Thursday, 8 April 2010

Venus Encounters (art) poem

illicit twilight.
There is peace in the darkness, and solitude.
Tranquility at this known place.
alone in the dark.
alone female.
Thats not allowed, there is a price to be paid, she knows that. 
That is why she is here?

In denial of the smell and aromas of spent passion, some spillage too recent for safety, and of crimes committed and still-at-large they say to prey on whom they will.

like a braking window; her word of reflection is shattered in alarm, a rising panic.
It is only foot steps, heavy ones, getting nearer.
She cannot peek who it is but she offers her chest forward, fumbling at the buttons...
dogs run or bark she remembers. but Vaginas get wet.
though she cannot look at him she can feel his searching eyes now upon her exposed breasts and they are firmer then usual betraying her location.
He can do what he wants. And she thinks he knows that.

skirt drops upon the floor and she is naked before them, for there is another male with him...
Their footsteps have stopped and the only sound is their collective breathing in the darkness, the smell of tobacco and drink...

...they have gone now, a wave of relief passes though her, their footsteps too have gone and she climaxes again because of it. Blouse closes and rebuttons up to hide the salivaed tits,  and she creeps down, knowing what she had let done, to redress in the skirt what is wet with spilt cum that tipped from her parted legs.
as if magic she is now dressed legally again, a shield against anyone knowing.
Her high shoes sound as she walks away in the other direction, her mind leaving behind the thoughs of gruning pigs, her gasping heat and sordid orgasms, but she can take her shakey breath and brusied thighs with her..

art pictures Venus-Aphrodite. fotos
more hardcore erotic-art at the Abby of Venus. blog.

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