Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mystery Solved - Mosques/Masjid Diana-Divine

Mystery Sure!
Freudian Fuck Yard of Gapeing Cunt and Rounded Big Tits... and ERECT PENIS!
subtle maybe.
 Mysterious attraction and allure... ie i wanna fuck her/be like her!!
If i followed Al Uzza Venus instead of Diana-Allah!!
If only!!!
If only there was a knight in Kevlar Armor!!!

Khilaf'ah Khalif'ah. as in Khalif. (times change). Unified Islamic State distroyed by British Lord Carzon for the then Empire. So they though, hey lets import load of them now...?
Hizb t hr, expect it to never load if in the UK 'FREEDOM zone'. strange dat.

But where is the £5M Temple of Venus in every urban center?
It is as you say; Too Much?? Think of the mental disturbance to those hostile to Adult Sex!!
What would nambla say?? Hear them cry!! and Rage!!
Dont worry chaps!! British to the Rescue!! Save your Dollars here, spend twice it later!!
Thanky doody sir.

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