Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Abrahamic Slaves; Earth (Sino Resisted)

What gift is this?
(that only the sino race can resist?)
Abrahamic Religions Distribution upon planet Earth...Wiki data.
3000/2000/1400 years didnt work on them... (racial resiliance, brain-mind)
The type lacking in Aryan and northern lesser-Negro and....
maybe...almost, AmerIndian..(ish) yet a local global cult is still a local cult locally?

Of mere science-biology fucking-females of the species we find;
Negro-Sino(Japan) best at: Human.
Worst at: Semite Jew/Arab, Aryan; Sub-Human (lower than)
so much for science.
Illuminating is it not?

There is no God. Venus is right.

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