Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Fresco Project ; Future Cities 2019

Blade Runner new, youtube 1:48. cyborg warrior.
Original Blade Runner 1982 (set in LA usa 2019).

unrelated: The Future City called Fresco-Diana; 'Nightmare-Slum-City 2019'.
They clubbed together to buy some land for ahh marxist eco type err new city...!?! and then The Controler (a mysterious dictator like figure who owns them) does a bait and switch classic trick and  makes the land a no-voting new hold in a new company - in The Controlers name only. ie Others scammed. Thats wrong....but it is only the beginning of the slaves' problems in Fresco-Diana Nightmare-City 2019!!!
(I really dont see how there could be any connection to The Venus Project? if so what is it?)
Controler, a secret slave devotee of the infernal Virgin-Goddess Diana of Efez wonder of the world, has a new trick; donations to the not-for-profit-charity but other money to a secret profit-making private-owned company...for a sinister hidden agenda, the second company kept quiet so visitors think all money goes to the not-for-profit err strange-eco city..unicorporated gay-lesbian encampment thing...
some people think its based on a true story.

Another problem for the slaves; 'a city' of 2400 of them; the droid-resource-giver DRGiv  sends them emergency batteries and solar pannel plug ins to 'keep them going?' PowerPacks and wind-tubines appear on the food-market shelves....Then the health facility is staffed not by nurses but by computer-repair technitions!! what is going on? Has DRGiv gone AI? And what is he up to?

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