Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Shooter Cognition and Avoidence (non Prude!)

humor picture phote-foto.
Shrine of Murkul (first of the dead, God of the Dead) so what?
Morkul is theGod of the Dead (Yahweh is not) and is Our comrade in this as first of the dead!)
(just how it is)
abortion shooter song again. i mean fuck it made me cry so it a good one.
Morkul God of the Dead Shrine.... online. 
Army of God Online!! (just; dispite attempts by America to hush-up). what did that serve?

Army of God Praise Team. song-drama youtube. 
Another Song.

Legion Morkul stealth hoodie, 'urban invisable'. anti-abortion.
Legion Morkul cap (goes under hoodie). 
general attire, long-sleves shirt.

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