Monday, 5 April 2010

global slave prices down

"With more and more Americans struggling to afford basics like food, housing, and health care, one globally-traded commodity is more affordable today that it's ever been before. Unfortunately, that commodity is human beings. And it's no coincidence that the price of a slave has significantly dropped as the price of food, medicine, and housing has increased.

At a recent panel lecture in Boston, abolitionist scholar Zoe Trodd stated that the average price of a slave in 2010 is about $40. That's compared to the cost of a slave in 1840, which in today's dollars would have been between $30,000 and $50,000 -- as much as a brand new luxury car. Even just ten years ago, experts estimated that the global average for buying a human being was closer to $100 or $200. And, now, it's cheaper in many parts of the world to buy a human being than it is to buy an iPod shuffle."

- Price of Human Beings Reaches Historic Low. Amanda Kloer 2010.

so its not the time to sell a few redundant slaves off cheap, i guess it is time for buy buy....

unrelated link...list of brothels Oz (where there is very little slavery) aka australia by some.

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