Monday, 5 April 2010

the modern harem (good really)

Some Modern Harems of the plutocracy-aristocracy (ie inherited wealthy); a perspective paradox;
"The men and women in the harems have sold their old way of life for a more desired lifestyle. They no longer have to work for menial wages and live in poverty. The open line of credit they now have has become a blessing, and they would protect it with their lives if necessary. They worship their master and are glad to perform any favor that their master demands of them. Keeping the master happy is their only responsibility.

The needs of men and women in modern times have changed to reflect the importance of a high maintenance lifestyle. People no longer are satisfied with the simple life and have become desperate to live in a world of glamour and abundance. Their exposure to all the goodies displayed by advertisements has turned them into ravenous beasts. The shopping centers are crowded with stampeding mobs in search of a bargain. It has become obvious that the new god is a material rather than a spiritual one

Becoming dependent on others is a two edged sword. One edge makes life easier for you and gives you the material things that otherwise was unobtainable. The other edge will cause you the pain of helplessness when the provider has a change of mind, and wont supporting you any longer. This is the chance you take when surrendering self dependency. If you do, be prepared to always live with the fear that your master will leave and set you free."

from here. modern harem 2007 by Melpol.

"The harems of long ago have returned to modern times, and are spread out all over the world. Due to religious pressure and jealousy, harems have taken on a new form and are not easily recognized."

chicks in swimsuits. foto.

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