Sunday, 18 April 2010

illuminate approved version of Venus Project (aphrodite mods)

Here we have the illuminate approved verion (almost), of the Venus Project (subject to terms and conditions and the Grand-Eye divine-confirmation during the ceremony).
additions: Security Wall (this means solar/wind/hydro power and rain-water storage divider).
clever that.

 Also the use of availabe green (human fertilized - after methane fuel extraction) space as cherry, farm, woods, crop and apples areas both for the ecconomic drive and sustainability and employment!

Maths: We Can Reach 1 million Per Eco-City!

Major difference with Venus Project (a good idea); each habitat is made into a mega-habitat of 100 people. This turns it from a 2500 habitation village into a 250,000 (1/4 million) habitation zone ie a viable cosmopolitan area. (and this can be easily doubled or trebbled to 500k or 750k population (being 1/2 million to 3/4 million~)
This is a new city!

 as a part of the 5 star alliance confedeation, it is x5 in pop; total giving:
at 250k x5 = 1.25million, @500k =2.5million @750k=3.75million people!

Circa 4 million people per 5 star alliance of 5 cities built around the nature reserve!
drain the swap and build millions more as required!!  ie add 1.25 million to make;
 2.25, 3.75, 5 million (ie 1 million pop per eco-city)

Such city confederation ~(aphrodite version) are a viable alternative rendering of the inspired Venus ~Project. (which pitched too low~)

for thanks to me, Aphrodite Project spin, if you have the cash (£1435!) buy the stein!!

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