Saturday, 24 April 2010

Voteing Poll uk Policies!

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Vote for Policies. (policies or slavish compulse cultism? Substance or Spin?)
"Vote for Policies makes it easy to compare what the political parties are promising to do. It helps you make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. Find out which party you really support... 
Compare policies from six UK political parties on a range of key issues (just select at least four). After you have chosen the policies you agree with we’ll show you which parties they belong to. But be ready - the results can be surprising!"

The Green Party would address this problem by introducing a Citizen’s Income.This is an unconditional payment made to each individual as a right ofcitizenship – like a tax credit paid to everyone whether they're working or not.
The Green Party would introduce a Citizen’s Income that would:
  1. Guarantee that everyone’s basic needs are covered by a non means-tested weekly payment, as of right.
  2. Replace benefits such as Job Seeker’s Allowance, as well as replacing personal tax-free allowances with a payment which is worth much more.
  3. Ensure that anyone who takes paid work will be better off for doing so.
  4. Make working part-time an option for many people who would prefer it, but who are currently discouraged from it.
  5. Put an end to demeaning benefits procedures.
  6. Act as a safety-net to those considering self-employment, so that they have less to fear if their business isn’t successful. 

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