Friday, 7 May 2010

A Well Hung Parliament UK 2010 vote Results!. Deal Makers

Lib-dem goes up with Ann Span over in Gravesham Kent england uk. 3rd.

Alliance  +1 MP (first) (lib-dem aux Northern Ireland).
Green     +1 MP (first) (green party in Brighton Pav'illion eng)

66% electors turn out (2/3).
UKIP X   (3%)
BNP  X    (2%)
Respect-Unity -1 (G.Galloway ; pop&limehouse former mp for bethnal-green&bow) !

Live Coverage BBC online auto-play relay. as at time of posting.
650 seats; 326 to win (~323 functional -5 sinn fein).
No over-all control
Conservative 306
Labour          258
Lib-Dem         57
SNP Scotland 6
Pliad C wales 3 
others              19: 
(northern ireland)
DUP         8 (unionist)
Sinn Fein 5  (UK-seat-abstentionist)
SDLP       3 (socialist)
Alliance    1 (lib-dem aux) belfast-east
Indi-uup~ 1 (indi ex-uup over con-links) north-down

Green      1
 outstanding 1 Thrisk & Morton (con) [automatic posponed to 27 May candidate-death ukip]*
Temp coalition pending.
Time for PR?

*The death of UKIP's candidate John Boakes on 22 April triggered the unusual constitutional device of "countermanding", or annulling an election. Thirsk and Malton's Yorkshiremen and women must wait three weeks, until Thursday, 27 May " - guardian.

Election Results
Direct-Gov site (general and local). official.
uk local-gov links.

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