Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cureing Lesbians makes Jesus happy

Really funny article on Lesbians.
  1. The Top Rung. 2 "Hot" lesbians. Lusted after by the rest, these are usually just straight girls who are "slightly confused" and have "one hot night" with someone in the group...or actually just like to fuck girls. Sometimes the two kiss each other at frat parties, post-prom parties or yuppie parties. This event is the only thing that anyone (Especially any guys present) remembers the next day. These girls always bang guys on the side and bring STD's to the group. Some very rare members of this rung are actual lesbians who honestly find women to be hawt and guys to be ugly. This, however, is extremely rare. Like "finding intelligence on Gaia" rare.
  2. The Middle Rung. 4 "Okay" lesbians. They're "pretty sure" that they're lesbians, are probably art students, and bring straight girls over to their "cultured" apartment to watch "indie movies" - really just Feminazi propaganda. Usually they're okay-looking, maybe a big nose, a slight gut or something. They are lusted after by cosplayers and the bottom rung of lesbians. Every once in a while, they "crave a cock" and are bitched at for betraying the Coven.
  3. The Bottom Rung. 18 "Butch" lesbians (See Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen, your Mother, and so forth.) Fat, chubby, obese, round, ugly bitches with jeans and buzzed hair, who woke up to the fact they are too ugly to date boys ever when they were young and decided to become lesbians for at least some strap-on-Bilbo action. They practice a "masculine" voice until they sound vaguely like Bart Simpson. Usually they are in a showing of The Vagina Monologues at some community theater. In the workplace, they claim to do all the work and whine in the backroom about how everyone is persecuting them because they're queer. Maybe they used to be persecuted for being nuns. Their only male friends are of course gay and play cricket. Sound familiar? If any one of these is in the management where you work, QUIT YOUR JOB NOW!!!!"
Reuters: south-african rape gangs (who perform a social service).
psychotherapists nobbled but 1 in 20 holds out against PC-terrorism...
Rabbi suggests using magic to bring back the dyke to hubby. wtf mug, go hire another one! huh? (he recommends pouring bag of sand on their door-step... thats spooky!)
Rainbow flag forced to become gay by abusive homosexual deviants. wiki.
LGBT symbols.
also wiki.
youtube: anti-gay marriage picket...(a bit old-Testi Torah-Jew)
google; God hates Fags. countering heresy and ignorence, from the most hated church in America!! (its passed the Mormons long ago)
ps Jesus is a local-god.

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