Thursday, 8 April 2010

Magdala shrine (heathen Galilee chick) ...and wicca

Magdala was in heathen Galilee.. on the way to the Pan Caves up in Damascus. It was a merchant sleep over and trader in wode, blue cloth and hot sluts who did your hair for you. Also where Mary Magdalene came from (thats what her name means)
Not quite wikka-wicca though..
(with wicca, to wit, Venus should be with the Sun God not Diana - for my reasoning is this; He wanted a fuck. And the twilight is with him, the night moon is not (usually anyway). but then ofcourse, that is a natural way; and the cultus is that Diana hijacks the natural order of things! That she does.. so yes she does alas belong there... Trick or Treat? Diana'sTrick.

very dire... a quick name change.
well it is when it comes to fun, but when it commes to marriage (call it handfasting  ughh) that is a silly enslaver's dream of owning exclusevly and not expecting to share it (i mean her). Venus is Free and free (a slut/freewoman) so it cannot be her who is the owned slave - Slavery is of Diana the Virgin~ and she is not free and  not Free. They have to marry Diana surely? (slave/slaver)
such is the will of the gods.

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