Saturday, 17 April 2010

Venus Project-ish Aphroditepolis (Aphrodite Project)

The Aphrodite Project!
Central Temple of Aphrodite (zone 5-6), zone 2a temple of Diana of Efez for the scum-sociopathic frigid criminal trash, married, child slavers and the like (zone 2a 3a).
With the ever popular Orgie Dome! (compulsory 1 day a month dont forget citizen!)
Biological Hetrosexual Yins-Yangs normality only; deviants will be arrested for crimes against science and for being sexually-insane and sociopathic.
Trousers and short hair forbidden.
Immigration Control!, National-Socialist Zero-Unemployed (none-liberal). State Auto-pays them; and then finds a use for them! Remember immigrants drive down wages, steal jobs, drive up housing costs and availability and cause longer ques for all services. Be Wize or live in a Ghetto.
Lawful Fascist Patrols (LFP) to ensure your safety! Zero-Crime Tolleration. (its that or crime).
High-Tech CCTV and Citizen Beep-Card ID. (none-bio) for quick passing through zone security walls (which have solar, wind and water-hydro power attachments).
Anthropological-Haplogroup Racial Zone compatable UV-Light Levels, Cities located in the appropriate UV light levels for the color of your skin and racial heat needs. ...(also anti-science protest area for the ignorent! zone 1a and 4a). As we know, too much sun  for lights or too little D3 from the sun for darks can cause cancer. One area cannot suit all, that is why we have Happy-Apartheid!
Abrahamic Religons Forbidden, especialy the anti-human Jews. Jewish vistors must register at the Security Centre or be recycled as soap.
Have a Nice Day!

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