Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ahoy There me harties! Falklands Oil Piracy. Uk-Argentina 2010

It seems the Brits have been sneaking a moveable oil-rig past the Argentinians and the race is on to loot the disputed Falkland-Malvinas oil-fields.

Economist; Troubled Waters.

Merco; oil rig Ocean-Guardian off to Falklands. 2009. it arrives around now! (mid feb 2010)
Scandoil; Desire pact with Diamond Offshore.
Daily Times; Oil raises over $78 a barrel. 2010
Current Crude Oil Prices$. oil price net.

if it cost them $60 a barrel to drill, times the profit by 60 billion (bn) barrels...
There is such as thing as Destiny!
BNP: Peak oil crisis. background tech.
(plus info on alternative energy sources.)

It is in the hands of the gods now, not mortals...

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