
(not even the Divine knows that one).
plus time waits on the Milliband or Millband leadership contest...hmmm who will it be? do you know? 7 weeks, well no thanks.

Part of the problem is Labours shopping-overspending by 160-170 billion (of 600-700 billion spends) which is somehow allowed in UK but not good for them. Daddy wants his credit card back (has cancelled it at the bank). spanky time!
people know whos fault that was, even if the bank of england doesnt. (but did they vote labour then?) no i dont think so. Sft (so and them)

a few links.
wales online.
again, tories pitch election reform, good puller. the here and now!
Real Changes, daily mirror uk (jewish).
hard-core libs and PRers will be dissapointed in the no-deal 'no pure-PR and who cares', but Deputy-PM Cleggo has delivered a step (with the cons on board!! - is that really true?) over the previous.

Gunk Tech Common-Parliament (ie Gov)
650 seats means half of it is 325; so majority is 326, but minus 5 Sinn Fein (boycott do not acknowledge UK parliament as legitamate) to 323 maj AND the -5 officers of parliament (strange i know) making it 321 majority. easy sailing in Con-Lib pact.

(obviously officers of the parliament should be appointed (elected by forum) as others than reps ie MPS, but they do it their ancient way at the moment) which is throw-back to the middle-ages 'we have to do it ourselves' issue which is no longer is the case; and now could hire folk to do it instead allowing better voting representation ie all MPs get to vote!!
(except the SF boycotters ofcourse)


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